Chapter 7 Jesus' True Church

Who is Jesus? Jesus is a man who is absolutely perfect in every important way, making him the best example for everyone to become like. He is the perfect mix of spiritual substance, material form, and words of truth. Jesus was given spiritual command and control of everything, demonstrating miracles of turning water into wine, healing people of many medical problems, turning a lunch into a feast, and in the future will roll up heaven and earth as a scroll to create a new heaven and new earth. Jesus demonstrated how he performed these miracles -- by prayer to the Father, even though he knew He is the light and Father of those who believe. He submitted himself to the Father as we should do, so his every work and word expressed the spiritual Father, as ours does when we are in His spirit. Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit are all one to the extent only they can distinguish or reveal themselves in a sense like water is also ice and steam. So when we pray to Jesus we are praying to the Father and Holy Spirit and when we seek the true Holy Spirit we are seeking Jesus and the Father. His being moves through us to accomplish many things leading to greater enjoyment of His spiritual life. As the Father spoke and did miracles through Jesus so they should be given our cooperation to freely speak and do miracles through us. True Church The true church came down from Heaven in Jesus' blood which He practiced with the 12 disciples who learned the Gospel in Spirit and Word, graduated to being sent as apostles to preach the Gospel starting churches, and eventually overcomers speaking and praying to fix church errors to develop the true church, body of Christ, manchild, or new man in Jesus' image. One key is being in Christ or Jesus’ true Holy Spirit. If you prayerfully read a Bible and your heart condemns you sometimes it helps to move to Jesus’ words. Then if you still get condemned, you have to face it until you turn your inner being to Jesus past the veil that’s separating you from loving Him completely. That transfer from an atmosphere of sin to God’s blessing is very important to maintain. It does not matter how many Christians you meet with, if you personally experience being separate from Him. Sometimes meeting with others to pursue Jesus will help. True church is the people who prayerfully love, pursue, and obey Jesus Christ and His greatest goals in the Bible, staying uncorrupted. Toward that end, believers must follow Jesus only, not Paul or anyone else and express the true Holy Spirit which does the miracles Jesus performed and greater, not pretending or faking anything. Here are several major differences in the church Jesus intended, distinct from the traditional “first century church:” 1) Equal status of saints (no elders, pastors, or other political positions) – Mat. 23:8-10 2) God does not charge to answer prayers so church should have no money – Mat. 6:24 3) Prayer should be the most important meeting, not the least attended. – Mark 11:17 4) Jesus’ words should be learned first to see other scripture through His eyes. – Luke 9:35 5) Grow new believers through disciple, apostle, and overcomer to manchild in 3.5 years. 6) Preach the gospel of the Kingdom to bring the world to Jesus Christ – Rev. 11:15. 7) Use the name Jesus gave, “church” (no additions or omission) for universal oneness. – Mat. 16:18 Jesus’ 12 should be distinguished from His public speaking in Jewish meeting halls and open air meetings of thousands. The 12 were his intimate church of true followers v. and the open meetings were recruitment speeches. His pattern of starting with 12 and teaching them intensely for 3 years before graduation to apostles can be multiplied. If everyone follows Jesus’ perfect example the church will grow 12x12 every 3.5 years potentially converting the population of earth in 10 cycles or 35 years, less if more participate early. What do you think of the church multiplying 12x12? Jesus' approach was like nature (which He invented) where the baby birds grow up enough to leave the nest on or near a schedule -- the older chicks don't mature so quickly that they fly off immediately. But eventually they all fly off or fall to the ground and the parents may leave for the winter. Jesus took his most mature disciples to the mount of transfiguration to see Jesus in His Glory. He didn't send them out to preach and leave the others behind. Even Judas was sent to preach when the time came. So it is quite different from the denomination system which has one or two people who get ready and go off to Bible school then preach while the rest hang around forever. The most important part of the Bible are the five books which contain most of Jesus’ words or the New Pentateuch – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Revelation. Learning to recite a Gospel is an excellent first step toward becoming a member of the true church. Learning