Chapter 4 Fellow Christians take over Congress!

In early 2010 about 10% of the House of Representatives were members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. About 10% of those were serious enough to support the Mojave Memorial Cross as it was finally approved by the Supreme Court only to be destroyed again by liberal scofflaws. Even with growing membership in the Prayer Caucus, the rest of Congress needs to be replaced with Christians who are a lot more serious about doing the right stuff as led by Jesus. It stands to reason that weak prostituted churches have produced weak prostituted members of Congress. So we need the true church to be practiced to produce true believers who can function at a level above the average. Until then, we have an opportunity to call on churches and Bible colleges to send their best to Congress and hopefully one will become the next president with a mandate to make America to a Christian nation and proceed to a Christian world. This corresponds with the best understanding of American History and the best interpretation of the first amendment. We can also do this for government at all levels - from school boards and city councils to state legislatures (513,000 elected offices [Newt]). This should become the most important project in Christian politics until accomplished, producing a Christian government leading to a Christian nation. They would begin preaching to convert the world. Providing these Christian candidates with a strong Christian mandate, an introduction to government, and help to get elected would greatly improve this nation. Supporting believers from all Bible based groups including Jews would reduce complaints and allow different denominations to hash out Bible truths in Congress making it a church better than the sum of its parts. A return to having 3 hour prayer & Bible study sessions before working on the nation's business like David Barton says happened in the first meetings of Congress would provide for God's blessing of greater unity among the members than has been seen for years, guiding America's actions spiritually. Eventually they would pass a mandate for public schools to teach the Bible K12 instead of comparative religions to improve future generations. Taking this as the top strategy would eventually lead to achieving all the items on the faith agenda. According to several experts, the best approach would be to take over the Republican party from within, something Reagan did. On the other hand it would be much better to take over the leadership of both major parties and any others that may be necessary to convert America and the world. The following contract suggests ideas for Christian politicians who want to start thinking about promises to work toward, to include in their campaigns. A Christian Contract With America 1) Prayer and Bible - Congress shall return to 3 hours of prayer and Bible study daily before conducting the nation's business. Differences in Bible interpretation will be discussed and voted on to make Congress a church better than the sum of its parts as an example to the nation and world. Congress shall return to the culture of miracles relying on God's providence like the original first Congress. Greater spiritual unity and purpose will thereby infuse Congress ending petty partisan disputes and wasting of each other's time with inconsequential courtesy bills such as naming a post office or fictional holidays like secretary's week. 2) War Reduction Act - America's wars will be decided in response to attacks on our soil such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Rescues will be given to Americans endangered elsewhere. Other military actions to improve the world will start with protected teams of gospel preachers to convert the people to pursue Jesus Christ first before resorting to economic sanctions or war, asking and helping foreign nationals to memorize a gospel. Greater movement toward beating our swords into ploughs and pruning hooks will be realized while maintaining defense protection for wars that must still occur to fulfill Bible prophecy. 3) Bureaucracy Cleanup - While coming to a consensus on the Bible so values flow from Jesus Christ, federal institutions will rotate into zero budgeting, one tenth of them each year forcing them to justify their existence compared to alternatives including state programs. So every 10 years, all government agencies will be audited. Fraudulent abuse of systems like the bi-yearly exchange of federal and state forestry employees will stop so employees can gain stability. Many associations of people which really have no true purpose beside government employment will end. In Oregon over 90 programmers are employed by the DMV when one or two teams of 5 would provide adequate 24x7 coverage after a redesign they could perform. 4) Congressional Bill Transparency - Every bill will be limited to 20 pages or less and be posted online for public review and feedback 72 hours before a vote. Most would be expected to be 2 pages. The members and staff of any committee that passes a bill before writing it will be subject to an ethics investigation and dismissal from Congress. Since SBIR grants can be written in 20 pages or less and grant applications to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are only 2 pages, Congressional bills for grants funding some project should be limited accordingly. If the page limit for SBIR applications is reduced further, so should Congress' maximum bill size. There should never be bills to big to read or remaining unfinished before passing. 5) Immigration Reform - Favoring the best and brightest means Christians and persecuted Christians in particular. We will turn away Moslems with their Mosque builders, Imams, and sleeper cells. Naturalization training will include Christianity, the Bible, and English as their primary language. We'll vote on making Hebrew the second language. Congress will set forth criteria for amnesty and criteria for deportation instead of continuing to play with the issue, distressing people on all sides. 6) Secular Media Reduction - The media ratings systems will be encouraged to adopt higher standards. Movies, TV shows, ads, or other audio or video with bad examples for children will receive ratings consistent with their content. Scriptwriters will no longer groom children, using cartoons or other children's shows, to a mindset counter to Christian values. Such programming will not receive federal funding. While freedom of speech and the press will be maintained, the FCC will fine electronic media for promoting secular worldviews. Public Broadcasting will continue its motion toward advertising revenue without federal funds except where those funds are equally available to other networks. In some time periods, there is nothing good on. TV stations claim they can't afford to fund new shows like they used to, even with new confiscatory advertising rates. So the government will take some public broadcasting funds to create a research and development arm intended to write software to automatically generate scripts and implement them in animation producing shows that would be more worth watching than many shows on the air today. 7) Citizen Involvement Act - To increase citizen participation in government, it will not be considered an ethics violation to conduct business while serving in Congress as long as there is no substantial increase in profit from federal contracts after election. Teaching a course, writing a book, or hosting a radio show will not be grounds for ethics investigations. However Congressional standards on doing public speaking without charge would be respected. This law would encourage more citizens to spend some time in government service if they knew their business activities would not be lost and have to be restarted from near scratch when they stop government service. 