Chapter 3 The Superpower Empire 1947-Present

The USA's superpower status was earned by the end of World War II or 1945. The nation went on to become the only world superpower in 1991 and continued to grow economically beyond all others. Almost coincidently, America began to fall from its exceptional place as God’s nation on earth in 1947. The decline of spiritual values accompanied ongoing loss of God given rights which were taken from citizens by government. Some who believe that absolute power corrupts absolutely, ignoring the absolute perfection of God, have worked toward defeating the USA's modern empire directly from within or by helping other nations rise toward superpower status. Klaus Fuchs, one of the key inventors of the atomic bomb, gave its secrets to Russia apparently fearing American imperialism. Others have given away secrets such as how to make a submarine run silent. Working within the USA, errant politicians waste money to consume as much as possible instead of investing intelligently in purposes that increase our quality of life. Returning to obey and pursue God may help reduce irrational behavior since the pursuit of God is defined as absolute perfection. Transfer of God's Expression Franklin Delano Roosevelt a president elected by corrupt media bias including concealment of his wheelchair from the citizens sowed seeds of empire corruption in 1937 by nominating Hugo Black for the Supreme Court, a Democrat KKK member who said he'd join any organization for the votes. While the USA was supporting Israel's return as a nation, Mr. Black created court precedent in the 1947 Everson case by twisting a scribbled unofficial looking note by Thomas Jefferson into a basis for making decisions against Christianity, ending 150 years of cooperation between church and state, calling for a strict separation. So the USA fell from its defacto status as God's nation on earth the year before Israel was restored to that function in 1948. In ideal reality, all nations would work to express the absolute perfection of Jesus Christ to all, becoming God's planet in the galaxy and universe. Moving From Lies To Love News is a commercial enterprise requiring conflict to sell its media. Truth frequently does not matter to them unless it generates opposing views. Lawyers also depend financially on controversy so are rarely motivated by truth. Activist judges claim they “bridge the gap between law and life’s changing reality” [Aharon Barak] but life does not change as much as people’s understanding of it. There must be a way to improve the world by making truth and pursuing absolute perfection more important to everyone than conflict, or blithe ignorance of what’s going on in the world. Conflict may motivate change but God’s pure love can motivate better and faster improvements. Golden Rule v. Market Michael Medved's "Golden Rule in action" (Golden rule means do to others what you would have them do to you) is true in an ideal market, but parts of today's market sells promises, hopes, and dreams that do not exist in reality. The Madoff Ponzi Scheme sold false investments for years. Derivatives and penny stocks are not much better. There are many lessons that can be learned from businesses and their operations. Control Data Corporation (CDC) built a manufacturing plant in a low income neighborhood and hired a lot of locals. They had problems and made little social progress until they moved a core business process to the plant. The plan had to work or the whole company would go under. They appeared successful for a while but eventually CDC did go out of business. Apparently they put too much effort into charitable social reform which drew too much attention from staying competitive. Some people are incapable of learning to perform profitably well on some tasks no matter how charitable the help. One typist took six hours to type one page – the charitable outcome is obvious. There must be a balance - poor people have to seriously want to learn to do what they need for themselves to advance their lives or they can pull others into poverty. God's Rights Stolen By Government The inalienable rights granted in the “Declaration of Independence” and the Constitution's “Bill of Rights” are God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If these freedoms were granted by the kind patronage or guidance of man, they could just as easily be revoked. Years later, the government has already presumed to take rights from the people to whom God gave them. The first amendment grants several rights. Life The right to life is taken from nearly a million pre-birth citizens yearly. It is taken in every case of capital punishment, from enemies in wars, and managed health care threatens to take life saving medical treatment from old folks on the presumption they have less to offer society. A person's contribution is independent from age as proved by Col. Sanders who started Kentucky Fried Chicken after 65 years. Liberty Liberty is taken with nearly every law on the books and aggressive legislators want to make their time in office look worthwhile, so they compound the error by multiplying the laws. Saddled with an impossible