Pray Jesus' Words

If you commit yourself to serve, follow, and obey Jesus fully you will need His light. Praying these prayers in Spirit can supply light, to help transform your being from darkness to Jesus’ light and help you know His mind. If you want to be a spiritual man (in the manchild), learn Jesus' words and pray them always. If you want to be a spiritual woman (in the Bride of Christ) always respond to Jesus' words with prayers of love. Here are Jesus' words interpreted into prayers.

Pray: Jesus Christ, help us keep paying attention to you and your business, baptized into your Spirit daily eating your word by prayer, and not tempting you! Pray: Satan, get lost for we worship and serve only Jesus Christ. We see where He dwells and stay with Him. Jesus give me a new name if I need it for your building. Pray: Jesus, draw us to follow you continuously without guile. Show us greater things of heaven even while you meet human needs. Bring us to your wedding feast. Pray: Oh Jesus, fill us with spiritual water. Cast out the business of merchandise from your meetings, even if you must die and resurrect to do it. Cause us to be born again so we can see and enter into your kingdom. Pray: Jesus Christ, immerse us into your water and Spirit so we can enter God's kingdom as people born of the Spirit. Help us master all knowledge of you and always receive your words. Pray: Help us believe everything you tell us Jesus, both of earth and heaven, for you are the one who came from heaven. Assist us in lifting you up so more people will see you and believe. Make us experience more of your love to accomplish the belief that results in everlasting life. Pray: Save the world Jesus! Overcome any unbelief so we can love your light, create our deeds in God, and give you a refreshing drink. Pray: Give us to drink of living water, Jesus so we may never thirst but have a well springing up into eternal life. Let us always be honest, bringing all our relationships to you. Pray: Please bring us out of all half-truth, misdirection, and lack of knowing what to worship. Make us true worshippers like you Jesus who worship in spirit and truth as the Father desires. Help us always experience and recognize you. Pray: Keep us eating your meat Jesus which is accomplishing the will and work of the Father. Let us see the fields as ripe to harvest so we go sowing and reaping, rejoicing in you. Pray: Let us accomplish the reaping you sent us to, showing appropriate signs and wonders so everyone will believe. Heal and enliven all people who are willing to produce more harvest and walk according to your will, Jesus. Pray: Thank you for saving us from sins that sicken us and keeping us from worse, working constantly as the Father shows you Jesus. Show forth your greatest works through us including resurrecting the dead. Pray: We honor you Jesus as the judge of all mankind. Help us hear your word and believe on him that sent you, so we may pass from death to life everlasting according to your judgment and execution thereof. Pray: Empower us to enliven the dead as we ascend to your throne Jesus. Give us your ever-sufficient grace and help us apply it properly. Let us share in truly witnessing you and your just judgment according to the Father's will. Pray: Jesus, we repent of following any light or truth other than you. Let us cooperate with your works, hear the Father's voice and see his shape which those at your baptism saw, for we are letting your word abide in us. Pray: We ask you Jesus, bring us into full experiential contact with you so we can have life. Help us love you exactly as you really want and receive you fully. Pray: We seek honor from God through asking you Jesus. We believe your words! Help us believe you, and free us from Moses' accusations. We repent for the Kingdom of Heaven and believe the gospel. Grow our understanding and living of it. Pray: Let your Spirit rest on us, Jesus. Anoint us to preach your word and send us wherever you will. Since no prophet is accepted in his own country, send us to where we will be accepted in your name and bring others here to replace us who will be accepted in your name. Pray: Jesus make us in every way worthy of having your prophets sent to us. Write on our pure hearts the secrets of your choices. Help us deeply follow you in fishing for men and catch all mankind as you want us to. Pray: Perfect our fishing for men so as we harvest for your kingdom we cast demons out as you did Jesus. Give us awareness of your spiritual sending of us from town to town so we always preach as you want. Pray: Jesus touch us, cleanse us from all our diseases of every kind giving us a testimony to religious leaders of your work in our lives. Pray: Oh Jesus, forgive us from our sins that we will also be healed, even if based on the faith of others bringing us to you. Help the conversation in our hearts be well pleasing to you always and always give us more of your omniscient nature. Pray: Jesus, give us spiritual awareness of what others reason in their hearts as you have and train us in forgiving others sins, healing their sicknesses so they can walk as you guide them. Pray: Jesus, bring us fully into your ability to forgive sins both legally and practically resulting in healing. Let us call and be believed by people in all ways as well as you. Pray: Lead us to be able to justify to law keepers your spiritual works which we practice, healing the sick, having mercy and calling sinners to repentance like you do Jesus. We rejoice and feast in your presence with us so even in your absence we sense you and rejoice in you. Pray: Jesus, help us fast from all things other than you and break fasting from your presence by enjoying you even when you are not physically here. Give us a new garment of spirit, replacing the holes in our current spirit to fully shield us and bring your life to whoever touches us spiritually. Pray: Create your new testimony and fresh expression through us in spirit and soul so we have your perfect presence and the best ideas and feelings about you to share with others. Jesus, make us clean new unused vessels filled with your new wine and help us do likewise for those who receive your words through us. Pray: We enjoy the new wine which comes directly from you much more than the old wine which comes from others Jesus. Lead us to eat of you wherever your food may be found as we need without hindrance by unrighteous laws, for by eating your Holy Spirit we become priests to you! Pray: Jesus bring us fully into your heavenly house in Spirit where you will supply all the life we need in every circumstance and since you are greater than the Temple and Sabbath, bring us into you! Help us bring mercy to you and not condemn the guiltless. Pray: As the son of man is Lord of the Sabbath day, lead us to do your will whenever you want Jesus, including healing all of mankind who you want. Pray: Jesus we would abandon the Sabbath to save a sheep so let us also save men's lives and do well in everything always. Help us to disregard obsolete law as you do, helping and enlivening others with a soft heart so we do not grieve you. Pray: Jesus make us more perfectly in your image, with a poor spirit, hungry for you, weeping and mourning for the evils that distract us from you, meek toward all yet alive in you. Pray: Jesus, we strongly desire to do what you consider right to the point of hungering and thirsting after it. We apply your Holy Spirit to destroy our impurities -- purify our hearts perfectly as yours is so we can see you. Help us make peace first with you and let your peace overflow to subdue all nations. We are willing to endure persecution to magnify your righteousness. Pray: Thank you Jesus for all the blessings and rewards of persecution for your sake which they do to us like they did to the prophets including you. We do not consider ourselves rich, full, or happy -- we want more of you! Pray: Jesus, keep us from false favorable opinions, keep us tasting salty to you. Let us shine your true light to the world so all may see the Father's works through us. Pray: Oh Jesus, show us how you want the law and prophets to be fulfilled. Help us fulfill all the prophecies you have for us, always keeping all your commandments and teaching truthfully so our righteousness is sufficient to excel in your kingdom, far beyond the scribes and Pharisees. Keep our heart that we be not angry with our brothers without cause or call them fools. Pray: Jesus, we bring ourselves to you and stay or go as you lead - please help us agree with adversaries quickly who threaten law enforcement and keep us from committing adultery. Pray: Oh, Jesus, keep us from looking with lust or thinking of adultery. Cast out our spiritual members which sin and let no one put away their spouse except due to fornication. Help us obey you completely in all things. Pray: Jesus, we do not swear to obey you but ask you to lead us into full cooperation and obedience to you. Make our communication always be well-pleasing to you. Pray: Oh Jesus, keep us in your way of not resisting those who assault, batter, sue, rob, cheat, and enslave us giving them more than they desire. Also, help us give to those who ask, borrow, or steal without even asking them to return anything. Pray: We need you to put love in us for our enemies Jesus, so we may bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us, and pray for those who despitefully use and persecute us that we may do like the Father does. Pray: We hope everyone treats us perfectly as you do Jesus, so we also treat them as you inspire us with your freely given love. Pray: Jesus help us to love our enemies, which are your enemies as you love them, doing good and showing mercy to all without