what it means is a second step. Praying until Jesus grants you the true Holy Spirit so you can do miracles as Jesus did is the third step. These three steps are similar to Jesus’ own example of learning from his teachers first before getting baptized by the Holy Spirit. The reason for this sequence is if you get God’s power first before you understand the Gospel, you could misuse it, misteach, and damage others unjustly. A beautiful effect of multiplying Jesus’ example is it minimizes hierarchy while maximally engaging everyone in participating in Jesus’ shepherding. If one gets tired of their shepherd early, they only have to endure for 3.5 years before they have learned enough and can pray-teach on their own. If some have difficulty gaining their 12 to teach, the others can pitch in and help build Jesus’ church instead of serving only their own followers. After each cycle you would have a network of friends instead of an audience of comparative strangers. Following Jesus, one can still make public recruitment speeches anywhere it can be done freely. Modern technology can simplify memorizing a gospel – listening to a recording of the audio and reading the text aloud at the same time will help as can prayer and practicing with others. Having the Gospel memorized gives you a foundation to learn what it means, keeping your heart with Jesus no matter what so you check what others say without needing external books or computers. Learning what the Gospel means is best done by living it but can be aided by fellowship, reading, and prayer. Getting the blessing of the true Holy Spirit and keeping it can be easy or hard depending on your faith. The best way is to pray to Jesus Christ asking Him personally for it. This prayer can be answered instantly for Jesus said, “How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him?” Luke 11:13b. You might not notice any change in feeling but your find your prayers getting answered. If you have problems you can try sowing to the Spirit by praying with others or listening to people telling their spiritual experiences and praying in hope. This must be done wisely as denominationalists often include false teachings along with their speaking and may induce you to doubt your experiences of God even more. One source of spiritual stories is the radio and television archives at which one spiritually dead pastor listened to for days before getting miracles in his ministry. A documentary of some present day miracles is the Finger of God which can help people see the true spiritual church operating distinct from the houses of Bible teaching. However they must be explored carefully to get genuine spiritual help without accepting false teachings like pretending tongues of gibberish are miracle languages and other doctrines of demons. Jesus’ gospel is best, modern miracle stories may not inspire you. Results depend on you activating your own faith in Jesus and that may take overcoming a lot of doubt. It may be the only way for you is to believe in Truth which comes from the Spirit of Truth given by Jesus as our Comforter. Live wisely as Jesus did, asking the Father whenever you need to know something new or do something that isn’t done by Him automatically. When you progress through the stages of spiritual growth in Rev. 2-3, you’ll gain the attributes of the new man or manchild as rewards for overcoming the errors in your personal and church relationship with God including the “rod of iron” in Rev. 2:26-27 and “sitting with Jesus on His throne” in Rev. 3:21 fulfilling the requirements for ascending in Rev. 12:5. Religion Free Christ There is an easier way than learning a gospel if you have the faith. If you truly believe in Jesus Christ, He can be your faith so much that you can do miracles to demonstrate God’s power to others so the Spirit will actually save the open and willing people who see you, with no effort on your part. You can be a simple obedient child in His hands. That is a very enjoyable experience but sometimes things arise in our hearts or circumstances to knock us out of that blessed spiritual state into the realm where Bible knowledge helps. Confession, repentance and prayer are needed to get back into the true Spirit. This does not mean all Bible law was done away by Jesus but the work of it is done by Him when we believe. As described in chapter 6, I once started a home church by prayer alone – none of my physical gospel preaching was required or attempted. I prayed for a church to be in my home town and God answered “no” twice but the third time He answered “yes” and I simply believed the yes. God brought it into being and introduced me to the original two families later. It’s much better to let Him build His church by holding to faith in Him, than to do fruitless work for it. One great expression of this Spirit led and Spirit run church life is in this excerpt from Charles Finney by Pilgrim Tract Society titled Baptism