burden, we are required to know laws in the tens of thousands. Now defendants can be charged with multiple crimes for the same event, placing them in double or greater jeopardy. Pursuit of Happiness The pursuit of happiness is also infringed upon by government in countless ways. For a simple example, I wanted to sell a dilution of a popular dish soap in a spray bottle as a flying insect killer but found a requirement to spend a hundred thousand for eye safety testing instead of relying on the eye safety of the original soap at much higher concentration. Thus working in new fields that haven’t yet become a subject of lawmaking is often best. Religion The first amendment grants absolute freedom of churches to rule themselves as they wish, without interference from the federal government. This right has been infringed on by Lyndon Banes Johnson's law requiring the IRS regulation of church political activities. Earlier infringements were made by removing schools from Catholics and making them state institutions. Infringements have been made or contemplated based on denomination owned rental properties. All court decisions involving Christian denominations, displays of the 10 commandments, and crosses violate the first amendment’s “make no law” clause since courts legislate from the bench. Speech The freedom of speech. This right has been infringed upon by rulings against such statements as yelling "fire" in a crowded theater and some other lies, strangely excluding political lies. Who wants to pay taxes for that? Since 90% of criminal cases have no physical evidence [Barry Scheck], lies in courts about circumstantial evidence are so common, perjury is only charged when someone is sufficiently offended. Society would have to become 90% more honest for juries to get offended when lied to by the state, or defense. Glenn Beck says loss of faith precedes hyperinflation. The fact that people still believe liars is what holds this nation together! Hopefully Jesus will be restored as our firm foundation and false witness will end. Press Although the press routinely prints all the misdirection and lies that will fit (which ought to be a crime) this right has been infringed upon by government restricting access to military and other institutions when the press has made them look bad. This restricts people from what they should legitimately know about what their government is doing. The press has also been infringed upon by “Political Theater” which describes intentional misdirection via government leaks to the press of news it wants reported, intended to give a deceptive appearance to the public, instead of providing the important news of what they are really doing.. Peaceful Assembly The right of the people to peaceably assemble. This right has been infringed on by government requiring registration and policing of various assemblies. They also have not been specific on what is not peaceable, sometimes creating unpeacable assemblies out of peaceable ones, by aggressive policing. Ask For Redress of Grievances The right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. This right has been infringed upon by retaliation against whistle blowers as occasionally reported by news media, frequently involving job loss. Government in some cases has blocked grievance email from not only their office but many offices in retaliation [done by DA Joshua Marquis]. The second amendment grants well regulated militia and every citizen the right to keep and bear arms. This right was taken away from freed prisoners with felony convictions. It is also infringed upon by denying the right of citizen ownership of more powerful weapons than ordinary guns from some machine guns, to missiles. Those who want this amendment changed should submit a new amendment instead of making themselves guilty of violating the law of the land with lesser legislation or courts attempting to legislate from the bench. The right to bear arms has two purposes - self defense and social defense. Since criminals will have guns regardless of laws restricting gun ownership, citizens are free to carry guns. In some cases cities have required everyone carry a gun to reduce criminal activity. Assassinations while rare were done to Presidents who caused unnecessary American deaths such as Lincoln who started the Civil War and Kennedy who converted Vietnam into a war. All government workers should realize they are not one bit better than the citizens they are employed to serve. The third amendment grants citizen freedom from soldier quarters without consent in time of peace and as provided by law in time of war. This right is arguably infringed in cases of national emergency which do not rise to the level of war, when, for example, soldiers are assigned to restrict access to roads in flood areas when there is no actual immediate danger. This interprets quartered as presence and house as including the domain infringement of preventing access to family members of the property owners. The fourth amendment grants people to be secure from unreasonable searches but upon probable cause with description. This right is infringed by aggressive policing and other situations