Chapter 9 Make America Christian

Turning America to put Jesus Christ first can go very easily by implementing the following strategies. The list, of course, is open. Do whatever you agree, with Jesus in prayer, is best.
We need a great spiritual awakening. The first American awakening with George Witfield inspired the American Revolution, founding the nation. The second awakening inspired the abolition of slavery. The third awakening has been going on for over a decade [Daniel Lapin] and is expected to produce as significant results as the first two [Glenn Beck].
This awakening should go all the way to Jesus only. Today's religious leaders follow the pattern of the sons of Korah in Numbers 16 who wanted Moses to give them positions in the spiritual kingdom using inferior political power. They for money will cooperate in public appearances but there is a gap between their hearts supporting their religious establishments and true Christianity in which all believers are united as one in Christ. So we must pursue Jesus for ourselves, independently, letting Him be our true leader.

Presidential Decree

We need to elect a solidly Christian president who will declare this is a Christian nation and work to make it more so. The "faith based initiatives" of George W. Bush were insufficiently solid in faith, mostly a don't ask - don't tell program for Christians to receive funding for social work such as community drug diversion which could not include preaching the Gospel unless no one complained.

Congressional Laws

Electing superior Christian Congress people must be a high priority. They should sign the Christian Contract With America to receive your vote. That signature may be considered a minimum - they should have and be generating their own ideas about how to move the nation toward Jesus Christ. The reasons for Congress to make America a Christian nation are unlimited. The founders came to a land free of persecution for their faith in Christ. They fought to retain that freedom. Since 1947 the courts have become a tool of persecutors, which our heritage and the First Amendment demands be stopped.

Citizen Action

Citizens can always preach the gospel to other citizens in the USA because of free speech although some citizens are more reasonable about it than others. Sadly, God given free speech rights have been stolen to the extent prayer isn't allowed in many public places in Washington D.C.. Fortunately it is possible to pray silently to God in heart's intent while speaking something else to obey man's laws, until the Founder's laws are restored.
A small-town newspaper instead of simply blocking email sent police to ask the sender to stop emailing letters to the paper. That proved the press has too much power. Although freedom of the press is a right, somehow the one press monopoly in most cities gives them too much control over public opinion. A larger city newspaper routinely exercises thought police control not printing letters that advocate Christianity over terrorist philosophies. Why are city newspaper monopolies allowed, without having public control of their leaders by election? Another hindrance to free speech includes the Government Services Administration’s (GSA) ability to disallow Christian newspapers in areas with other newsstands. The ability of malls and other shopping centers to claim the corporate person status enables them to ban free speech on their "private" property. In my opinion, any corporation whose founder is no longer alive should be treated as an artificial creation or branch of government enabling all the rights citizens normally have on public property. No publicly traded corporate property owner should be allowed or aided by law enforcement to violate anyone's Constitutional rights. This would have major implications for improving customer service in companies that limit complaint escalation to supervisors instead of allowing customers to talk to corporate policy makers. Consider voting on this.

“My Uncle Martin’s dream was not that we should be judged by our support for bigger or smaller government, but rather by the content of our character. His dream was that everyone be guaranteed the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. His dream goes beyond politics, it’s about the condition of our hearts” [Dr. Alveda King]

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that we not be judged by anything but the content of our character is still promoted by activists including his niece, so it should be examined. Character is what you care about and act on: char-actor. If you care about Jesus Christ then you love His absolute perfection. When He is the content of your character, there is no condemnation. So ideally you will have the content in your character that cannot be judged but is true in every respect. But activists who support prayer by “all faiths” are wrong. The Koran is not about the God of Ishmael recorded in the Bible, but it’s about a god which cannot beget. Jesus told us when we die we are as angels which do not marry. So the god of Islam is an angel, a fallen angel, which promotes hate, terror, and hell on earth. We need to pray for everyone to turn their faith toward the love and absolute perfection of Jesus Christ.