With The Holy Spirit: To the honor of God alone I will tell a little of my experience in this matter. I was powerfully converted on the morning of the 12th of October, In the evening of the same day, and on the morning of the following day, I received an overwhelming baptism of the Holy Ghost that went through me, as it seemed to me, body and soul. I immediately found myself endued with such power from on high, that a few words dropped here and. there to individuals were the means of their immediate conversion. My words seemed to fasten like barbed arrows in the souls of men. They cut like a sword. They broke the heart like a hammer. Multitudes can attest to this. Oftentimes a word dropped without my remembering it would fasten conviction, and often result in almost immediate conversion. But sometimes I would find myself in a great measure empty of this power. I would go out and visit and find that I made no saving impression. I would then set apart a day for private fasting and prayer, fearing that this power had departed from me, and would enquire anxiously after the reason of this apparent emptiness. After humbling myself and crying for help, the power would return upon me with all its freshness. This has been the experience of my life. The Spirit's Sword I could fill a volume with the history of my own experience and observations with respect to this power from on high. It is a fact of consciousness and observation, but a great mystery. I have said that sometimes a look has in it the power of God. I have often witness this. Let the following fact illustrate it. I once preached for the first time in a manufacturing village. The next morning I went into a manufacturing establishment to view its operations. As I passed into the weaving department, I believe a great company of young women, some of whom I observed were looking at me and then at each other, in a manner that indicated a trifling spirit, and they knew me. I, however, knew none of them. As I approached nearer to those who recognized me, they seemed to increase their manifestation of lightness of mind. Their levity made a peculiar impression upon me; I felt it to my very heart. I stopped short and looked at them. I knew not how, as my whole mind was absorbed with the sense of their guilt and danger. As I settled my countenance upon them, I observed that one of them became much agitated. A thread broke; she attempted to mend it but her hand trembled in such a manner that she could not do it. I immediately observed that the sensation was spreading and had become universal among that class of triflers. I looked steadily at them, until one after another gave up and paid no more attention to their looms. They fell on their knees and the influence spread throughout the whole room. I had not spoken a word, and the noise of the looms would have prevented my being heard if I had. In a few minutes all work was abandoned, and tears and lamentations filled the room. At this moment the owner of the factory, who was himself an unconverted man, came in, accompanied, I believe, by the superintendent, who was a professed Christian. When the owner saw the state of things, he said to the superintendent, "Stop the mill." What he saw seemed to pierce him to the heart. "It is more important," he hurriedly remarked, "that these souls should be saved than that this mill should run." As soon as the noise of the machinery had ceased, the owner inquired: "What shall we do? We must have a place to meet where we shall receive instructions. The superintendent replied: "The mule room will do." The mules were run out of the way and all the hands were notified to assemble in that room. We had a marvelous meeting. I prayed with them, and gave them such instructions as at that time they could bear. The Word was with power. Many expressed hope that day, and within a few days, as I was informed, nearly every hand in the great establishment, together with the owner, had hope in Christ. Spirit's Conviction This power is a great marvel. I have many times seen people unable to endure the Word, The most simple and ordinary statements would cut men off from their seats like a sword, would take away their bodily strength, and render them almost as helpless as dead men. Several times it has been true in my experience that I could not raise my voice, or say anything in prayer or exhortation, except in the mildest manner, without entirely overcoming those who were present. This was not because I was preaching terror to the people; but the sweetest sounds of the Gospel would overcome them. This power seems something to pervade the atmosphere of one who is highly charged with it. Many times, great numbers of persons in a community will be clothed with this power when the very atmosphere of the whole place seems to be charged with the life of God. Strangers coming into it and passing through the place, will be instantly smitten with conviction of