judgment, running over in forgiveness, but not blindly. Pray: Make us be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect Jesus, giving charity secretly, humbly, and spiritually. Pray: Jesus, form our prayers to be as yours, hidden yet clearly in contact with the Father so we wouldn't think of vain repetition as you know what we need before we ask. Let's pray as you teach, Our Father in heaven, perfect be your name. Pray: Let us pray as you do, Jesus! Your kingdom come, your will be done everywhere, take care of all our needs and help us forgive all debtors and trespassers, leading us away from evil because you are always able to make us do the right thing even when so prayerful that we fast. Pray: Help us fast from all worldly and soulish pleasures to only enjoy you and what you want us to enjoy, Jesus. And let us fast secretly keeping our single-eyed attention and heart on treasures in heaven to release your light within us. Pray: Oh Jesus, permanently destroy the darkness of sin within our being and body by keeping us in single service to you, thinking not of our physical needs nor taking thought at all. Pray: Help us keep our full attention on the kingdom of God and the heavenly Father's righteousness so all things we need are added to us, Jesus. Pray: Lead us to build a reserve supply of Spirit, faith, and love instead of thinking about our future or judgment of other's tiny defects, Jesus. Pray: Help us remove everything causing our blindness so we can see clearly to help brothers Jesus. Express through us your most appropriate words to all people, asking, seeking, and knocking as you lead so we can receive, find, and have opened what you will. Pray: Our Father in heaven gives good gifts we ask for so Jesus help us imitate the Father doing for others as we would have them do for us according to your way that does not lead to destruction. Pray: Help us find the way which leads to life, keeping us from false prophets whose fruit is evil and join us only to you Jesus who always produce the best fruit. Pray: We see your good fruit which lasts and the evil fruit of trees which are cast into the fire Jesus so keep us as your fruit, doing the will of your Father in heaven. Pray: Jesus help us always do your will, which never works iniquity (sin, inequality, or hierarchy), so you will judge us as wise, with our house built on a rock. Pray: Jesus, keep us doing what you say so we may be wise and build a solid foundation and dwelling in you so we can ask you to heal anyone in need. Pray: You marvel at the faith of people who believe your spiritual authority to heal without physically visiting and will judge people according to their faith, not their lineage. Jesus, fulfill our faith so we do not go into outer darkness to weep. Pray: Jesus, raise us up out of our coffins, give us our sight and walk, cleanse our diseases, give us our hearing, raise our dead, and preach the gospel to us. Keep us from being offended in you that we may be blessed. Pray: Bless us so we shall never be offended in you Jesus and teach us to evaluate and support people as you do. Pray: Even though we went to see prophets who prepared your way in our hearts Jesus, keep us in your kingdom taking it violently overcoming all that would keep us out, according to your will. Pray: Jesus, teach us to hear, understand, and act as you truly want us to, dancing for the joy of salvation, morning for sin, and living in your Kingdom Pray: Help us to never be as children of the world who want others to do their shallow will calling your will evil instead of concentrating on your deep indwelling life, Jesus. Pray: We follow your wisdom Jesus. When you forgive the bigger debtor, that one loves you most. Let us love you as much as possible. Pray: Turn us to lovingly serve you Jesus that you may forgive us producing love and faith to produce salvation and send us in your peace. Pray: Know our thoughts Jesus and keep us from being divided from you in any way so your kingdom will stand and destroy Satan's kingdom of darkness and false light. Pray: Satan's kingdom is falling as you cast out devils by the Spirit of God, increasing the kingdom of God to us Jesus so supply us with ever more of the Spirit of God. Pray: Thank you for casting out the strong devils from us by God's Spirit so you can take us for your Kingdom, Jesus. Pray: Keep us gathering with you Jesus, never blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Pray: Jesus make our heart and words always be good, working and justified, never idle or condemned. Pray: We see the sign of how Jonah was in the whale and you were in the earth three days and three nights to show all generations they should repent at your preaching Jesus which is greater than Jonah’s. Pray: Thank you for having greater wisdom than Solomon, Jesus -- you know and teach us the behavior of spirits including the return of unclean ones to men from whom they were cast out. Pray: Keep us from being as the generation of Israel who received seven evil spirits worse than the one you cast out instead of receiving you Jesus. Thank you for counting your disciples as your mother and brothers. Pray: Jesus keep us around you hearing the word of God and doing it, lighting our candle on the lampstand so all may see the light. Pray: Keep our eye single so our body is full of light as a pure bright candle by hearing the word of God and keeping it, Jesus and let not your seed fall by the wayside of our hearts so the evil spirits devour them. Pray: Keep your seed coming Jesus when we are paying our best attention to you instead of letting it fall by the wayside or stony shallow scorched places. Pray: Jesus, open our heart as good ground to water, bear, and multiply the fruit of your seed instead of letting it grow on a dry rock or among choking thorns. Pray: Jesus, make all the ground in our heart good, growing and multiplying your seed hundreds of times. Keep us always hearing you and qualified, knowing the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, so we can have abundantly more revelation of the kingdom of heaven. Pray: Thank you for full growth in life and knowledge of the kingdom Jesus. Help us stay in you and your Kingdom so we do not get the treatment of those outside. Pray: Some hearts are too big, ears are partly deaf, and eyes are closed so they can't receive the Gospel, convert, and be healed by you Jesus. Blessed are those whose eyes see and ears hear for many people who desired to never did. Thanks for revealing the meaning of the parable of the sower who sows the word. Pray: Thank you Jesus for seeding us with the word of God's kingdom so we can understand it and not let it be robbed from our hearts by Satan by the way side or on stony places. Pray: Jesus, blow all seed which falls on stony ground into the cracks where it may take root and overcome the rocks and thorns in our hearts instead of letting us be shallow, easily offended at persecution against the word or easily drawn off by the thorny riches of the world. Pray: Oh Jesus, keep our fruit and bring it to perfection, overcome all the choking cares and make the ground in our heart good so we hear, understand, keep, and bring forth fruit from your word. Pray: Let your kingdom of heaven grow in our hearts overcoming all hindrances and converting tares into true believers whenever possible. Pray: Thank you for explaining your mysterious parables Jesus, we appreciate your sowing the good seed in the world and letting Satan's children grow too until the end of the world when the children of the kingdom will be reaped by the angels and the tares will be burned. Pray: Jesus, send forth your angels and gather the offenses and iniquities from your righteous overcoming believers so they can shine brilliantly as you will in the Father's kingdom as the tares wail and gnash. Let your seed spring and grow up, bringing of itself the blade, ear, and full corn of life. Pray: Let the fruit you are looking for be brought forth so you can harvest it quickly, Jesus. Do not let us bypass your harvest to become a tree for the evil spirits to lodge in. If the end harvest isn't ready, split us into new meetings before we grow amiss. Pray: Thank you for showing us your kingdom in many ways, Jesus. It grows huge, it is like leaven mixed in believers, it is a precious treasure, it is a pearl worth everything, and a net full of all kinds of fish. Pray: As fishermen sort their catch, Jesus, the angels shall sort the wicked from the just, into the fire. The kingdom needs to be raised as a candle on a candlestick to enlighten everyone who enters. Pray: Nothing is hid or secret that it come abroad so that's why you presented the Kingdom as a mystery. Help us measure as you do Jesus and let us keep mixing what you measure with faith in our hearts so we can be given more. Pray: Thank you Lord Jesus for explaining the kingdom treasures new and old to prepare us for going to those who need to hear the Gospel. And thank you for calming the resistance for us. Pray: Jesus, give us all the faith you want us to have so like you we can rebuke the wind, speak peace to the sea, and command unclean spirits to leave humans. Pray: Help us know when it is better to send people home and when to accept their intent to join us, Lord Jesus. Also make our virtue so great that even our clothes exude your spiritual healing power for other's faith to obtain and benefit from. Pray: Teach us how to properly recognize people who have benefited spiritually and what to say that will help them further fulfill your will. Jesus help us to believe as you even that a dead person is merely sleeping and raise who you will. Pray: Jesus overcome our unbelief in any and every thing you say. Teach us to raise