where the police, prosecutor, and judge are a little too close for concern about rights. Situations where a judge is a former DA from the same district should not be allowed. There are many stories of over-aggressive policing, some of which elicit public protests and lawsuits, unfortunately after the person’s death. The fifth amendment requires presentment of crimes before a grand jury except for the military. This right is infringed upon by the secrecy of grand juries - nobody knows for sure if this requirement was carried out or the prosecutor is lying. There should be some means of verification. It grants freedom from double jeopardy - tried twice for the same crime. This right is violated by the existence of double charges -- being charged for two crimes for the same event and now with hate crimes there may be triple jeopardy and with states that have three strikes laws, any crime may automatically escalate to life in prison whereas some of the most violent murders, by beating, have received only 5 years. It grants freedom from being a witness against oneself. This right is automatically infringed upon by exercising it. People do not like to be excommunicated (routinely not spoken to) so the judge and jury automatically feel less inclined to support a person exercising the right to not testify at all. It grants due process of law. This right is infringed by liberal DA's who do not care for truth. The due process is wrong due to generic human error 20%-30% of the time [Harvard Business Review, June 2001]. The practiced theater of District Attorneys and their experienced Vaudeville acts may result 90% of the time in convictions in cases where there is no physical evidence. [Barry Scheck, Time May 31, 2010 p. 29]. Due process currently means railroading innocents – we need a better process. it grants compensation for eminent domain taking of private property for public use. This right is not always observed - adding zoning restrictions and claiming state ownership of tidal lands is often not compensated. In Oregon Measure 37 which was to restore original property rights to original owner's heirs was answered with cities passing ordinances with high fees to make it very difficult to file a claim. Then they worked to eliminate it. The sixth amendment grants a speedy and public trial. Speedy is usually infringed for any crime outside of traffic violations and small claims court -- two years from initial arrest to trial is not speedy. After conviction appeals and trials are even less speedy. Some hand gestures from police or prosecutor signaling the judge to up the bail and other messages are hidden from the public by the court’s failure to record them. It grants an impartial jury. Jury impartiality is highly suspect in some districts where many jurors are too uninformed to objectively doubt the state's case or vote with the accused when in doubt. To remedy this it should be allowed to ask potential jurors if they voted for the DA, indicating potential bias for the state. It grants other rights regularly observed in trials. It grants assistance of counsel for defense. This right is infringed upon regularly when the least competent and, in some cases, the most overworked attorneys are assigned to the defense. This puts the defendant in the untenable position of having to come up with his own defense. The public defender is often no more than a rubber stamp for the state. The seventh amendment grants lawsuits for amounts over $20 and exclusion of retrial except by rules of law. Current court filing and sheriff’s service fees usually exceed $20 infringing on the minimum. The eighth amendment grants freedom from excessive bail and fines. This right is infringed upon depending on the unspecified value of excessive. What is excessive to one below the poverty line may be negligible to an average citizen or what is excessive to an average citizen may be negligible to a wealthy citizen. It grants freedom from cruel and unusual punishments. This right is routinely violated according to reports of high temperatures and low oxygen supplies within jails as well as manhandling of inmates by larger guards. Records are falsified and news reports claim family or supporter threats where none exist. The right of freedom from cruelty is potentially violated most of the time because physical evidence does not exist in ninety percent of all legal convictions [Barry Scheck]. Lying is an expected part of adversarial legal proceedings. Practiced DA’s are skilled at persuading juries of lies using circumstantial evidence. Physical evidence may also be withheld and/or declared inadmissible. Legal cruelty is usual. Anyone can call the police on another person for any reason and get the satisfaction of annoying their victim with a talk by a policeman. A newspaper editor has called police to ask a citizen to stop emailing the paper. The wife of a sleazy civil crook has called police in reaction to a gospel message asking their kids to pray for their parent’s honesty. In a small town with too many cops, police actually respond to such requests which would be ignored in larger cities. There are far worse events seen in movies