Chapter 2 American Exceptionalism 1789-1946

We With God Are Superior
Why is America the greatest nation on earth? The answer is written in the Declaration of Independence according to Rush Limbaugh who says:
"...they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
“We are all endowed by our Creator means we acknowledge our freedom comes from loving God, not from man, government, or any human organization. Our spirit desires to live free from persecution and to be happy. In this environment ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things. Government often gets in the way of people doing anything extraordinary [Rush Limbaugh]," but we with God can overcome every obstacle that impedes doing what is right.

Unalienable means no government can consider our fundamental rights as foreign. The Endowment clause makes our Creator unalienable, since it is included by reference in the Constitution. So the government cannot deny its people have a Creator, under the proper rule of law. Speaking for most Founding Fathers in his day, John Jay, the first chief justice of the U.S.Supreme Court, appointed by George Washington himself, said, "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers." [Chuck Norris]

We have two keys to Exceptionalism, our nation’s spiritual and written foundation in the God of the Bible, and the ongoing selection of Christian office holders. The second key has been lost and must be restored. Those who think to deny or disobey these facts in public office are invited to read the second amendment then go meet your maker in prayer to learn the truth before committing error and spreading it to others. The hope for a better future for themselves and their families is the reason for immigration. Immigrants willing to become American were willing to become Christian freely as led by Jesus. Any potential immigrants who come here intending to practice another culture or religion are potential enemies within our boarders and should be turned away. We're The First Modern Democracy Recognition of American Exceptionalism started very early in American History. Alexis de Tocqueville was sent to the U.S.A. by the French government and traveled, observing. He wrote of it in his book set “Democracy In America” 1835-1840. American exceptions include republican representative democracy which works here while failing in many other nations including France. The degeneration of the rules of the system of government into "soft despotism" or dictatorship with a tyranny of the majority was prevented by the strong role of religion which was separate from government. Tocqueville failed to realize religion is superior to government in America and separate only in the sense of giving the individual religions equality in controlling government and freedom from government control. It should be noted the common American usage of religion can be factored from the word itself. Reli-God-I-ON means I rely on God. Thus, all religion consisted of Bible based Judeo-Christian sects, without thought of lesser philosophies or world views. This understanding of religion degraded and should be recovered to have an accurate view of America's system and success. Many nations have adopted parts of America's Constitution but "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people." [John Adams] By putting God and the Bible first, our Constitution remains while others are frequently replaced. Mexico has remained poor despite significant corporate investments and getting a large percentage of its national income from Mexicans working in America who send money home to relatives. The key problem is they do not have a moral and religious people. Observers assume Mexico is a Catholic nation. Actual interviews show most are nothing - not Catholic or any other religion. The degree of intensity in Bible based Truth seeking positively influences the quality of success in other fields. In Stockton California, 70 percent of hospital born babies in 2003 were to illegal parents collecting welfare, putting the city millions in debt [Ann Coulter]. When expedient options to a problem like illegal immigration are not satisfactory, turning to God in prayer is needed to seek a better solution. Perhaps letting illegals take a citizenship test in English, including memory of a Gospel, would effectively satisfy all sides. Perhaps establish draft-like boards of volunteers to decide their future on a case by case basis [Newt]. Perhaps offer to make Mexico a state or protectorate like Puerto Rico. Bring in Americans to run the government without corruption until enough Mexicans get saved as Christians and learn how to run honest government. The excellence Tocqueville and Beaumont saw in the founder's America was the expression of Christian love guiding everything instead of raw capitalism. There are many ways in which America grew to be exceptional. Purchase instead of Conquer An area of American Exceptionalism compared to other nations includes the acquiring of lands by purchase instead of war. The Louisiana Purchase, Gadsden Purchase, and Alaska Purchase all exchanged American capital for land. This for some enabled continuing the original economic practice of land grant homesteading which produced Thanksgiving. The idea of being given land enables people to work with God for themselves to produce what they need to survive and over-produce to