the dead and heal the blind as you do. Pray: Help us to give sight to the blind as you do Jesus, and endure the disrespect of people from our environment who think they know us but only by our outer form, who unconsciously use that knowledge in faith to subtly hinder our spiritual acts. Send more laborers into your harvest to build your kingdom. Pray: Let us understand your clear directions about where to preach, how to preach, what acts of faith to perform, and how to live without material support like you do Jesus. Pray: Help us boldly obey your gospel spreading instructions on not taking money or goods, how to approach a community, find hospitality, enter, and abide until you lead us to depart Jesus. Pray: Jesus, give us the knowledge of when a house is worthy and the sense of sending and receiving peace. Let us shake dust from under our feet as we leave people who won't receive us and let their judgment be as you will. Help us be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Pray: We are aware that men can't be trusted for they will use the tools of law to overpower those who preach you Jesus. But thank you that if we fall under law enforcement, we can still preach wherever we are, not by our own will but as the Spirit of our Father gives us to speak. Even family members might kill Christians. Pray: Jesus, help us endure being hated of all from city to city to the end and come and save us. Let us be as you, being called evil names without fear. Help us hear you even in darkness so we can speak your words in the light and on the housetops. Pray: We do not fear people who may kill our bodies but cannot kill our soul, we only fear the Father who is able to destroy both, Jesus. And we do not fear Him since He numbers our hairs and values us more than many sparrows -- which he cares for each one. Help us confess you before men as you want us to so you'll confess us to the Father. Pray: Help us to never deny you even under persecution Jesus! We believe you did not come to send peace on the earth but a sword to set at variance one's household. Help us love you more than our family members including ourselves enabling us to take up our cross to follow you. Pray: Jesus help us not find our life but in you, receiving your people and their rewards, providing hospitality even just a cold cup of water in the name of a disciple. Help us do your will even in working busily and follow you to rest. Pray: Jesus, help us wisely see you and your resurrection life as the source of all things so we buy for everyone from you who can multiply anything. Pray: Jesus, help us follow your example in ordering your believers into home meeting size groups, doing miracles of feeding, gathering the left-overs and cheerfully recognizing you. Pray: Oh Jesus, help us walk on water as you did Peter but give us the faith to stand. Teach us to miraculously feed people not the meat which perishes but the meat that endures to everlasting life that we may believe you even more. Pray: Thank you Father for the true bread from heaven which is Jesus who gives everlasting life, food, and drink to all who come to Him. Some see you and do not believe but all who come you do not cast out for you do the Father's will. Pray: Do not lose us Jesus, let us see you, believe on you, have everlasting life, and raise us up at the last day. Let us not murmur, but be drawn by the Father to you as the prophets teach. Pray: We haven't seen the Father but we see him in you Jesus so we believe and have you for everlasting life, not manna which resulted in death but the bread of life which is your flesh given for the life of the world. Pray: Help us eat your sustaining flesh and drink your redeeming blood Jesus so we have eternal life for you to raise up at the last day, as we share your life and live by you. Pray: Thank you Jesus for being the true bread of heaven which yields everlasting life, the spirit and life of your words. Let us never disbelieve or betray you but come closer to you. Pray: Oh Lord Jesus, help us never go away from you, transform us from devils to true believers who do not transgress any of God's commandments to keep a tradition. Pray: Help us honor our father and mother by helping them instead of considering them profiting by our existence, Jesus. And keep us from all other crimes against your words. Pray: Keep our hearts drawn as close as possible to you Jesus, ever teaching your words instead of man's laws. Pray: Jesus help us hear, understand, and obey you regarding the inner life matter of eating anything but only letting pure things come out of our mouths and even the matter of washing pots and cups. Pray: Let us be planted or transplanted by you Jesus so we won't be rooted up like the blind who lead the blind into the ditch. And let everything we eat be processed by the belly and go out into the drain as you will. Pray: Jesus, we understand that whatever we eat physically goes down to the belly and out. Stop all kinds of evil which proceed from my heart. Pray: Evil proceeding from a man defiles a man but eating without washing hands isn't defiling. Jesus, even though you were sent first to Israel, you have much more to share with us dogs. Pray: Jesus, give us the faith to receive all you are willing to give, open all blockages to normal life, and feed us whenever we need it. Pray: Thank you for multiplying our food Jesus. Help us tell the signs of the times and stop our wickedness and adultery. Let us perceive the sign of Jonah as foreshadowing your death and resurrection for saving all believers to follow you wherever you go. Pray: Jesus help us read and understand the signs, teachings, and examples you give instead of asking for signs to fit our unregenerate preferences and help us overcome the twisted teachings of the modern religious leaders and scholars. Give us the faith to follow you even without our own bread for you are able to provide and multiply more than we need. Pray: You broke a few loaves to feed thousands, showing you are miraculously in control of food Jesus, so your warning to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees is because they use scripture to accomplish sinful purposes. Help us obey you always, even when you request not telling others. Pray: Thank you Jesus, even though the world did not recognize who you are we clearly say, You are Christ! Pray: Oh Jesus Christ, help us recognize you, receive revelation from your heavenly Father and walk binding and loosing as you direct, keeping us from telling or thinking to tell you to do something outside your plan. Pray: Jesus you suffered many things and were rejected by elders, priests, and scribes even killed then be raised the third day. Help us deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow you even losing our lives for your sake so we'll find your life in us. Pray: Jesus help us choose to not save our life but lose it for your sake and the gospel's so we do not lose our soul, ourselves, or be cast away. Pray: Give us the best works so we can get the best reward Jesus! Let us not be ashamed of you and your words nor taste death but see you coming in your kingdom with power. Pray: Help us stand without death seeing the kingdom of God in you Jesus. Help us arise and show your transfiguration through us restoring all things according to your will. Pray: Protect us from those who would do to us whatever they will instead of your will Jesus. Help us to not be faithless and perverse, unable to believe enough to cast out demons and heal people. Pray: Help us believe as you believe Jesus, to cast out all evil spirits and keep them out, healing people in extra need by prayer and fasting with faith as small and natural as a mustard seed. Pray: Let us honor your death and resurrection, remembering what you spoke as you want Jesus and help us to always inquire of you instead of doing anything by reason of law including tithe. Pray: Thank you we your children are free Jesus, yet we obey you to not offend others, dispute among ourselves, or desire to be first in your Kingdom but help us become humble as children to enter and so be great. Pray: Help us to receive children in your name Jesus and not deter anyone doing a miracle in your name nor speak evil of you. Keep people doing miracles in your name even if not walking with you. Pray: Help us not forbid anyone that isn't against you and bless those who give us a cup of water because we are yours Jesus. Help us not offend the little ones which believe in you nor cause any other offences. Cut off parts of our spiritual being that offend us and even help us cut off parts of our physical being that prevent our life. Pray: Jesus, help us cast out any thing of our being that isn't expressing you so it does not lead us to hell, even our spiritual hand, foot, or eye. Pray: Help us have salt in ourselves and peace with one another, despising not the little ones whose angels always behold the face of your Father for you come even through us Jesus to save that which was lost. Pray: Walk with us as we go seeking our straying sheep Jesus and rejoice with us when it is found. Since it is not the Father's will that one perish, help them be saved and walk in the full knowledge of your truth. Help us convince brothers privately of any trespass, taking others if necessary up to telling the church meeting and if the church is ignored let him be as a sinner needing the initial gospel again. Pray: Jesus help us bind and loose what you want bound and loosed and agree to ask what you want us to ask and always come together in your name. Help us endure to forgive repentance as often as needed, accounting of others as you do. Pray: Thank you for this example of compassion Jesus. Help us also forgive those