Chapter 6 Prostituted Churches

If you personally haven't experienced many miracles or the joy of speaking the Gospel where you go to church, pray asking God to lead you to His best church, which allows you to speak as the Spirit leads. Here is a proof that all traditional denominations (including the Founder’s denominations) are not pleasing to Jesus Christ: Revelation Verses Revelation 17 4a “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour...“ Catholic Cardinals, the institution's top level leaders who elect the Pope wear red aka. scarlet. Even when they appear to wear white or black robes they tend to also wear red under garments. 5 “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” The great harlot, whore, or prostitute is the mother of all denominations and abominations born during the reformation and since. The pattern of prostitution was added by Paul who taught the Romans who would become Catholic that it is a duty to donate, in direct violation by contradiction of Jesus the Creator's teachings "Freely you have received, freely give," "You cannot serve God and mammon," and "The children of the bride chamber are free." 6a “And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:” Only one Christian denomination, the Catholic whore, is known through history to have spilled blood and murdered true believers in Jesus, the martyrs. 9 “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth” Although many cities rest on seven mountains, put 3 and 3 together. Only the Catholic denomination is headquartered in a city with 7 mountains, has leaders who wear red, and has killed martyrs. 18 “And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” Some denominations have reigned over states and nations but only the Roman Catholic Pope is still visited by earth's kings and presidents. Mother Of Harlots Since all denominations are cited in Rev. 17:5 as harlots, not given the partial honor of being called prostituted churches, they are all not in the favor of Jesus the Creator. So all the history of each denomination's birth is of no importance, having been produced in the image of its mother instead of the new man in Jesus Christ's image (Rev. 12:5) needed to ascend in rapture. What is a harlot in contrast to Jesus' church? The definition of prostitution is selling love for money. Love is the most important command according to Jesus, but He said to first love God and your neighbor as yourself. God's absolutely perfect love must come first or you'll have selfish love that tells your neighbor give me everything. The love you get from a pastor is like that, a mixture of God's love and self love since he or she wants your money even if they hide it saying nothing for the ministry comes to me - they still want it for their ministry. Paid clergy love and spirit of those who sell is always less pure than Jesus' own Love and Holy Spirit. Frequently the impure denominational love carries some spiritual plague as indicated in Rev. 18:4. Some groups have a great percentage of women having hysterectomies or contracting the same disease. Others have a majority with a certain make of car. Even a church of two can end up where both have the same dysfunction. The love they enjoy isn't Jesus' pure love. An implication of harlotry is “Johns” or hierarchy since money requires administrators to service it. The entire hierarchy of denominations violates Jesus’ words in Rev. 23:8-10. Imagine what church and the world would be without it, having individuals responsible to God. Mother of Abominations The word abomination factors as A-BOM-I-NATION which means I BOMb A NATION. There are many kinds of destructive bombs. One is a knowledge bomb or doctrine of demons which can be thought of like a computer virus which produces disaster instead of working toward good for those who love God. Another kind of bomb has electronic parts of stone, wood (plastic may be prehistoric wood), gold, and metal components of idols in Daniel which could include a robot or nuclear bomb. One frequent doctrinal abomination is misidentification of love which means to reproduce. Physical reproduction is not possible without compatible plumbing. Desiring flesh without God is not love but lust which leads many astray. Selfish love cannot help others so that's why loving God must come first before loving your neighbor as yourself. The proud pretense of “the Catholicism and daughters” pattern of material churches, and that they are of God, has led to many abominations including but not limited to: · Evil war-causing doctrines and godless philosophies such as the Crusades, Marxism, Nazi Socialism, Communism, and Biblical support for “The War On Terror”. Jesus never taught war. · False theologies which cause spiritual problems such as Charisma or Pentecostalism (pretending gibberish or baby-talk is a supernatural language or of God for adults), Liberal Christianity, Liberation Theology, Preterism, Social Gospel, Social Justice. · False non-family social