which happen in real life such as police going to a hospital and killing a witness against them. Police beating a person in public for no reason has been caught on video. The ninth amendment grants freedom from denial or disparagement of rights not listed in the Constitution. This right is infringed upon and violated regarding public display of crosses, nativity scenes, the Ten Commandments, and more. These rights by admission of cases testing them into the Supreme Court guarantees disparagement by at least one lawyer and probably some judicial opinions. The barring of Congress from making laws against the freedom to exercise religion must be extended to the Supreme Court making the prohibited laws from the bench. Admission of arguments against unlisted rights into the Supreme Court puts the rights themselves at risk , which disparages these rights. The tenth amendment grants freedom of states and the people to use the powers not delegated by the Constitution. This right is infringed or violated by the Congress passing laws that grant the government additional powers. For example, the power of the Supreme Court to remove a display of the 10 Commandments from a state court is literally unconstitutional (first amendment, free exercise) and no nonsense pronouncements by the Supreme Court make it otherwise. Every major human right given by God and listed by the founders has been infringed upon or, more seriously, violated by the present-day executors of their estate with the exception of a few minor court procedures. It is therefore unbelievable that this Constitution much adopted by many nations is the cause of our success beyond all others. The true catalyst for continuous improvement must be in the unwritten living motives of the pure hearted seekers of God who fled persecution and had to either negotiate for peace and assistance or fight for the right to survive here too. This living spirit of cooperating with God in the hearts of believers passed down through the generations led to America the superpower we have today. Americans should be upset that any rights given by God to American citizens were stolen by government. However, we need to look at it as a deeper psychological problem. Whenever we have a set of rules, some people will aggressively try to change the envelope and some of that behavior is necessary to make any kind of progress - unless it disobeys the perfect rules of Jesus. Big government creates its own problems with too many services crowding the plate. How many truly vital services fall through the cracks? For example, the Mondale law which may have saved a few kids from sex abuse railroads many more innocent dads to prison in spouse wars during divorces. Should such a law which does more harm than good remain on the books because of the small amount of good it does? Perhaps Congress would do better to have a group like the Congressional Budget Office or Government Accounting Office supply impact projections on all bills before a vote. “Congress creates, on average, one new crime every week. Federal agencies create thousands more -- so many, in fact, that the Congressional Research Service itself said that merely counting them would be impossible” [John Stossel]. One horrible fact resulting from the liberalization of government is its extraordinary ability to lie. By redefining words the courts remove the ability of ordinary citizens to judge for themselves what is right and transfers the decision to the elite [Dr. Thomas Sowell]. This destroys the foundation of the American government being of, by, and for the people. The Supreme Court and other courts enable and encourage lying by the logical fallacy of equivocation, which is the misleading use of a term with more than one meaning or sense. For example, the redefinition of “religion” from the Founder’s sense of relying on the God of the Bible to a social group promoting belief in any philosophy whatever puts the legal elite in charge of how the word is used in law and ordinary citizens can’t make correct decisions on religion for themselves. President Obama promised his health care bill would not fund abortions and wrote an executive order preventing abortion funding to overcome objections by Congress members who weren’t going to vote for the bill. It passed and the government started setting up emergency funds for abortions in the states [Glenn Beck]. The next day Fox News reported the President closed the loophole left in his executive order and the fact abortion funding was not mentioned in the health care bill. Subsequently on July 19, 2010 Beck reported they are still funding abortions through emergency funds in states that elect to do so. If you can’t trust a President’s executive orders then it is a free for all where every government agency and employee can do whatever they want. Therefore an unwritten God given right of citizens should be the right to trust the government will do what it says. Even this simple right has been taken. Now with hindsight and backspin there is a new direction, in the sense that going around in circles means you’re continuously going in new directions. Shouldn’t government try hard to make straight the path of Jesus from the start? "All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible." Noah Webster, Founder Nullification The states must actively resist the plundering of and disrespect for our God given human rights. The enforcement of the federal Real ID Act was defeated in two dozen states which pledged to defy the law [Thomas E. Woods, Jr.]