whose debts we incur. Pray: Help us consider all loaned money as gifts if needed so we can have compassion on those who borrow as you would have us do, Jesus. Pray: Help us forgive every brother their trespasses as you do Jesus, going when you say and following you in testifying that the works of the world are evil as the Father sent you to do. Always help us do your will Jesus. Pray: Jesus, keep us from speaking of ourselves but always seeking your glory. Help us keep your law of life and ignore the frivolous laws that would restrict you from your good works. Pray: Help us learn the righteous truth to judge by instead of mere appearance and know you as you know the Father, Jesus. Let us gain maximum benefit from you while you are with us so we know you even when we cannot come to you. Let us always come to you to drink to quench our thirst. Pray: Help us believe on you and experience the rivers of living water flowing from our belly, neither sinning nor harming sinners, always following you and growing in your light toward your abundant life Jesus. Pray: Help us not judge after the nature of flesh for some may not walk in their flesh. Help us always express your true judgments, Jesus and appreciate your record of truth, knowing the Father as you express Him. Pray: Even though we are beneath, of this world, help us believe you so we won't die in our sins. We desire to become like you, perfectly following you Jesus, and hear what you have to say and judge from the Father. Pray: Help us lift you up Jesus so we can keep you in view and know you and the Father. Help us always do those things which please you, continuing in your word to learn and know the truth which shall make us free. Help free us from committing and the service of sin, always abiding in your house with you. Pray: Make us free Jesus! Help your word have its place in us and do what you show and tell us, which is greater than Abraham did. Free us from all desire to kill you and your truth. Pray: Help us love you and do as you will, Jesus, overcoming that which keeps us from hearing and understanding you so we believe and abide in the truth which you have spoken. Keep us from the Devil's lusts, death, and darkness. Pray: Help us be of God, hear God's words, honor you, and keep your saying, Jesus for we want to never see death. Help us understand the Father who is the one that honors you. Pray: Jesus, help us keep the Father's saying as you did, rejoice to see your day as Abraham did, recognize you were before Abraham, see the works of God manifest in us, work with you while it is day, and enlighten the world as you do, by your Spirit shining forth from within us. Pray: Send us to all tasks you wish to accomplish our full healing Jesus so we can see you both physically and spiritually. Help us believe you, see, and hear you as you want us to do, entering the door you have opened for us to your spiritual kingdom. Pray: Help us enter by you the door Jesus and be heard by the sheep speaking what you will so they follow you instead of us. Pray: Jesus, help us know when you are speaking through someone and when you are not. Help us avoid the hirelings and find free pasture in prayer, cared for by You who gives life to the sheep. Pray: Thank you for being the good shepherd, knowing the Father, and laying down your life for us Jesus. Gather your sheep from all folds into one with you as the one shepherd. You have laid down your life and taken it again showing you have the power and the love of the Father. Pray: Jesus, keep us in your true spirit and knowledgeable intent to save people instead of slay them. We know you have no where to lay your head but we follow you and let the dead bury their dead. Pray: Jesus send us to preach the kingdom of God and not look back. The harvest is great so we pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth more laborers into his harvest. You are sending us as lambs among wolves. Let us carry nothing and salute no man by the way. Pray: Help us to preach as you say, first saying Peace to this house and letting our peace rest or return, Jesus. Let us remain in the houses of peace sharing the hospitality given, eating what is set before us. Help us greatly to heal the sick Jesus, and say the Kingdom of God has come near to you. And send us out of houses and cities that do not receive us. Pray: We wipe off the dust of any city that does not receive us, announcing that wiping and saying the kingdom of God is come near you. Jesus, you'll judge all such cities worse than Sodom. Pray: Oh Jesus, please turn everyone in our cities to you so they won't be judged and thrust down to hell. Let them hear us who preach you without despising us, so Satan will fall from heaven. Pray: We rejoice that our names are written in heaven, thank you for the authority to control and power to execute rule over the enemy and the revelation of these things to us, Father and Jesus. Pray: Please reveal full knowledge of yourself to everyone Jesus and give us everything we need to do your will, including your rest, yoke, teaching, meekness, and blessed eyes to see. Pray: Thank you for revealing things for us to see and hear which others desired but haven't Jesus, including things written in the law to do and live. Help us not fall among thieves but if we do, help us directly or through others to become as you instead of as priests who won't help. Pray: Jesus you are the good man who heals us, brings us to an inn (church), takes care of us and our future, which some Levites won't even do. Help us do like you Jesus! Pray: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, as in heaven, so in earth. Give us day by day our daily bread. And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. And give us more bread as we may need to set before others. Pray: Help us overcome sleep to rise giving whatever others need and ask, seek, and knock for whatever we need especially asking you Jesus, for you know how to give the Holy Spirit even more than we ask. Pray: Lord Jesus, help us give what is on our hearts to clean our inner being from covetous ravening and wickedness as well as our outward behavior. Show us how to give of what we have that all things are clean instead of leaving more important things like judgment and the love of God undone. Help us not love the best seats and greetings. Make us live expressing you boldly instead of remaining as hidden graves. Pray: Jesus, keep us from being Bible lawyers, spreading heavy burdens and building houses for dead apostles and prophets which the fathers of Bible lawyers killed as God prophesied that the blood of all prophets may be required of this generation. Pray: Jesus, you sacrificed yourself for us, so do not require any blood of us, do not let us replace you as our advocate, help us use the key of knowledge to enter the door of knowledge hindering no one. Help us beware the leaven hypocrisy including the covered or hidden secrets behind the hypocrisy which shall be proclaimed. Help us not fear those who kill people. Pray: As you command we fear God who has the power to kill and cast in to hell, remember every sparrow, and number the hairs on our heads Jesus. Thank you we are of more value than many sparrows. Help us confess you before men and not deny you so you will confess us before your angels. Pray: Jesus especially make us not blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. Help us remember to take no thought but let the Holy Spirit answer the instant we need it for whatever reason and not be covetous of other's possessions but let our ground bring forth plentifully. Pray: Help us not horde fruits and goods to become lazy but build wealth toward God including people to receive our things whenever you require our souls Jesus. Pray: Help us take no thought for our soul or body life, food, meat, and clothes being as ravens which do not sow or reap but God feeds them. Jesus help us live without taking thought for the future which cannot help us grow or the rest. Help us not work, toil, or spin but be naturally expressive of your glory as you made us. Pray: Help us trust in faith your provision for our clothes, eat, and drink without doubt Father, for you know our needs. Jesus help us seek the kingdom of God without fear so you will take good pleasure in giving us the kingdom. Pray: Jesus give us things to sell and give alms to provide a treasure in the heavens so our heart will be there. Help us be ready in prayer waiting for you to return so we open to you immediately and be blessed with your service, whenever you may come. Pray: Help us watch and be ready for you Jesus, even when we think you won't come so you will make us ruler over all we have and give us our portion of meat. Pray: Lead us to continuously seek you in spirit, never expecting you to delay your coming, beat people, or eat, drink and be drunken so you won't cut us a portion us with unbelievers. Help us know and prepare ourselves according to your will Jesus, helping you in feeding and magnifying your fire. Pray: Help us cooperate with your division of the earth even in our families to bring everyone fully out of evil to you Jesus and also help us correctly read the weather. Pray: Jesus help us learn to discern the time and judge ourselves what is right seeking to be delivered from any adversary, judge, officer, and prison. Help us repent so we do not perish. Pray: Make us repent so we do not perish Jesus and be fruitful whenever you come seeking fruit of us also let us alone and fertilize us as needed. Pray: Jesus, free us from our sicknesses and help us bear fruit freeing others as you do, even those who have been ill many years. Help us keep your kingdom as you intended - like a small meeting of 2 