sin, and in many instances converted to Christ. When Christians humble themselves and consecrate their all afresh to Christ, and seek for this power, they will often receive such a baptism that they will be instrumental in converting mare souls in one day than in all their lifetime before. While Christians remain humble enough to retain this power, the work of conversion will go on till whole communities and regions of country are converted to Christ. The same is true of ministers. -Charles G. Finney Why Is This New? Why hasn’t conversion to the true Jesus only church been accomplished already? The first disciples did not carefully obey Jesus’ perfect example and few have until now because of ignorance, positional power, and greed. Jesus allowed the first disciples the freedom to fish for men as they saw fit instead of specifying His example. Their freedom had mixed results – some speaking to thousands and others with no recorded success. Paul after starting ten churches returned to set up elders, which Jesus never authorized or approved of and created other positions, prostituting genuine believers to serve positions and donate money. People sometimes let their pure heart for Jesus wane and backslide into reading and imitating Paul the least of all (Matt. 5:19). Had the 12 followed Jesus' example, the entire world would be saved at a much deeper level with a 3.5 year education in Spirit and Word instead of the short gospel "evangelists" preach. Just think, if every believer memorized a Gospel, we could all fellowship about Jesus instead of being blocked by denominational walls as in "I can't talk with you because I'm a Baptist, Methodist, etc." where everyone appreciates their pastor's last sermon more than Jesus Christ. America's founding churches were Rev. 17:5 prostitutes, equal to but separate from federal government with the freedom to unite in Congress in contrast to Jesus' kingdom which is above all and is spiritually overlaid on all being available to everyone by prayer all the time. Everyone should forsake the attributes of prostitution to live the life which came down from heaven to us. The True Goals Everything Jesus taught, every miracle He performed, and even greater works of God should be our goal. Jesus said, the Gospel will be preached to all nations before the end will come. That includes healing the sick, cleansing lepers, raising the dead, and casting out demons, requiring serious prayer (Matthew 10:7-8). Jesus said pray always. Paul said pray unceasingly. So prayer should be as natural and vital as breathing. Prayer should be the most important meeting to contact God - the purpose of church - instead of the least attended meeting of the week. Faithful practice of healing prayer can have miraculous results. Learning to access the spiritual realm of your being then magnifying your prayer in it until it gets some result can lead to actual results. I talked to a believer with stomach cancer and prayed spiritually over several days until my spirit was so strong a neighbor lady said “cancer” out loud. Then I had confidence my prayer had gone beyond my mind into the spiritual realm and God would answer. Eventually the man got healed. Afterward a neighbor also experienced praying for someone who got healed. Further development came in praying for everyone I saw with problems such as being overweight. Compassion came which I hadn’t previously known or been able to access, giving confidence that eventually I’ll be able to do like Jesus did. One of the top goals on earth is the manchild in Rev. 12:5 and Isa. 66:7 which is the new man or body of Christ. This means true Christian believers want to ascend to God's throne or get raptured and are prayerfully doing what it takes to grow spiritually toward Jesus to accomplish that goal. Consider if believers really pursue Jesus. We could walk on water, be transported spiritually, turn a lunch into a feast for thousands, heal by miracle, and have no needs that require money. If we changed the world to work this way, it would be the kingdom of heaven on earth. Separation of Church and Materialism Holding Truth in prayer, we should participate in materialism to supply our needs until we really are as spiritual as Jesus was. So if we have a heifer or sheep we should raise it faithfully to produce milk and offspring we can eat while keeping our mind heart and prayers on pursuing Jesus Christ. And if we do not yet have the faith to heal ourselves like Jesus we must get medical help, using the experience to pray more for Jesus' healing talent. Church has nothing to do with meeting hall construction, maintenance, attendance or paying a pastor to lecture or entertain with music. Church is spiritual, the faith hope and love we have in God regardless of whatever else might be going on. It is what Jesus practiced even though his disciples and everyone who tried since made corrupted disobedient variations. So we must return back past the 1st century church all the way back to the true church which came down from heaven in Jesus' blood which He passed on to the disciples before they disobeyed His perfect example. The New Pentateuch Although the Bible has many lessons that point to Jesus, the perfect church comes from His words which are found mostly in the four Gospels and Revelation which together are the New Pentateuch. Instead of thinking of it as throwing out everything else, let's see the rest as reference material which we can get into after we master Jesus' full spiritual example thus know how to understand as He does. Let's consider the Gospels this way until more light comes: 1) Matthew - A Lion's view of prophecy fulfillment. 