Ending Discouragement

There should be specific laws written to stop the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) requiring public schools to violate free speech laws, discouraging them from teaching the Gospel by threat of lawsuits. What the ACLU, FFRF, and any similar organization does should be made a crime. Members should be required to pay reparations to all victims of their anti-Christian court cases and harassments (which includes every citizen) and court costs for the increase in crime since their first case stopping Christian activities. Other bill concepts should be developed to prevent such a group from rising using a different name. American history includes major changes aimed at ending organized crime and other illicit practices which were not previously outlawed. For example, the income tax and IRS may have been voted in to create laws to expose and end the career of Al Capone in Chicago. There are anti-trust laws which may need updating to cover businesses “too big to fail”. These special laws are evidence the ACLU and similar organizations can be targeted by Congress.
One bill concept is to enforce the 1st Amendment by making all federal courts refuse all lawsuits that pertain to the exercise of religion. The 1st Amendment's "make no law" clause has been violated by each case tried that puts religion in jeopardy of an adverse decision. Such cases should be decided in states that do not emulate the first amendment and past federal court decisions should be vacated or nullified. In a case in Santa Rosa County, Florida [Liberty Counsel] a student was told he could not say “God Bless” and had to change it to “Good Luck.” Teachers are not allowed to reply to emails send by parents seeking advice if the parents’ email contains words like “God Bless.” District employees are prohibited from participating in privately sponsored off-campus religious events or baccalaureate. Faculty and staff are required to stop prayers at privately sponsored after-school clubs. This violates the free speech rights of faculty, staff, students, and members of the community.

Scientific Proof Of Miracles

Most solidly faithful Christians believe unwaveringly after having received so many answered prayers that it is impossible for the events to have been from any other cause. It is still rare to have a talent where prayer on a topic is so reliably answered as to pass a scientific double blind test especially where the test administrator is fully expressing negative faith against the success of the faith test instead of being open to the truth.
Perhaps a scientific system of proof can be designed where natural observation of faithful Christians is weighed more than a specific performance demand. For example, if a strong believer were fitted with a hidden camera, microphone, and digital video recorder, events that require faith might be recorded over time. If I had been so outfitted during an emergency room visit, one could have seen that in a closed room I heard two conversations from the desk area which I had some spiritual involvement in. Two people said that someone was listening to them and it must be the old man. How could they tell without some spiritual awareness? The other event that day was a much louder reaction by several hospital staff to my silent but serious wondering before God if I should take the doctor's advice. Recording for six months like a National Geographic photographer might record an animal's behavior should provide many interesting phenomena. Doing this with many spiritual Christians could prove a transpersonal spiritual connection exists even if the bio-physical technology is unknown. Proof of one natural spiritual behavior could lead to studies proving more.
Although rare for each person receiving prayer, an experience of being one of those prayed for during CBN healing prayers can be impressive. A video record would have showed my ailment and activity at the moment corresponded exactly to what was said on the air, indicating a spiritual link when praying for God’s help. A spiritual nature recording would have recorded my preaching to a young man about his mind as a field in which he can plant anything, grass, trees, and so forth, soon followed by an auto trip in which a Christian radio speaker was also talking about trees to eat. The young man agreed the coincidence had to be spirit since I had no idea what the radio would be speaking on.
Another proof of spiritual life event was demonstrated on Mythbusters, a cable TV show. They hooked up a house plant to an EEG and one team member projected thoughts at it and the plant's reactions were clearly recorded. They then put it in a closed metal box and found there were no reactions. But they misconcluded that it was a failed experiment. Perhaps it suggests the thoughts were projected in a radio wave that was blocked by the Faraday Cage effect of the box.
It is possible a natural modulation of radio waves exists which can communicate around the world. Ham radio claims, at the right frequencies, half a watt can get a signal half way around the world which seems plausibly within the energy limits of a person exercising prayer with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength as Jesus said. If this natural modulation hypothesis is real, then science should record the electromagnetic spectrum at the moment when people are initially believing in Jesus Christ and other effective prayers. Recording when genuine miracles are being performed might help science gain understanding. Then broadcasting those frequencies should provide a better atmosphere than usual for everyone around the world.
A scientific proof of spiritual life would go a long way to convince unbelievers that faith is real and it is possible Jesus Christ did all that is written of him. Perhaps further work would get beyond the transpersonal to control over the laws of physics.