behaviors such as divorce then marriage or serial adultery, single parent families, same sex sex, adult child sex, pre-birth murder or abortion. · Icon idolatry such as false pictures of Jesus and even crosses which may hide demons. · Idolizing persons including designation of saints, burial within denomination walls. Paul's Disobedience Exposed Paul disobeyed Jesus the Son of God giving him a foot in Jesus' kingdom and a foot in Satan's kingdom remaining the "least of all saints" after conversion according to Jesus' rule in Matthew 5:19 by Paul's criminal violation of Jesus' commandments “AND TEACHING MEN SO.” The specific violations include setting up elders in the 10 churches he started, teaching Timothy and Titus also to set up elders in violation of the equality under Jesus in Matthew 23:8-10 and writing to the Romans it is a duty to donate. That duty prostituted the Romans who became Babylon the Great Harlot in Rev. 17:5 and which continues to prostitute her many daughters born from the great Reformation through today. With the errors of hierarchy and money in mind it is easier to notice Paul's other errors in following Jesus and see how they link to the definition of harlot (selling love for money), making Paul the father of the harlots. Paul's other disobediences can be seen throughout his epistles. For example, in Hebrews 6 Paul encourages going toward perfection leaving repentance from dead works and resurrection of the dead, but Paul himself never rose again. In Ephesians we notice Paul taught prayer war but in Rev. 2:4 we learn they failed to do it with Jesus as their first love. Reinterpreting Paul Fails Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” That is completely wrong because Paul sometimes followed Satan, first by killing Christians before he was saved and afterward Paul disobeyed Christ by teachings on money, elders, and other positional hierarchy. We could reinterpret Paul’s quote as saying “follow my example only when I follow Christ” but Paul is so imperfect it can be difficult for readers to know what is tainted by a spirit of disobedience. It would be much better even superior to say “follow Jesus as He follows the Father.” New denominations starting over the years from the great Reformation forward appeared to recover some Bible truths that had been lost. Lutherans recovered justification by faith, Baptists recovered baptism, and Presbyterians recovered eldership some observed. Following that pattern Christians in China led by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee developed a then state of the art denomination called the Local Church which promoted four of Paul's books as the heart of the Bible, instead of the four gospels. Reliance on the one talent believers speaking as led by the Spirit in the meetings instead of the usual lecture format provided a great increase in spiritual experiences such that many prayers were answered instantly, sometimes even before they were prayed, instead of after laboring with prayers. Free hospitality during conferences and trainings increased fellowship. Together the speaking, fellowship, and hospitality of the Body made almost a church instead of a denomination. But eventually as the focus shifted from Jesus to the founder(s) they died leaving a business success but a spiritual failure since God's instant speaking was no longer allowed but only the founder's teachings. Their footnoted Recovery Version New Testament is available for free at which read through could educate one to about Paul’s level which is far beyond today’s average. It has errors that require pursuing Jesus personally to outgrow. Currently its publisher does not allow the footnotes to become better, by moving their focus from Paul the commentator to Jesus the creator, ending support of elders and other hierarchy while increasing support of Jesus’ spiritual life and miracles as in Matthew 10:8. Individual Errors Among the greatest errors of all time was Martin Luther’s book On the Jews and Their Lies which created the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. The same man who started the Great Reformation protesting Catholic doctrine failed by disrespecting the Jews from which the entire Bible came and by starting state sponsored Pauline churches, the first daughters of Babylon in Rev. 17:5. Today, according to research cited by Christian News Northwest and Jack Van Impe, 57% of Evangelicals believe there are other ways to heaven than Jesus and according to David Barton, 45% consider economics more important than morals. As when the 10 spies went to spy out the good land, many individuals tend to be complaint oriented instead of solution oriented, making it less likely for a problem to be thought and prayed thoroughly through. To fix this situation, it looks like the whole gospel must first be preached to Evangelical Born Again Christians and the rest to turn them from part-time name in the book of life salvation to pursuing Jesus full time. Weak individuals