or 3 instead of as a great tree with fowls in it. Pray: Jesus help us spread your kingdom to raise all people to your level. Help us enter the strait gate before it is shut and stay within so you know where we are. Keep us from working iniquity. Pray: Help us stay in the kingdom of God and not be thrust out so we rejoice, not weep, Jesus. Lead us to do things like you, casting out devils, doing cures, and being perfected. Pray: Let us be gathered by you Jesus, for we like Mary choose to listen to you. Do not let us be like Jerusalem desolate nor like Martha, concerned about many things. We pay our top attention to you and your miracles which bear witness of you so we believe. Help overcome all residue of unbelief. Pray: Father keep us as your sheep known by you and your Son, Jesus. Give us eternal life so we never perish and not be plucked from your hand but be one as Jesus and the Father are. Keep us from being as those who stoned you. Pray: Thank you Jesus, you made us gods with the power to become perfect like you are and scripture cannot be broken so we know you are the Son of God the Father because you work miracles so we believe the Father is in you and you are in him, including healing on the Sabbath day. Pray: Jesus, please help us pull all people out of the pit. Help us humble ourselves to sit in the worst spot that if worthy we may be asked to go to a better place. Let us claim nothing but let others exalt us. Pray: Make us remember to give hospitality to people who cannot repay so we can be blessed at the resurrection of the just, Jesus. Also let us never refuse or ask to be excused from your great supper. Pray: Jesus, keep us more interested in you than in all other things so we will come instantly when you call and won't be replaced. Pray: Jesus, help us ignore all the enticements of family and relatives that distract us from you and your cross so we can have the price to finish all the work you have for us. Pray: Help us wisely choose peace especially if we can't win a war Jesus, forsaking all we have to follow you and please keep our salt pure. Pray: Help us find lost sheep (people who have gone astray), then rejoice at their repentance or find money, (our own spiritual talents), then rejoice at our own repentance Jesus, rejoicing with friends and neighbors on earth and in heaven. Pray: Thank you that angels of God have joy over every repentance including those who wasted their inheritance but keep us from leaving your kingdom and needing repentance, Jesus. Pray: Father, keep us from sinning against heaven and you by our lack of wisdom and thank you for eagerly receiving and kissing us again. Pray: Father when we sin, return us to you so you may bless us taking care of all our needs and make merry even when our siblings may not agree. Pray: Father thank you that your wisdom of life is superior to any elder sibling's complaints doing what is best to retain the returning and those who never left. Pray: Jesus, help us never accuse unjustly, keep good accounts, find a way to make a living while serving you even if we have to reduce people's bills to be received by them. Pray: Thank you that writing down bills to make friends is something you find wise Jesus. Show us how to be more faithful to you in unrighteous mammon so we know how to use your true wealth. Pray: Help us be faithful in other's things so we can have our own Jesus and help us completely obey your command to serve you instead of mammon. Overcome our concern for what people appreciate like law instead of God's kingdom and help us press into it. But the law is stronger than heaven and earth so make people not commit adultery. Pray: Jesus, set our minds on desiring you so we can be carried to Abraham's bosom when we die instead of being as the rich -- in hell because they never seek you. Pray: In death roles of wealth and want are according to one's obedience to God's word so Jesus keep us living right in your eyes, believing your interpretation of Moses and the prophets who testify the truth so everyone may turn toward you. Pray: We must hear Moses and the prophets to repent -- the miracle of one rising from the dead isn't enough. Jesus help us repent and keep us from committing offences to little believers. Help us remember and act to rebuke a brother for trespass instead of keeping it in our hearts and forgive him if he repents. Pray: Make us forgive trespassing believers as often as they say they repent, give us the faith of a mustard seed to command trees to transplant themselves, serve and thank the workers first, and regard ourselves as only doing our duty to you Jesus. Pray: Jesus heal us even from death to glorify God and yourself. Help us walk by day with your light in us so we do not stumble, and wake us from sleep. Pray: Raise us up from our deadness so everyone who sees us may believe you are the resurrection and life to those who believe in you Jesus. Help us truly believe in you so completely that we shall never die as you promised. Come seek and find us as you did Lazarus to do your spiritual life giving work. Pray: Jesus, take away everything that keeps us from you and resurrect us from death, showing the glory of God. Thank you for hearing us always even as the Father always hears you. Tell us to come forth and follow you wherever you go. Pray: Thank you for calling us from our sleep Jesus. Thank you also for cleansing lepers of all kinds and let us return to give glory to God. Give us perfect faith that makes us whole with your blessing. Let us enjoy the spiritual Kingdom of God even when we cannot see it. Pray: Thank you for putting the kingdom of God within us so we may enjoy it wherever we go. We desire to see you but do not trust or follow those who misdirect. We await you coming as lightning overcoming your rejection. Pray: Jesus, even though many will be turning to you only about eating, drinking, marriage, and commerce help your faithful become totally well-pleasing to you, especially when you return. And let the Jews who are in danger of war run to the valley where you will save them at the time they call for you. Pray: Help people fully reject their material goods and physical pleasures to run after you spiritually Jesus so they will be worthy to be raptured, taken up to you. Pray: Have us be ready and persistent in prayer to you even as a widow to an unjust judge, wherever we may be Jesus. Pray: Thank you for avenging us who cry day and night to you Jesus. Help us bring forth faith on the earth and pursue you correctly instead of the Pharisee way. Pray: Help us humbly ask your mercy Jesus instead of relating our success under the law. Help us find the spouse you made for us instead of our own choice and stay together because it is your choice. Pray: Make us obey you in staying married and not encouraging anyone to divorce Jesus and keep our hearts soft to you so we obey nothing less such as Moses. Let us keep the word which came at the beginning instead of putting away a spouse and committing adultery. Pray: Jesus, help make marriages perfect enough so no desire for adultery arises. Let eunuchs be as you command them. Help us bring little children to you for the kingdom of heaven. Pray: Help us bring little children to you Jesus for all people must come as children for your kingdom. Help us keep the commandments realizing only God is good. Pray: God you are the only good one as Jesus said for you gave the commandments and help us keep them including not murder, not commit adultery, not steal, not lie, honor our parents, and love our neighbor as our self Pray: Jesus we want to be perfect so help us sell what we have, give to the poor to have treasure in heaven and follow you as you mean it, instead of considering we can't lose our riches to enter your kingdom. Pray: It is impossible to both trust in wealth and enter the kingdom of God but with God all things are possible so keep us with God in your spiritual kingdom Jesus. Pray: Jesus, since things impossible with men are possible with God, they are possible with you. Help us follow you and be regenerated to sit with you spiritually receiving access to and enjoyment of relatives who follow you and their properties in this life and inherit eternal life. Pray: Everyone who leaves property and relatives for the kingdom of God's sake receives more plus life everlasting. Thank you Jesus. Many first shall be last (like Paul) and last first (those raptured). Your kingdom is like you going to hire laborers in early morning. Pray: Thank you Jesus for hiring us to use our spirits to build your kingdom throughout the day of your gospel harvest. Pray: Jesus you have made us equal to the first apostles so help us be worthy of your righteous gift by obtaining all of your life necessary to ascend to your throne and harvest the rest of your people. Pray: Help everyone be satisfied with your reward for working Jesus. Keep us from ever becoming like the betrayer Judas or the chief priests and scribes who condemned you to death. Pray: Jesus, all the things prophesied about you were accomplished, persecution to death and rising again the third day. Help us turn from ourselves to you so we may also enjoy your resurrection life. Pray: Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for reserving the place closest to your heart for those who actually come closest to you as your Father has prepared instead of those who merely asked first. Help us endure your cup and baptism. Pray: Jesus it is not of you to have people in your body, even those who sit at your right and left hands to exercise authority, dominion, and lordship over others but whosoever wills to be great must minister to everyone and the greatest is our servant. Pray: Whoever believes in being