Ending TV Perversion

Television is a medium which subtly programs people to think and do things they normally wouldn’t. A survey showed many cultural changes come about by what people see in movies. So it’s important that producers be oriented to present accurate education and hopeful visions for the future for as the Bible says, without a vision the people perish.
Television has run ads calling it a plot by aliens to turn human minds into mush for their consumption. The parallel with reality is too close. TV exposes viewers to countless images of all kinds which generates a psychological catharsis where one's reactions in all realms physical, soul, and spiritual become desensitized, essentially numb. When taking a break from writing this book I felt the numbing effect of a few hours of TV on my brain. One could hypothesize that fallen angels and demons feed on numb minds.
There is seldom anything good on TV. One can surf the channels and usually see story lines repeated on other shows with other characters. The reason TV stations do not buy better programming they say is because they can't afford it. Frequently, a Christian channel is better. I once wrote Paul Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network that an auditor would not find in a weeks worth of programming the gospel preached once. Afterward the network started running Billy Graham. Improvement takes reasonable people like that who respond to consumer complaints. One of the more insidious areas of broadcasting is TV for children. I've heard complaints about Sesame Street claiming the puppet operators have a perversion which they subtly express in their delivery which tends to program kid's minds to be open to receive it and do it in real life. Old Disney cartoons had many cartoon characters fight - was war always good? Some shows are so vacuous as to not bear watching. Where is pure hearted programming that builds pure hearts? One lady said Greer Garson was one of the best actresses ever because she actually was a good person playing good roles. You could see her spiritual goodness on screen. Others may have intended to play good to please their bosses back when it was required but bad boys playing good are like devils transforming themselves into angels of light - it looks faked.
People can be redeemed – I watched Mickey Rooney in “Miracle on 34th Street” and prayed for him to become a Christian. A few years later after I was free of the spiritual blockage of a denomination, I heard Rooney on the radio explain how he was doing nothing laying on his bed in Tahoe and an angel appeared and saved him. Today most actors do not even try to play good people, presenting a milquetoast facade and, in some cases, manifesting demons, as attested to by actors Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman. It takes genuine living in obedience to God to be good. There is a whole spiritual dimension ignored by most media producers. People in real love sometimes emit a glow of light that could be captured. Those who fake it may end up in adultery off screen.

Ending Law Perversion

The perversion of the legal profession is automatic since in any trial one side is lying. Therefore, shows portraying lawyers are practically guaranteed to show perverted conduct. Shows about cops are not much different. In real life I've talked with two policemen who dyed their hair to look like Eminem! The perversion in law enforcement perverts citizens too. The presumption of guilt in child pornography prevents parents from posting innocent pictures of their children and encourages violent irrational reactions. A picture of two neighborhood kids walking away after stealing from a grapevine was accused by both a neighbor and parent. Memorizing a Gospel by every citizen may be the only way to reduce irrational behavior. Perversion is a distraction drawing attention away from the best thoughts one can have.

Converting Traditional Churches

God only knows what will work to convert traditional churches as most pastors are unresponsive to change. In one instance a dozen pastors were invited for a meeting and not one showed up or bothered to answer the RSVP to say they weren't coming. One pastor said he does not think we need the manchild (Isa. 66:7, Rev. 12:5). My opinion is only attrition will convert some of them as people walk out to enjoy the true church. Some denominations will not change until after the ascension or rapture of the more faithful believers.
There is a possibility some denominations will see the light and transform themselves. But without a very big effort, denominational teachings are likely to remain at a high school level requiring believers to graduate and experience God on their own to grow further. What about converting instead of tolerating foreign philosophies and false religions?

"There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia." [Newt]

President Obama signed a law allowing the dismantling of companies and corporations that are determined to cause harm to the American economy. Certainly 9/11 was harmful to U.S. so under the law the Moslem philosophy and its Islam political terrorist branches should have their assets and buildings nationalized and sold to citizens who support American interests. Possibly proceeds could assist those who insist on not converting to immigrate to unconverted nations, while they exist.