2) Mark - An Ox calf's view of the minimum gospel. 3) Luke - A Man's view of history from the first Adam through the second. 4) John - An Eagle's heavenly view of the Father's relationship with Jesus and us. Each view or facet has that effect on us as we assimilate it. The living creatures in Revelation can be interpreted as believers who eat Jesus in all four facets, perspectives, views, or Gospels. They contrast the elders who are proudly in their authority of controlling people until they have to throw their crowns down at Jesus' feet and end their positions to participate in the marriage feast of the lamb. Revelation is where Jesus tells us how to correct, fix, or overcome 7 standard errors which can arise in meetings of believers. It also contains prophetic future history. Pray To Follow Jesus Only Jesus behaved unlike traditional churches in part because Jesus had no service of money or human authority. Among the simplest differences is Jesus sang only one hymn. Thus making music a major focus of a meeting with a music ministry, band, choir, dancers, or soloist is not following Jesus. Focus instead on what was and is most important to God. Hidden by translation, Matthew 23:8 says "But be not ye called Elder: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren." Often translated Rabbi, a Jewish official said on TBN, "To Jews, Rabbi exactly equals Elder." Thus elders are not part of Jesus' church. How can there be teaching without a teacher? 1) Teach by prayer - be prayed up so much that people sensitive to your spirit receive Jesus instead of you! 2) Home school and church - they who teach at home are called mom and dad, not teacher. 3) Just teach Jesus' words, do not waste time institutionalizing a teaching position. 4) Any other God inspired suggestions? Pray For True Holy Spirit Because some spiritual experiences people call the Holy Spirit may be misnamed, we must pray for the real true Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ which performs the same miracles He did and greater. Sometimes we are in His spiritual leading but we need experience that conforms to the Gospel to be sure. As John wrote, try the spirits (1 John 4:1). If it makes you feel good but fails to enable you to walk on water or do other of Jesus’ works, you haven’t got the true Holy Spirit yet. Keep asking God for the genuine Holy Spirit until you pass Jesus’ miracle tests. Likewise we must be careful to pray for God's true love which is usually far different from selfish human love. When attention can be drawn away from Jesus Christ while you pray, it is a false spirit and you must turn your heart from it back to Jesus. Sometimes the only prayer that works is to pray for all mankind to be saved and grow toward Christ, like you hope for yourself. Human spiritual love can include all kinds of good helps to raise children in today's society and lead to good performance in school and work. However, God's spiritual love has the ingredients needed to succeed in His kingdom, which is significantly different. Without the best love of good parents you may tend to fail in this world but if you make Jesus your Father and obey Him, you can receive success in His spiritual Kingdom. You must seek God persistently to overcome the confusion between the human spirit related to sexual love which makes married couples one flesh and the love of, by, and for God which Jesus commanded us to have as our first love (Mark 12:30-31), then love for your neighbor as yourself and love your enemies (Luke 6:27,35). You have to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove to love your neighbor and enemy as Jesus does. Do this and you’ll never get divorced. Jesus said to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Of course he wasn’t talking about his physical body but His Spirit. It may be difficult to understand what this means until we experience it. When you talk with someone, if you are paying attention to them, you will be interacting with their spirit within in addition to verbal interaction. Although it is not right to lust after someone, when it happens you can learn from the experience. Whether it is soul or spirit, it is closer to a person’s spirit than their physical