Summay - One sentence per chapter

America was founded by two forces, Christian (Plymouth) which led to Thanksgiving and secular (Jamestown) which led to Civil War and ongoing social and medical problems. We are exceptional because of being founded on the God of the Bible and ongoing selection of Christian office holders. Our superpower empire disregard for individual citizens has destroyed our God given rights undermining the Constitution. Christians should take over Congress to implement a 15 point Christian Contract with America. The establishment clause properly interpreted makes Congress a church greater than the sum of its parts which we must return to. All known churches are prostitutes (Rev. 17:5) and we should come out of them (Rev. 18:4). Jesus' true church is to imitate Him, obey the Gospel as Law including His miracles, avoiding the disobedience of Paul in creating hierarchy and material pay for spiritual gifts. External and internal critics can be overcome by faithful exploration of the details of the truth of God's perfection and secular imperfection. Make America Christian by several courses of action from Presidential decree to legislative changes to individual activism and prayers. Make Christian nations, converting the world to Christ by all means starting by example, by prayer, and preaching the Gospel as a step before war. Prepare for Revelation events working on faith for ascension and building self-sufficient survival centers as homes. Keep faithful forever, unleashing Jesus in hearts and minds, perfecting churches, and preparing for far future events. Pray Jesus' words which can transform your being from darkness into Jesus' light.


Congressional Bible Study presents several major insights including how Congress was a church greater than the sum of its parts as demonstrated in its first official act, our dual heritage which teaches us a more perfect way than simple Capitalism, and how the true church which came down from heaven in Jesusí blood provides a future for our Christian Heritage so America can preach the gospel to all nations so ending Satanís evil can come.
Taking this book seriously will accomplish several things including uniting the diverse minds of Congress on important topics reducing time wasted on unimportant tasks, engage Divine Providence which will perform miracles to improve and defend the USA as needed, goals fulfilling prophecies of God's absolute perfection including the great commission Ė a worldwide effort to convert the world to Jesus Christ which will eventually end wars around the world, and start preparations for the future.

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