Promote God’s Good

Professional sports was promoted by sports writers over the years from an almost hobby status to a significant interest to what large daily sections of newspapers are devoted, while small weekly coverage of religion is published. Religion needs to be the forefront of American life and it may take more intelligent writers to comprehend the Bible and write stories to promote Jesus and the pursuit thereof. Glenn Beck reported a company said his business decisions appear to be wrong but they work out. The reason is he and his staff pray on it and do it. It may seem wrong but there's something to relying on Divine Providence. God works all things together for good to those who love Him. The more spiritual experiences we have and report the more examples there are for others. One possibility is to have gospel memorization contests and report successes. As long as contestants were kept from prostituting themselves with money it could be interesting. The first level of competition would be memory of one Gospel. The next levels might include progressively more Gospels, perhaps in multiple languages. Perhaps it would extend into demonstration of Gospel talents such as praying for a person to be healed, walking on water, and more.

Friends Networks

Friends of friends are often the easiest way to preach the Gospel. Friends will let their guard down and try new things they would not to attempt with strangers. It has been theorized that keeping track of people to find friend matches might work for the Gospel like it does with computerized social networking. However computer networks are usually small in terms of response so real face to face relationships are more enjoyable and edifying. Love is superior to all other networking systems. When one loves another, their heart is open to draw each other closer. I've seen a small home church meeting multiply in size several times after prayerfully expressing love. Converting Schools
Some school districts are Christian enough to require Bible teaching regardless of potential lawsuits. After all it is irrational for any court to support not teaching the book which most greatly impacts America’s history. In Stone v. Graham, the 1980 Supreme Court said, "the Bible may constitutionally be used in an appropriate study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, or the like,” [Jay Sekulow]. Other school districts are vile teachers of ignorance by rejecting God’s truth directly or pretending court trials would cost more than their budget when American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and Liberty Council offer free legal defense.
The current Supreme Court ruling justifies teaching memory of a Gospel at minimum as an elective since so many courses are now electives. But some superintendents and school boards are obstinate. The best solution for kids in that situation would be home school. Home schooled kids are 37% smarter than public school kids on the average [Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily, 2009] and the price is much cheaper, except for one parent’s time. Some parents have greatly outperformed public schools producing a college valedictorian. There is also the possibility of release time programs but they can be denomination oriented instead of Gospel oriented.
Parents and community churches could cooperate to pay kids to memorize a gospel during summer break. One way is to speak a Gospel into a computer then have kids listen and read aloud at the same time until they can recite it without help. If the children of the best and brightest who attend church all memorized, understood, and spoke a Gospel many of the other kids would soon follow, leading to conversion of the school.

Multiply Jesus' True Church

Home schools, private schools, and public schools should teach memorizing a Gospel. Every parent should help kids do it. Ask whoever you meet what they think about Jesus Christ and if they talked to Jesus today. Help them remember by asking questions. This will help build a group of spiritual friends you can meet with regularly and learn the talents of spiritual power of Jesus in the Gospel through prayer. Jesus' most frequent miracle was healing and if every citizen developed that one talent, there would be no more need for the medical industry. Aggressive Christians may train spiritually working up to all the miracle works Jesus performed and beyond as Jesus promised which could lead to a much more interesting life.
One of the primary ways to convert people to Jesus with more commitment than initial salvation is helping them to get personal spiritual experiences from prayer and Bible study. With prayers answered often enough they will realize for themselves, it is impossible to disbelieve that God is real. The Jesus designed church of 12 which multiplies every 3.5 years would accomplish great things as more people learn the gospel and spiritual life of Jesus so more people live the true Christian life and more prayers are answered.
The gospel in Matthew 25:14-30 says we will be judged based on the number of talents we have gained. A person gifted by God in certain prayers will have a quality of answers a talented one may take time in training and practice to reach. Yet we are judged not for the spiritual powers we are given, but if we use them to gain more. Spiritual growth in parallel with a Bible education first learning the words of Jesus then viewing Genesis to Revelation from a God's eye perspective, to see where Jesus was prophesied in the Old Testament and applied in the New Testament would help. Instead of presenting mere historic artifacts could we have an accurately harmonized gospel video showing Jesus and the people in normal clothes of today instead of robes?

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