body. If we call that human spirit their flesh, we know what we must eat of Jesus. In Christian fellowship we must purify our contact to enjoy each other’s Christ within, separating out Jesus’ perfect flesh from the other human flesh. We must act similarly with Jesus’ blood. The Bible says the life is in the blood. So we know the spiritual life that energizes and animates the flesh is the blood which Jesus wants us to drink. What came out of Jesus’ side on the cross was blood and water. So the blood has two components, the blood cells and water. We must tune in with our spiritual experience to discern the blood and the water. The blood is salty so without water it could become like the woman who turned into a pillar of salt. To be alive we need the fresh water supply coming from Jesus’ belly. We have to be open to His instant revelations. If we are stuck on state of the art Christianity, even our personal best, eventually it dries up. If we remain open to Jesus to drink his blood, we experience new things of life all the time as we are led by Him. The more you learn to work in the spiritual truth, you’ll discover love is a decision that you may have made unconsciously but it can be made consciously. You cannot “fall” in and out of love. You can turn love off and on like a light switch and decide to grow toward God’s most perfect love. As you grow in spiritual reality you’ll realize what more verses mean. Some people have attempted to follow Jesus physically in Matthew 18:9 “And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.” But they found their spiritual sins do not stop with the loss of physical expression. So what is needed is to obey spiritually – take the offending part out of your spiritual body, then it won’t offend your physical body. If you feel your mouth is an open sepulcher then casting it out may help. In practical situations you may be confronted with a decision for which you seem to have about the same spiritual leading either way. To focus your spiritual experience, pray for whatever will result in more life and peace. Sometimes both paths will have a measure of God’s life but one will have more peace. Interpret Bible Jesus First There are many ways to interpret every verse. Simply repeat a verse emphasizing a different word each time. It will become clear that a variety of interpretations are possible. We should realize the interpretation we have naturally, with the most common definitions in our culture, may not actually spark the faith that Jesus had to perform miracles. We must prayerfully seek His absolute Truth always and grow in it beyond the understanding that fails to the spiritual knowledge that works by faith. Sometimes, looking words up helps. Translators have to try to shoe-horn Greek words into English where there is no exact match, especially in the most frequently used definitions. To get a more accurate understanding you might need to use a secondary or later definition. Looking topics up within the Bible itself is helpful to get a better perspective. For example, you might wonder why Jesus in Revelation 2 says the Ephesians lost their first love. So you go back and read the book of Ephesians and prayerfully realize Paul did not mention Jesus much in his talking about spiritual warfare. We learn from that to pray to get back to loving Jesus, letting him have control over our spiritual engagements. Sometimes all it takes is turning our attention from an offender back to God, sometimes frequently (and perhaps silently) in their presence. We may have to keep turning until the offender goes away or becomes no longer offensive. Likewise a whole Genesis to Revelation study of elders can show the position was never authorized or approved by God and should have ended in the Old Testament but continues into heaven until the marriage supper of the lamb after which they are never mentioned again. Even Jesus' brief mention of elders does not alter his telling Christians not to be called by such positional titles, making us equal under Him. Human authority is nothing compared to God's. Within the Gospels, Jesus is the main topic so when mastering a gospel the interpretation is logically according to Jesus although we need to pray to get His spiritual truth. Applying Jesus as the focus of interpretation is needed when exploring other parts of the Bible. For example, examine evangelism which does not occur in any Gospel. An apostle called Philip baptized in the same Spirit, evangelist (Acts 21:8-9) to elevate his function of being sent by God into a nominal position above the one named evangelist. The whole concept of evangelists and evangelicals are disobedient to Jesus' words on position in Matt. 23:8-10 thus is not part of the true church. Most other Christian group divisions have no support in Jesus' words, dividing themselves from Jesus' Truth despite good intentions, thus not actually good in the sense of God being good. Within Jesus’ words there is also a variety of good interpretations that may be liberally enjoyed until God reveals the best way. John 10:10b says, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” We can plug in most any hope to that verse. An initial grade school interpretation might be an abundance of material wealth would enhance our life to get all the material toys we want for our families. A high school interpretation may combine spiritual and material abundance to say build and equip people for the Gospel. A college interpretation should go deeper exploring the details of the heavenly life Jesus is giving – what spiritual powers or talents would we need to live Jesus’ miraculous and heavenly life abundantly? Let’s say He gave us earth to rule in His place – what good would it be without His spiritual power to see and control everything happening concerning earth from the number of hairs on one’s head to any nearby asteroids? What a perfect brain is needed to cause all things to work together for good, without doubts? The higher we define His life operating in us, the greater value of its abundance. The Goal of Ascension The manchild in Isa. 66:7 and Rev. 12:5 is the body of Christ worthy of ascension or rapture. Thinking about this goal, one is drawn to the examples of Enoch, Elijah, Jesus, and Philip who were all spiritually transported. Enoch and Elijah both had interactive experiences with angels and Jesus is the chief angel. So to ascend we must grow in prayer to interact with people who are already in heaven in order to get us acquainted with that realm. To do miracles like walking on water, we must get into our angel within like the believers in Rev. 2-3. We must serve God, man, and angels. We must follow Jesus’ absolutely perfect example as perfectly as possible. To my knowledge no follower of Jesus has yet followed his example of death and resurrection let alone the lesser examples of Enoch and Elijah. Most Christians assume when they die, they’ll leave the old body and receive a new body to ascend to be with Jesus, which is probably true. But consider following Jesus’ example – he resurrected in the same body complete with the holes added at crucifixion. Should we who follow Jesus do less? Dying like any other mammal is to the material observer like naming, claiming, and faking compared to actually following Jesus. So to best express your following Jesus unto death, resurrect before ascending to Him. We must take on a third responsibility to God, man, and angels. That will help keep our attention on heavenly reality, give us awareness of what we must do in heaven, and further free us from sins. Of course we must take care to communicate primarily with Jesus. One experience of cooperating in the realm of angels is described by Dr. Bruce D. Allen and abbreviated. Only God knows how much of it is real and how much imaginary but it is good to move from the critic’s materialistic mindset to a way of seeing things that allows for God through whom all things are possible. During this experience I was aware of the presence of the Lord next to me although I could not see Him. I was taken above the earth over Europe. I came down through the clouds and into a group of apartment flats. As I was about to knock on the door I heard crying in the apartment. I opened the door and made my way to the back of the apartment to a bedroom where a little girl, Natalya was on her knees beside the bed crying and praying to the Lord. I asked her why she was crying and she told me that she and her parents were hungry and cold and that they could not find any work. I was led of the Lord to comfort and encourage her and pray with her. Once I was finished praying with her I was immediately back in our conference and continued ministering. The experience appears similar to television preachers who genuinely pray to heal people, who are praying to God for a healing – from the perspective of the preacher being used by God in the spiritual realm to do the work. I believe being in the true Holy Spirit in all three realms God, man, and angels will help bring us into the ascension or rapture. The story of the manchild in Rev. 12:1,5 1) “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:” 5)“And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.” indicates those who ascend to God's throne are born out of the woman on the moon so they must be there in prayer overlooking and interceding for the entire earth, no doubt prompted in part by the Rev. 8:8 asteroid. Magnified Spirit The seven fold intensified spirit in Revelation links back to Mary who said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord.” The magnification of God's true Holy Spirit through ones mind, emotion, and will expresses His light through our soul magnifying it three times. Magnifying God through our conscience, intuition, and angel produces another three fold magnification and by then it is pretty automatic to have