like Christ must serve Him to all, helping everyone as Jesus does, asking them what they want done. Help us follow you Jesus. Pray: Jesus make us have such spiritual growth as you so when one asks for their sight that we can substantiate their faith like you. Let us fulfill the desire of those who seek us out and save them. Pray: Jesus help make us wise and faithful to you so we invest your word and Spirit with faith to gain ten times instead of losing value. Pray: Lord Jesus thank you for your fair rewards, and please make us most faithful and successful in your spiritual economy -- worthy of the best reward -- instead of letting us wickedly hide your money not investing in magnifying you. Pray: Jesus keep us investing and producing more spirit and faith multiplying your kingdom beyond all we ask or think instead of being punished for not investing -- by having what we have taken away or being killed as enemies. Pray: Jesus give us the omniscience to see and know how to ask for what we need to fulfill your will spiritually -- even when it is impossible to see physically. Pray: Jesus saturate us so completely in your spirit that people praise you and our cities know the things you have for them when your people visit. Restore your houses from money thievery to prayer. Pray: Your house is the house of prayer Jesus, not sermons, songs, or socializing. Let all churches that act as dens of thieves and false religions wither away fruitless. Let us be humbly transformed into babes and sucklings who utter perfected praise having faith in God. Pray: Thank you Jesus that whatever we ask in prayer and truly believe that we will receive will come to pass. So we must be careful what we ask the Father. Help us remember to forgive people whenever our heart is weighted by offenses so we may contact the Father and He can forgive us. Pray: Help us forgive everything as you do Jesus so the Father forgives you. And give us wisdom to ask the doubters questions that answer their own questions so they may see your wisdom is from heaven. Pray: Thank you Jesus we can answer as faithful sons, the baptism of John was inspired from heaven as is your authority to do miracles. Please share with us your authority. Pray: As a reluctant but faithful son is better than a false faithful one, sinners repent and go into the kingdom of God before those who do not repent so can't believe. Jesus help us understand all your parables. A person prepared a vineyard then let it out and went away as you have prepared the kingdom of God for us and gone to the Father. Pray: Jesus show us the true interpretation of your parable. Let us be faithful to you doing your work to grow the most and best quality fruits (believers) even as you send your servants to receive them. Pray: Oh lord Jesus make us truly faithful so we do not beat your servants but become your servants in every way. Pray: Jesus keep us respectful and reverent to you, preventing those who want to kill you and you in us. Pray: Jesus keep us in you building your city of faith, for you are the faithful husbandman, even in death. Pray: Jesus help make us bring forth the fruits of the kingdom of God among both Jews and Gentiles so we can be well-pleasing to you. Pray: The stone which the builders rejected shall destroy anyone who does not build the kingdom of God, bringing forth the fruits thereof. Make us come to your wedding feast Jesus, even though others who are called won't come. Pray: People invited to your wedding feast Jesus killed you so you killed them and sent for travelers and highwaymen. Let us be traveling faithfully toward you. Pray: Among those from the highways taken to the wedding feast is an unloving believer who is cast out. Let us be fully walk in the overcoming love that is chosen by you and free of wickedness Jesus. Pray: Jesus bring us into your wisdom in dealing with tempters, asking them for the evidence and inquiring about the details until they are exposed. Pray: Thank you Jesus for explaining that we need to render money to the government that issued it and our hearts to God who made them. Likewise thank you for showing us the truth regarding marriage being of this world, not resurrection and that we should know both scriptures and your power. Pray: Jesus keep us from error by knowing the scriptures and the power of God who resurrects us from death into angels, who do not marry. Pray: Since God spoke that he is (in present tense) the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob they must all be alive, living to you Jesus. Pray: Lord Jesus, we follow you implementing your summary of the commandments that we first love the one Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. Help us apply more of our being to love you! Pray: Jesus please help us fully obey your two most important commandments to love God and our neighbors, and bring us all the way into the Kingdom of God and logically question those who misjudge you. Pray: Thank you for showing us your eternal existence Jesus, that you were Lord of David's Lord before you were born on earth. Pray: You are David's son by Mary are eternally God regardless of your human form. Since today's priests and elders are in Moses' position, we should do what they say that is of you Jesus, but not as they do. Pray: Jesus, thank you for warning us to avoid the works of those who love the high esteem of men, love the best seats, love to be called by a position's name, and otherwise fail to live your perfection. Pray: Jesus Christ you are our only Preacher, Boss, and Father -- we are equal as brethren, submitting only to you not one another, except as you are instantly expressed through your believers. We treat all great ones as servants awaiting the abasement of those who exalt themselves. Pray: Jesus, help us not be hindered by the modern scribes and Pharisees who do not enter the kingdom of Heaven, devour widows' houses, fake long prayers to their damnation, make converts from one denomination to another more children of hell than they are and swear by gold ignoring its sanctifying temple. Pray: Jesus keep us from swearing by anything since it is as tithing anise and cumin omitting weightier law, judgment, mercy, and faith. Help us tithe of our spirit, soul, body and material goods to you for the building of your true church and not tempt anyone to avarice by having confidence in them instead of you. Pray: Jesus help clean all of us both inside and outside so we express you throughout every part instead of having any demons of extortion, excess, death, uncleanness, hypocrisy, and iniquity (inequality and sin). Magnify our contact with you to overcome all our inner sins so we won't be tempted to sin outwardly. Pray: Building on the memory of the prophets and righteous isn't the same as being one of them, as we want you to make us Jesus. Keep us from being as the scribes and Pharisees which kill and abuse genuine servants of God such as the prophets, apostles, and you Jesus. Pray: Oh Lord Jesus, keep ourselves and our children from persecuting and sending away those who come in your name so you will abide with us and we won't be desolate. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Pray: Jesus, show us your will so we understand your words. You want us to offer everything to God, you glorify yourself by death and resurrection building your church resulting in the man-child and New Jerusalem. Help us cast all our living upon you instead of modern Pharisees. Pray: Jesus do whatever is needed to get our love off our life and help us serve you and follow you to where you are, so the Father will honor us and glorify His name. Pray: Jesus help us cast out darkness more, believe you more, lift you up more, walk with you more and see you more. Pray: Jesus help us actually hear your words in Spirit, not just read them. Help us see your light and believe your words, receiving you and living the Father's words. Pray: Thank you Jesus for seeing and prophesying the future. Please give us your sight and keep us from the deceptions of false Christs, including pastors, popes, elders, teachers as well as more obvious frauds. Pray: Jesus, help us see everyone as equals in following you, that we should cooperate as you lead instead of following anyone less. And let us be untroubled by war or war rumors but be fully at peace with you. Pray: Jesus, protect us from wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, hatred, legal processing, and death keeping our minds on your Spirit throughout whatever cup you have us drink, including when we see fearful sights and signs in heaven. Pray: Jesus, thank you for the prophecy that Christians are persecuted, unjustly charged, beaten, and worse. Keep us from such things as much as is your will and keep our hearts clean and pure to best release your Spirit to answer the persecutors. Pray: Increase our wise speaking against our adversaries whether brother, parent, friend, kinfolk, or children and overcome the offenses, betrayals, and hatred. Let the abundance of iniquity, hierarchy, bosses, management, and all other inequality stop so love for you Jesus may grow hot and increase. Pray: Give us your endurance Jesus that we may be saved even though we are hated of all. Give us your eternal life so we can not perish. Help us be patient and possess our souls. Pray: Jesus send laborers to preach the gospel of your Kingdom ruled by prayer into all the world and let the Jews flee desolation when the idol stands in the holy place. Pray: Let everyone flee instantly without thought for their goods Jesus and especially help the women who are pregnant and have young babies. Pray: Jesus, help the Jews fulfill your words. Let them pray their flight be not in winter or on the Sabbath