. When Congress fails to make sure its laws and agencies obey the Constitution, states are the next line of defense citizens have against unjust hierarchy. When the states fail to obey, the smaller layers of government including denominations should hold the line, wisely. In 1782 Congress approved the use of Bibles in our schools. In 1844 the Supreme Court unanimously approved saying, "Why should not the Bible be taught as divine revelation?" "It's the purest principles of morality to be learned." In 1963 that Supreme Court ruled the Bible in school unconstitutional. Obviously if they reversed their decision once it can and in this case should be reversed again. The Supreme Court is unreliable and decisions against God must be held invalid and nullified by all citizens refusing to act in obedience to such evil. Juries should refuse to apply laws that disobey the Constitution. Jury nullification has a very interesting history. Juries can take control of trials and direct the judge contrary to the judge’s instructions to the jury. In modern trials the repression of some evidence while allowing other evidence according to the rule of law, should be nullified by every jury. Grand juries can do more to fix government oppression by bringing unconstitutional tenets to trial. Reaganomics Ronald Reagan was one of our most God inspired superpower presidents, seeking to build a shining city on a hill and in other ways carrying forward the founder’s direction. He also made mistakes including propagandizing the Moslems to fight the USSR in Afghanistan which appears to have led to 9/11 and ongoing problems with Moslems who did not return to peace. His 1975 CPAC speech has enduring lessons for how to conduct government, increasing its efficiency without increasing its size. Future Presidents, Congresses, Governors, and Legislatures would do well to imitate his economic example of serving the people with lower taxes instead of serving government with higher taxes. Governments must love the people they serve, working to do that which is right which is of Jesus. It would be wise to prayerfully consider how our economy can help people today achieve the floor of equality provided the Pilgrims who were given land to farm which produced abundantly. Farm produce can feed and house a family while excess may be sold, stored, or given to the needy or a holiday like Thanksgiving. Government has learned project housing and food stamps does not give poor people enough purpose to work for their own benefit or others. Computers can provide work for the poor but computer work can’t be eaten if it does not sell. Perhaps a more engineered solution – where people are given a floor of food and housing plus additional income if they work on inventions. Most inventions fail but it would help others succeed. Is there a better way to make an economic floor? The idea of instituting free cities in every nation pattered after Hong Kong might produce fast economic developments as an example to each nation [Newt] but the foundation of freedom without the love of God produced very serious crime problems. According to a former Hong Kong policeman they just break your windows to rob you. Perhaps set aside land to offer as homesteads with rules recycling land grants when owners die instead of allowing aggregations to pass to corporations which take homesteads off the market. Further prayerful seeking God on how to reduce poverty should be helpful. Cultural Stupidity By taking the Bible away as the foundation of public education and with all media focused on presenting stories written to a 6th grade reading level, America has become so stupid the average citizen does not think above a 6th grade level. For evidence, look at the “All Star” interviews on Jay Leno. To rewrite this book to the 6th grade level could result in something like an encyclopedia, making it harder to understand because of volume. My school district printed a newsletter praising its own accomplishment of creating a balance of outcomes to fill every niche in the economy which means they teach at an average level letting dropouts be ignorant while forcing smart kids to learn on their own. They also hide their curriculum from the public in this day of internet openness, so only a sign up sheet found on the side of the road exposed an elective offering to make monkey paw necklaces, an Aladdin cartoon evil occult item. Neighbor kids now fire their imaginations fictionally from Harry Potter, looking for sticks to use as wands instead of learning the true and perfect spirituality possible in Jesus Christ. It takes years of learning to think Biblically, which is quite a bit more advanced than they teach in school and culture. Instead of relying on socialized education, learn a Gospel and how to think and pray at