tend to give up in the face of institutions and flee anything related to prostituted churches including God himself, becoming un-American at heart. A common weakness includes people who say “mother nature” which is the God of the Bible [Rush Limbaugh] instead of using any of God’s Biblical names. Other individuals stay in institutions but hide – people dedicate themselves to serving a ministry without genuinely understanding the Bible so they may serve in hospitality but incorrectly express both the Bible and the ministry, teaching error that may stay invisible until there’s a crisis. Others join in and create emergent prostituted institutions themselves. Some go beyond rational faith to let people die without medical treatment when they do not really have the talent of God's power to heal without it. Individuals make mistakes in many ways. If you are not seeking God’s absolute perfection you get imperfection by default. One must be prepared for human relationships that do not last – your best care in choosing a spouse that will stay with you for the rest of your life may not be good enough as the other individual may die or get disabled unexpectedly, become an adulterer, expect you to do more than half the work, or not go with you all the way to God. Even the best human relationships end at death. So the wise will make certain their relationship with Jesus is perfect as He defines it. Jesus can keep those who pray to Him. Institutional Errors One broadcast estimate of the size of Christianity was 1.1 Billion Catholics and 0.3 Billion in other denominations. Catholicism goes beyond the Bible errors of Paul in creating positions of hierarchy such as arch-bishop, cardinal, and pope. Some go against nature itself in their voting on denominational doctrines, proving their vanity. Jesus never built a temple for himself other than his own body. Why should any lesser example be followed? It would be wise to plant churches around the world that are free from cult behaviors. Cult is poorly defined so proposed definitions for "cult" include: 1) Dangerous Cults are groups which kill their members. 2) Diseased Cults are groups which support adultery, abortion, divorce, homosexuality, and other forms of death, killing future generations instead of saying God loves sinners as they are but will love them more as they grow to be like Jesus. 3) Foolish cults are groups which fit the foolish side of Jesus' parable of the ten virgins - those who use the Bible mostly for philosophy and do not pursue Spirit. (In contrast some actively pray for everyone to get in the Spirit in their meetings.) 4) Intellectual cults are groups which have a glass ceiling on improvements. These bait with Jesus for initial salvation and switch to Pauline teachings which contradict Jesus for most everything else instead of moving toward Jesus only. 5) Clergy cults support a leader more than the growth of the body toward Jesus. However it has been learned that some governments use American “Cult” designations as reasons to round up innocents and put them into prison. That isn’t Jesus’ way. So we should use some other term like the Bible does in calling prostituted churches simply harlots. Every denomination has its own particular errors in addition to the generic errors the Bible calls prostitution. Don't mistake quoting a news source with endorsing the denomination they may attend. Among the fastest growing denominations is the Mormons. Mormons are the most spiritually dark denomination I've experienced. Their elders bait with the Bible then switch to the Book of Mormon (BOM) then switch to Doctrines and Covenants instead of sticking with the Bible and its main focus Jesus Christ. One of the smallest institutions is the Gideons. Its religion is seen in the “Bible Helps” section of its bibles which it is unwilling to change to point more closely to Jesus. It has even reported people seeking such changes to the FBI [Gerry Kangas]. People truly interested in spreading the Gospel would choose to print the New Pentateuch (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Revelation) alone to convey Jesus’ words instead of a New Testament with Psalms or Proverbs and a religious philosophy. Some denominations name it, claim it, and fake it with fraud miracles such as turning water into wine by switching it when heads are bowed and tongue speaking which sounds more like gibberish or demons instead of angels. The true church has none of this. Supreme Court Errors The U.S. Supreme Court redefined religion to include secularism and atheism. That error makes everything a religion. They outlawed prayer in school on the complaint of one woman. Public schools are dumbing down. Test scores are no longer an accurate litmus for academic ability. Education, restructured for a secular political agenda, is a major contributor to escalating crime, general apathy, and the ultimate decline of a once great nation. The uncertainty of bidirectional precedents left the field