and that they be led to the mountains instead of fall by the edge of the sword. Pray: Jesus, when you return there will be wrath and vengeance upon the Jews as they had against you and they would all die as you did except you shorten the days for the elect's sake. Let everyone follow you, not pretenders. Pray: Help us detect and avoid all false Christs and false prophets who show miracles to seduce your elect, Jesus and help us prepare for all you have foretold. Pray: Jesus, your second coming will be as lightning, not from any place on earth. The sun, moon, and stars will be dimmed then you will appear on the clouds with power and great glory. Complete your purpose. Pray: Jesus, prepare people for your spectacular return as you want them to be and let as many who see you lifted up be saved. Pray: We are ready to lift up our heads and be gathered by the angels when you begin to return Jesus. Help us accurately read the sign of the trees. Pray: Prepare the nations to be ruled by prayer, bearing fruit for you Jesus, so we know you will return in this generation. Pray: Turn the nations turn to you Jesus and keep that generation pursuing you until all your prophecies are fulfilled, keeping your words alive no matter how long until you return. Pray: Let people turn from living as in the days of Noah where people only turned to you for food and marriage Jesus. Prepare us for the flood of your life taking us up to your throne. Pray: Help us watch and pray to be ready for you to take us, whether at the rapture or our own death, no matter what time of day or night. Pray: Lord Jesus, save us from sleeping when you come, keep us watching and ready in prayer making us worthy to escape the things that will come to pass and stand before you. Help us be faithful and wise, ruling our household, giving them meat of the Father's word in due season. Pray: Jesus help us seek you constantly, earning your blessing by being prepared in prayer and watching, even sleeping before your coming so we are fully awake and watching for you as you come. Help us overcome and rule our hearts so they cannot fail to express you every moment. Pray: Keep us filled and overflowing with the oil of the Holy Spirit to go meet you Jesus. Help us avoid being evaluated as hypocrites or foolish by continuous intense prayer for more of your Holy Spirit. Pray: Since it is your will Jesus, keep us from sharing our oil so our lamps will be ready for marriage with you. Those who foolishly run out go to paid clergy to buy more while we who are ready by buying oil from you go with you to the marriage. Pray: Help us watch and obtain more oil from you for we do not want to be left out Jesus. Thanks for the talents you have given us and help us multiply them by trading. Pray: Jesus, do not let us fail to invest your talents and spirit in ways that multiply your investment in us. Pray: Thank you for rewarding everyone who multiplies their spiritual talents Jesus and teaching us to keep investing instead of letting the money stand idle. Pray: Jesus, prevent us from ending up with nothing in your spiritual economy. Help us be the most talented, leading us to invest wisely and glorifying you so we will be judged as sheep instead of goats. Pray: Let everyone help your body of believers giving them meat, drink, shelter, clothes, and visiting them as needed to magnify your life, Jesus. Pray: Let us always treat your believers as you Jesus, which requires we ask people what they think of you. Let everyone help those who believe you so all possible are rewarded with your Kingdom instead of the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels who never help anyone in your kingdom. Pray: Jesus keep us from everlasting punishment by motivating us to render aid to those who believe in you, applying your blood which is your spirit, life, and word to the door of our being before it is needed even as the woman who anointed you with burial ointment before your crucifixion. Pray: Cause us to help you and your servants as you do Jesus, to build and anoint your body instead of the poor and convert the poor to serve you. Pray: Remind us to serve you as you lead us, even in advance of your need Jesus. Pray: Jesus tell us clearly in advance what to say to people (and what to pray to you) to accomplish your will in every situation including preparing the Passover feast to enjoy, nourish, and protect us. Pray: Thank you Jesus your kingdom is a kingdom where the greater person renders the greater service helping others fulfill your prophecies instead of ruling the servants by lordship Pray: Jesus, thank you for washing the feet of your believers, purifying wherever they go, showing those who do not believe in you cannot be cleansed even by washing, and revealing your intention by foot washing so we may walk in newness of life without offense freely fellowshipping with you. Pray: Help us wash each other's feet of the dust of cities so we all can bring your kingdom freshly without insulation or offense wherever you have our feet step next Jesus and help us wash each other's feet according to you will. Pray: Thank you for telling us spiritually what will come so when it happens we may believe in you. Help us know to receive those you send and remember you as we eat Jesus. Pray: Help us as we eat bread to re-member your body which was broken for us to live in oneness with you Jesus and as we drink remember your blood which was shed for remission of sins and sharing your life and blessings with us. Pray: We look forward to the day when you drink the fruit of the vine with us in your new testament kingdom Jesus. Make us not be one who betrays you. Pray: Jesus, keep us from troubling your spirit and betraying you. Help us always do things that please you. Pray: It would be good to never have been born than to betray you Jesus. Fulfill prophecy and be glorified by it. Pray: Help us love one another Jesus, even in the midst of extreme offenses such as smiting the shepherd and flock are scattered. Keep excommunications and betrayals from happening especially in nations which persecute Christians. Pray: Go before us to lead us in preaching the gospel and all other things Jesus, help us obey you when you want us to live by faith alone and when you want us to use money and physical means of living. Pray: Jesus pray for us to protect and deliver us from Satan, that our faith fail not, and for us to be converted and strengthen your body. Make us follow you according to your time for us and not deny you. Pray: Jesus make us not deny you and help us believe in you. We want to be in the place you prepare for us, receive us there where you are. Pray: Jesus, you are the way, truth, and life -- bring us into the Father, Jesus by knowing you in whom the Father dwells and works so He also dwells and works in us. Help us believe the Father in you and you are in the Father or believe for your miracles' sake. Pray: Help us completely believe you, love you, and keep your commandments Jesus. Thank you for answering our requests and giving us yourself as the Spirit of truth, reality and life to comfort and enliven us. Pray: Come to us Jesus, let us see you in us and us in you. Help us love you perfectly that we may keep your commandments perfectly and be loved completely by the Father and you. Pray: Make us love you so we will keep your sayings better than the apostles who wrote them down for us Jesus. Teach us all things from the Comforter, the Holy Spirit and receive your peace in our hearts. Let us rejoice at your going and coming and thank you for showing us the future that we may believe. Pray: Overcome the prince of this world Jesus so you may talk freely with us. Thank you for obeying the Father even to death as an example to us, showing us the Father's pruning work to bear more fruit and cleansing us through your word. Pray: Make us abide in you as a part of the vine Jesus, to cooperate with you in bringing forth much fruit. Thank you for doing what we ask when we abide in you. Help us glorify the Father by bearing much fruit as your disciples and continuing in your love. Pray: Make us keep your commandments so we shall abide in your love and receive your joy fully. Help us love one another as you love us even laying down our thoughts, desires, and actions for our friends, even you Jesus, so we can do what ever you command us. Pray: Thank you for choosing us as friends Jesus and telling us all the Father tells you, ordaining us to bring forth fruit that remains so the Father may give whatever we ask in your name. Help us love one another even if the world hates us and loves its own. If they persecute Jesus they will persecute us but if they keep Jesus' word they'll keep ours also. Pray: Those who hate you and do not know but hate the Father without a cause will do to us as they did to you. But the Comforter, the Spirit of truth will testify of you Jesus. Pray: Jesus keep us not offended with you even when people thinking they serve you but not knowing you excommunicate and even kill us, your true people. Pray: Jesus, you went away sending the Comforter to reprove the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Though we are sorry that we might be persecuted we also rejoice in the Comforter. Pray: Thank you Jesus for judging the prince of this world. Make us ready to hear all you want to say. Help us fully obey the Spirit of Truth who keeps our minds set on the Spirit glorifying you and shows us your will including things in our future. Pray: Jesus, thank you for telling of your going and coming which causes us to rejoice. Help your bride bear your child. Father we ask in your son's name we ask for everything needed to finish your work. Pray: Please give us whatever fulfills