Jesus' level, today! Schools should teach kids to be the best and brightest. I tested at the 99th percentile in science and was a curve breaker in high school so it must be possible. Emailing candidates in a recent primary election, it was learned the more intelligent candidates tend to run for the higher offices. Unfortunately the 'progressive toward hell' liberals, who work to appear smarter than they are, also win elections. Congress is often controlled by members taking Congress and America in the wrong direction. Congress Is Responsible Everything that has gone wrong with America and to some extent the world, is the responsibility of Congress. We know it is not really a President’s fault because Congress instituted term limits under Franklin Delano Roosevelt making Congress the power in charge and the president a figurehead. A President may get cooperation sometimes but the ultimate governmental power lies with Congress. Congress allows liberals to disrespect Christian absolute perfection and promote inferior philosophies. News reports support and exhibit this secular humanism to the world whose persecution of Christians often involves prison and/or murder. We must not allow this to continue. Congress must become aware of its great worldwide influence and return to doing the right stuff implementing God’s Truth. America’s Biblical religion should not be sent to the back of the bus – it should be driving. Instead of elevating the tolerance of imperfect philosophies, Congress and its reporters in media should teach those who follow imperfection to stop wasting everyone’s time and start following the absolutely perfect God of the Bible. If you look at a policeman you should see a local example of doing what is right. You shouldn’t see the most corrupt killers, accusers, and beaters of innocent citizens in the world. Ask every member of government what they think of Jesus Christ. Perhaps that should help decide elections. Contrary provisions should go the way of other obsolete Constitutional law. Success isn’t necessarily of God. Satan fell because of the multitude of his merchandise. When we get too much money, it can destroy families as easily as other vices. We have to keep our eyes on God and weed out the ungodly things that creep in to ruin life. Some people have limited capacity. If you do not have the knowledge, skill and ability to run a moral godly household near poverty level then greater financial success will pay for more sin. You must learn how to keep growth in every area of your life under submission to God’s authority. And the best examples in the world for everyone else to follow should be the members of Congress. Congress should conduct impeachment hearings when a President disrespects Christians or Jews. If Congress won’t judge, God may. For Clinton’s Waco and Ruby Ridge, consider God sent Timothy McVeigh to fulfill the spirit of the second amendment. For G. W. Bush’s telling Israel what lands to unoccupy for its enemies while not doing so with other nations, consider God sent Katrina moving many out of New Orleans [Pat Boone on TBN]. What kind of reward might be earned by Obama’s historic disrespect of Israel? Perhaps for spilling the spiritual oil of blessing by withholding physical food from Benjamin Netanyahu on March 23, 2010, God allowed the Gulf Oil Spill a month later, which withheld food and jobs from many Americans. Congress can call Presidents on the carpet for lying about sex, so Congress can certainly ask them to answer, or better intercede, for more serious errors. People who don’t know how God’s spiritual authority operates are too dangerous for government work. History tells us America started as a Christian nation which provided exceptional life and values zooming up from mere colonies to the world’s superpower, then made such progress toward hell that one neighbor doubts if she should have ever had kids in a nation where a 9/11 Mosque is tolerated. She said people who want to practice something other than Christianity should feel free to do so in another country. If you disbelieve in Jesus Christ you are un-American. The logic of Jesus' absolute perfection is clear. 1) To improve at all, we must seek to achieve a standard beyond our current limits. 2) Pursuing absolute perfection enables cooperation with the best in every respect and enhancing that standard. 3) As we grow we give the standard more control of ourselves, improving our inner being. 4) At an achievable threshold of faith we experience the miracle answers to prayer Jesus did. 5) With sufficient experiences of answered prayer we can accept Jesus Christ as God. If you believe there is a human better than you, you should try to become like him. If you do not believe in absolute perfection, you become imperfect by default. So it is logical to believe Jesus is God and illogical to disbelieve. Prayer to God asking to help you believe, loving God, obeying His commands, intuition, and other spiritual exercises can lead to actual spiritual experiences. These can be as amazing as Jesus' own miracle experiences and even more is possible as He promised.

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