open for lawsuits which school districts do not want to pursue or defend. That's the problem with a court system based on lawyers taking adversarial positions like sports teams fighting for victory without any built in reward for truth and true justice. How could a world court be any better? Denominational politicians in Congress are unreliable or they would have voted to overturn the corrupt Supreme Court decisions and practices soon after they first appeared. Politicians who vote against teaching the Gospel in public schools, we do not need in office. We need true Christians to run court and country. The Fall Of A Pauline Church The most pure hearted church group I know of was revealed to me in high school. I had wanted a church that was of God's will after realizing the denomination I was raised in was not really His desire. As a lab assistant I saw a young man who glowed with more love than usual so I asked the Spirit what that meant. I was told he would be in my church. I asked if he'd be faithful and the answer was no, he'd divorce his wife. Years later I prayed for a church to be in my home town as I passed through to visit my folks. The prayer was answered, "no" so I prayed again and got a "no" but the third time I got a "yes". I did no gospel preaching but relied on God to fulfill that yes. He did and eventually introduced me to two couples meeting in a home and the brother God used to bring them together. They grew to a houseful and beyond with irregular meetings since most had shift work. One of the founders said that he was not inviting people to meetings to keep to a houseful of people he liked. I thought that wrong - they should split in two and eventually he moved to another town. When they talked about appointing elders I said they should either have everyone be elders or no one. Many of my silent prayers for the group were either answered or repeated aloud within 5 minutes but that request was ignored and 3 elders appointed themselves. After I was able to move closer and attend more meetings I was excommunicated on the complaint of a newbie by elders who disliked my personal decision to give goods according to need but not money. Several years went by. I phoned and learned many had damage including one who had stomach cancer. So I prayed and the remaining founding brother was healed. The next year I learned he stopped meeting due to the involvement of the "hand of man." I learned online the one who excommunicated me had become cultic centering the group around himself instead of God. The lesson I learned is the most pure hearted group can become impure depending on the heart of the people, including people it appeared God inspired to be there. When people leave the Gospel and read Paul's epistles they fall becoming the same as the denominations they left. All denominations are prostituted because of Paul’s teachings which contradict and violate Jesus’ commandments. In church like in a family, healthy children must eventually leave to start their own church. A lecture based denomination may have a lecturer with 10 talents but if there are 10 one talent members then half the talents are unused and the people miss growing more. When all people are free to speak as God instantly leads to help the Body grow itself in love, the results can be superior to human leadership in lecture or moderation. Do not Tear Paul Out Paul was the first and most prolific New Testament writer making his example essential to get the Gospels written. There is much that can be learned from Paul by seeing him at the bottom, a failure grade Christian half-way between Satan and Jesus yet still in God's Kingdom. Jesus said in Revelation the Ephesians had lost their first love – so it is important to have Ephesians to check back to what Paul wrote to them you can see why Paul's teaching of doing prayer war without including much of Jesus resulted in the Ephesians losing their love for Jesus. That became the first example of a church error that needs to be overcome. The whole Bible should be understood putting Jesus first. Paul's writing can be helpful to provide background for contrasting with Jesus to learn what is imperfect so we can do better. Get Out Now! Rev 18:4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Since we, Jesus' people, are commanded to come out of her, what shall we come out to? Clearly we should not go to another of her many daughter harlots. Participating in her sins earns the judgment of plagues. Fortunately Jesus provided a true church which is available in Spirit by prayerfully contacting Jesus directly. Following Jesus out is best if you are committed to keep following Him. If you don’t follow Jesus personally beyond attending a prostituted church every week, you can continue until you grow up in following Him enough so He leads you personally. He leads all of us but it takes learning to pay attention to Him to experience His spiritual leading.

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