your true heart's desire Jesus, our full joy, and show us plainly of the Father whom we ask in your name. Thank you Father for loving us and having us love and believe your Son. Pray: We rejoice that you have overcome the world and thanks for speaking peace to us, Jesus; overcome the world in us that we may further glorify you. Glorify us so we may glorify you. Give all mankind to the Father that they may all be saved, seeking and knowing you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you sent. Pray: Father glorify your Son and us who believe with the glory we had with you before the world was. Help us manifest your name to those you give us and let them know and believe you sent us. Pray: Keep praying to build your kingdom of believers Jesus and glorify yourself in us. Keep us one as you and your Father are one, free from hidden worldliness. Thank you for telling us how to fulfill your joy in us, so we may overcome the world. Pray: Thank you for keeping us one with you and sanctified from the evil of the world as you are Jesus even though we must stay in the world to testify and convert its people to your absolute truth. Pray: Bring all who believe the gospel into perfect oneness that the world may believe and bring us believers into Jesus' literal presence to see His glory. Thank you we know Jesus was sent by the Father. Pray: Jesus declare the Father's name and convey his love to us. Let us watch as you pray in us releasing the Holy Spirit as our soul is pressed with sorrow and death. Pray: Jesus keep us from entering temptation and help us cooperate with you, praying for overcoming obedience to the Father's will so we do not get tired and sleep. Pray: Jesus help us watch and pray with interest so we do not sleep or be tempted by flesh when you want us awake and inquiring to be sure we are doing the Father's will instead of our own. Pray: Oh Lord Jesus, help us do your true will whether it be going with you to face evil or sleeping. Make us not betray you in any way and not defend ourselves with material weapons. Pray: Guide us in cooperating with the Father's will, Jesus. Lead us to fulfill scriptures and pray to be certain of the Father's perfect will as you did, instead of praying for our own imperfect will to be done. Pray: Jesus you are the ultimate master, taking care of your believers, protecting them and fulfilling scripture so more may believe. In our days also free us from persecution by evil people who deny you providing us with your ability to escape when we teach them as you did, yet fulfill the scriptures. Pray: They came against you as a thief because of the power of darkness, Jesus. Keep us always from darkness and unjust violence! Pray: Jesus help us see the power of God and cooperate willingly with you. Keep us from being evil and unbelieving authorities. Pray: Jesus guide us to be wise as you when confronted by legal authorities and completely understand your kingdom including how to fight for it. Pray: Jesus, you are king of truth, the kingdom above all. You lost Father's presence by taking all sin onto the cross. Let us avoid war keeping in your resurrected presence and kingdom. Pray: Keep us from appealing to nature instead of you, Jesus. Also keep us from persecution and robbery as they did to you. Bring us into paradise within so we enjoy being dead to the world in you. Bring us into the relationships you want us in. Amen. Pray: Help us remember to properly care for our families as you did. Keep us in you even when given vinegar instead of water. Receive our spirits when we die as the Father received you. Resurrect and send us to speak to the living after we're dead if it be your will Jesus. Pray: Guide us into touching you properly, ascending with you as brothers, worshipping and meeting at your appointed place Jesus. Keep us recognizing your presence instead of being sad in speaking of your mighty words and deeds. Pray: Jesus help us quickly believe in you and all the prophets have spoken. Keep us experiencing your peace to the extent you do so our flesh may also be completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit enabling us to follow you everywhere you go. Let us handle you so no troubling thoughts arise. Pray: Make us believe you in joy, respond instantly to your requests, and fulfill the meat of your prophecies written for us Jesus including preaching repentance and remission of sins as we witness you working these things by your life and power in and through us. Pray: Jesus we live awaiting the power for fulfillment of your promise of peace, apostleship, and Holy Spirit. Thank you for giving us the power to remit and retain sins -- help us use it according to your wisdom and will. Help us have faith in you without doubting but please have mercy and guide us in detail if we do doubt. Pray: Build in us full belief in you Jesus, even though we haven't seen you. Teach us how to find and catch the fish you want us to and bring them to your feast. Pray: Make us love you and feed your sheep Jesus. Show us how to go and be carried where you will for us to be, following you. Pray: Connect us to your power, sending us to teach your words to all nations, baptizing them and preaching to every creature. Always stay with us and help everyone believe, be baptized, and be saved. Pray: Jesus bring us into truly serious prayer so we can experience your miracles, empowering our sharing of you with the whole earth. Pray: Thank you for exercising your Spirit Jesus to appear to persecutors and direct them to your true path through your true believers. Pray: Jesus give us visions speaking to enable us to follow you everywhere, be chosen by you to bear your name, be baptized with the Holy Spirit, speak, and be protected by you and your people. Pray: Jesus help us remember your words, that it is better to give than receive and make us not persecute you or your believers. Lead us to fulfill your plan to which you appointed us and keep us from wasting time in places that won't receive your word. Pray: Jesus send us and stand by us helping us testify our real experiences of you. Prevent us from disobeying or persecuting you. Keep us ministering and witnessing the things we have seen and will see of you as you send and deliver us. Pray: Jesus, help us open everyone's spiritual eyes, turn their spirits from being dark to light and from powered by Satan to God, so they can be free from judgment, inherit your life, talents, and position with all who are transformed by faith in you. Also help us eat and drink in remembrance of you and sufficiently utilize and magnify your grace. You are the ever-present almighty beginning and ending. Pray: Praise you Jesus for living evermore, having the keys of hell and death, showing the seven stars bear your light and the mystery of the churches you care for starting with Ephesus. Pray: Jesus lead us into increasing our love for you, not leaving our first love. Thank you for leading us to hate those who place themselves above, triumphantly bullying, and in control of other true believers. Help us love and magnify you in our works, labor, patience, trying leaders to level those not sent by you, bearing believers with patience, and laboring for your names sake without fainting, ever cooperating with you. Pray: Jesus make us overcome all errors or sins. Help us hear what the Spirit says to the churches and overcome the devil, prison, and death. Guide us in our works, tribulation, and poverty. As you wrote these messages to all churches, keep them one in growing toward you by overcoming the world. Pray: Oh Jesus, empower us to overcome Satan who killed your faithful Antipas. Make us repent and reject false doctrine, things sacrificed to idols, fornication, and Nicolaitan inequality. Guide us into overcoming and give us the hidden manna, white stone, and new name. Pray: Jesus make us overcome Jezebel and her teachings of fornication, adultery, and eating things sacrificed to idols. Judge her and those who are one flesh with her including her children until they repent. Make our works worthy of your best gifts. Pray: Thank you Jesus for keeping us from Satan and lead us in keeping your works to the end. When you give us power over the nations, guide us in ruling them with a rod of iron, which prepares us for membership in your man-child. Help us break nations which sin and provide the morning star of waking to the enjoyment of you so we may see and pursue you every morning. Pray: Open our ears to hear what the Spirit says Jesus to help us magnify your seven spirits in our seven parts: spiritual fellowship, intuition, conscience, mind, emotion, will, and body. Also help us be watchful, strengthen things of you in us, remember, repent, not defile our garments and overcome to be clothed in white, remain written in the book of life, and be named by you to your Father. Pray: Guide us through the open door you've provided Jesus and help us continue in your strength, keeping your word, name, and patience. Show us how to best convert those you send. And keep us from temptation. Pray: Keep us holding to what we have and our crown of life. Help us overcome, go no more out, and hear what the Spirit says in either coldness or hotness. Make us not be lukewarm. Pray: Make us remember our true state and buy gold - your life nature that has been tried in the fire, the white raiment of righteous acts, and the spiritual eyesalve of true sight Jesus. Make us open to you immediately when you knock, and overcome to sit with you on your throne and marriage supper. Pray: Jesus keep our ears open to hear you as you guide us to keep your prophecy that we may be worthy of your best reward. Come Lord Jesus!

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