His light magnified through all our body making Jesus 7 times magnified through us. Sometimes when we pray we actually are in Christ and pleasing God although we might not know it when interceding until results of the prayers are seen. Consider the spiritual possibilities when describing nature. The Bible tells of Jesus controlling the wind and waves. When young my dad considered selling the farm because of a bad winter so I prayed for it to be warmer. To my knowledge it has never been that cold that long around there since. Could global warming be the net result of prayers? News of killer bees progressing north from Brazil toward the USA caused me to pray for them to stop. Could that be why they did mostly stop and the European bees which they crossbreed with had a die-off? If God can do anything we need a renewed mind to pray perfectly as Jesus did. If in Spirit God may answer every thought as a prayer, the work of properly expressing God is immense as we must actively make sure what we seek and ask for is God’s best. Church Of Twelve Jesus' example church was his 12 disciples which he taught intensely in Spirit and Word for 3 years then graduated for half a year to apostles or believers sent in answer to prayer to the Lord of the Harvest to send workers into the harvest. That pattern with His word in Rev. 2-3 shows the next step after being sent into the harvest is perfecting the church by overcoming 7 typical church errors to make a church worthy of ascending to His throne. If we closely adhere to Jesus' example with the 12 then by mathematical progression multiplying 12x12 every 3.5 years would cover the earth's population in 10 cycles or 35 years with a much deeper salvation than typical of denominational evangelism. Then the end of Satan's power of darkness in the world will come and in that sense the world’s society (not the planet) will be replaced by Jesus' light, truth, and love. A convincing exercise on Jesus' 12 is running the numbers: 12^1 x 3.5y = 12 deep Christians 12^2 x 3.5y = 144 12^3 x 3.5y = 1728 12^4 x 3.5y = 20736 a medium city in 14 years 12^5 x 3.5y = 248832 12^6 x 3.5y = 2985984 a state in 21 years 12^7 x 3.5y = 35831808 12^8 x 3.5y = 429981696 > USA in 28 years 12^9 x 3.5y = 5159780352 12^10 x 3.5y = 61917364224 > World population in 35 years! With the limit of 3.5 years, there is much less problem with respect of persons more than God, less hierarchy power. Believers who were better at recruiting could help the ones who lack to get their 12 instead of going for as many as they can. That way the focus stays on producing deep spiritual believers instead of donors to a denomination. Following Jesus' example, everyone could still have public speaking to inform the public and prerecruit new believers but the core church would grow 12x12. Jesus' original church grew close to this way starting with 12 then after He died in 3.5 years there were 120 faithful praying in the upper room (not 144 but close). Also 12x12 growth provides opportunity for overcomers to fix the 7 church errors in Rev. 2-3 whenever they show up in a church of 12. And it helps keep believers focused on maximum growth of themselves and the world toward Jesus Christ. Crowds or assemblies can be spoken to for enlightening them and recruitment but your church is the dozen with which you have intimate fellowship which graduates every 3.5 years. That keeps the focus on God instead of centering around a special speaker or friend limiting the opportunity for developing hierarchical power or authority and prostituting the church. The 12x12 proposal for home meetings where a Gospel is learned and practiced by all is closer to Jesus’ example than pure home freewheeling and closer to Jesus than home clones of denominations. Of course some practical attention must be given to taking care of one's material needs until we are cooperating with the Holy Spirit so much that Jesus' miracles supply all our material needs. Prayer Workers Needed The Spirit is the only thing that works for church. Prayer is essential for accomplishing anything spiritual. Any activity that does not involve prayer is not of God but only man. Prayer must be cooperative with God. Some of the worst results come from prayers where man's will is allowed to override God's still small voice. So one who prays must seek God's will first, and constantly throughout the prayer. Prayer is so important that some pastors hire enough full time prayer warriors to cover them 24x7. Every believer should pray always, constantly, without ceasing, to accomplish all God's will. A characteristic of the true church can be seen in Malachi 4:6 "And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." The loving spiritual relationship of believers in the true church will help everyone pursue God, including members of each family, which grows more interesting for both parents and children.

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