8) Equality In Funding - Any funding generally considered pork will apply to all states equally instead of favoring the most powerful in Congress. The Congressional Budget Office and Government Accounting Office will become more involved in funding decisions to prevent government waste, corruption, and appearances of incompetence. The ethics committee will be charged with looking into and preventing many of the legislative techniques used to pass health care reform. When reconciliation is called for or a special one-state only deal is offered to get a vote commitment, the ethics committee will stop the entire bill. 9) National Pension Fund - Private employees will have the option of contributing to a national pension fund to eliminate the risk of pension loss due to corporate takeovers and other manipulations. Congress members past and present will not enjoy better pensions than they offer their fellow citizens. This should be considered independently from Social Security. The National Pension Fund or NPF would provide retirement fairness for citizens with jobs having less than excellent pension plans as well as a safety net for the self employed and those struggling to become self employed. 10) Government Policy Reduction - The disconnect and extra paperwork between legislative intent and institutional policy will be reduced or eliminated by making the bills passed readable by ordinary citizens using common terms. If necessary, definitions of terms will be included in new bills. The waste in tax dollars, for lawyer's fees, to interpret and/or confuse these articles is unconscionable. Policy will become so clear by direct implementation of laws as passed, separate policy interpreting lawyers will not be employed. If members of Congress cannot be passionate enough to write their own bills as used to happen, they do not need to be written. Aides will no longer be the power behind the members of Congress. 11) Education and Funding of Inventors - Since invention is the true cause of increase in our standard of living and the basis for most economic growth, we will support invention through education and more open funding of related federal grants. Augmenting them with funds for living expenses will help equalize opportunities for private inventors currently receiving little or no funding. This will more equitably match inventors whose living is supplied by corporations while inventing new products. The funding could come from cutting excess bureaucracies at every level of government, federal, state, and local. The reason educators teach post business start-up skills like accounting but fail to teach how to turn an idea into a profitable business is simple. Teachers do not have that experience. The bureaucratic business assistance people do not either. Even SCORE people who should know in theory rarely pass worthwhile knowledge on. These funds can be used to hire real help. 12) Court Direction - Congress should pass a law requiring the Supreme Court to obey the Constitution on pain of disobedient Justices losing their lifetime jobs. Federal courts must adhere to the first amendment by not accepting cases that attack America's Biblical foundations. This could be a large legal package with the general rule and more detailed specifics correcting each issue that has already come before the Supreme Court in which an unconstitutional bias was supported. It is Constitutional that Congress can write and pass laws telling the Supreme Court what to do. The Constitution says the Court should exist to decide constitutionality issues but Congress is as free to check and balance the court as a President is free to appoint justices. Court appointment reviews could become more frequent than court appointment hearings. 13) Gospel Education - Congress should pass a law requiring schools to teach memorizing a gospel by the third grade, requiring recitation to graduate high school. This would provide several benefits: Enable intelligent talk about Jesus Christ, put Him first on their hearts before their pastor's last sermon, generate an interest in better activities than drug gangs, and could lead to a reduction in crime. 14) National Spiritual Health – As the Surgeon Generals sent proclamations to all citizens and the Census sends its questions to all citizens every decade, the Surgeon General will be directed to send a copy of at least a Gospel, the New Pentateuch (the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John plus Revelation having most of Jesus’ words) or whole Bibles to every person in the USA every decade. A Gospel would help citizens pray to receive and pursue Jesus Christ and the national backing would help people transcend the usual denominational walls. Repeating distribution would help new citizens and people who may have become newly receptive. As an example to other nations, this would help them understand that a nation which prays together stays together. Usually only nations are rich enough to distribute the Gospel to all citizens. 15) Constitutional Law Justification – All future laws will be required to identify which part of the Constitution they implement. If there is none it will not be allowed to be voted on or enforced by any government entity. An independent government office will advise Congress on the truthfulness and accuracy of the justification under the Constitution’s historic Christian interpretation. An auditing group like the Congressional Budget Office or Government Accounting Office will be charged with reviewing all past legislation and recommend removal of all laws that cannot be truthfully and historically justified under the Constitution, regardless if they have been “tested” by Supreme Court cases. Congress will create a means of disposing of such laws and the agencies which implement them. Of course the items on the above contract would be voted on in the first 100 days after electing a new Congress much like the first contract with America by speaker Newt Gingrich. Implementing each item would be accomplished as soon as possible after their vote. Members would diligently and prayerfully seek to develop sets of new items worth voting on so Congress will have significant Christian accomplishments to make after the contract is complete. As the general public becomes more moral and religious, it could be relied on to submit worthwhile bill requests. Eventually lobbyists would become unnecessary because the voices of institutions would be leveled into equality with individual citizens. Institutional leveling might be a bill by itself. Government takeover of various banks, General Motors, and past forced divesting of farmland in California demonstrated it has the power to divide businesses. It could apply that power, cutting businesses considered "too big to fail" into smaller entities, divided among stockholders and company employees. The government should not allow itself to be in a position of holding the continuance of a corporation above the rights of individuals, since England made the same mistake with the East India Company, producing the tea parties. Currently online suggestion evaluation algorithms asking for votes on ideas do not work because suggestions submitted late in the cycle are not exposed to the same number of voters. During Obama's election the most highly rated submissions were for various ways of legalizing mind-altering drugs which of course would not even be submitted by a moral and religious people. Perhaps all lobbying and other forms of public input should be replaced by direct citizen contact.

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