have items to sell. The government gives the land, man does the work, and God supplies the increase. This is why public housing projects fail - because they only provide shelter, no land to grow food on or develop for profit. America's purchase concept extended to developing oil resources in Arab states such as Saudi Arabia. A beauty of purchase is it provided funds which would ultimately be exchanged for American goods and services, building our economy as well. Gifts of Grace v. Theft The economy is based on voluntary gifts. "You can only make a profit in this country by giving people a product or a service that they want." "It's the golden rule in action," [Michael Medved]. When my mom explained why my brother was inheriting the farm and I was not, she said, “Because he worked for it.” I asked about a farmhand. Didn't he work for it too? He did the same work for the same pay but was not going to get the farm. Therefore, it was a gift. Likewise, every legitimate transaction is a gift of cost plus profit in exchange for something desired. Everything you have or appear to own is a gift from God. Earth, houses, family, and body all belong to God and have been entrusted to you. So let go of your feeling of owning them and give it all to Him and you can enjoy true freedom, joy, peace, and your gifts [Louis Palau]. Taxes are often spoken of as theft, taking money from one person's pocket and giving it to another. With property taxes, it is extortion with the threat of taking your property if you do not pay taxes on it for the regime's protection. Originally it was not so. Taxes were originally allowed by a vote of the people. Tax laws should not be more powerful than citizens. If the economy makes it impossible for many citizens to pay taxes, government should fail instead of using the opportunity to take a citizen’s property. To further prevent taxes from being seen as thefts, they should be revoted by each successive generation instead of being automatically continued as part of inheriting the fruits of our parent's labors. The right to be taxed only on items one approves of either directly or by representation is one of the main rights the founders fought England for. Taxes pay for goods and services extending beyond the boundaries of one's home property. Some tax supported services are free to the consumer, like roads. Schools are split. Why is K12 education free and college not? Why do taxes support some commercial enterprises like Public Broadcasting and not others? Perhaps taxes should be reexamined and revoted by states to enable nullification of unjust federal taxing and spending. American Farm Frontier Early American history outside government was primarily farming and industries that were farm based. As numbers of farmers grew, so did problems with Indians and criminals who decided to hurt their fellow man, which required military and legal processing. Railroads were given vast amounts of land to extend their tracks and services westward. Railroads eventually reduced interstate cattle drives over other's property transporting goods across the nation. As farm growth reached saturation, people began moving from farms to cities to find work. Inventing The Future Many world-changing inventions started in America. The cotton gin, countless other farm inventions, aircraft, automobile, electric light, transistors, integrated circuits, computers all started changing life in the USA. The best inventions eventually raise the standard of living for the world. Although lots of inventions and inventors fail, inventions are the primary material objects which improve our standard of living. Moving an idea through experimentation and development into a profitmaking product is generally unpaid during the process except within corporate research and development centers. If the government is going to subsidize anyone beyond the wheel-chair bound, it ought to emphasize inventing. What if instead of regular unemployment, benefits were paid not just for job seeking but also work on inventions? For those who can not invent, Germany’s “Short Work” program giving employers incentives to offer part time work instead of layoffs would help millions [Lynn Tilton]. History tells us some social inventions, which started in the USA and adopted elsewhere, were not good. Planned Parenthood is a eugenics program to end the less productive segments of the populations in selected nations. Propaganda was invented in the USA before it was adopted by Nazi Germany [Glenn Beck]. In other nations, inventive businessmen are disrespected but America’s Founders included patent and trademark protection in the Constitution bringing entrepreneurs to the front [Dinesh D’Souza]. Today other nations outperform American students on tests but we invent useful items and go on to win more Nobel Prizes. In the States it is easier to start a business, people will give you a shot, and if you fail you can start something else instead of being expected to find a job. Edison, Ford, and other famous successes failed first indicating resiliency of the American Spirit [John Stossel]. More precisely it indicates an attitude of love and forgiveness which came from the founders putting Jesus first. The best concepts for invention serve God in some way. The printing press was invented to print the Bible. The inventor of the teletype is said to have made the decision to use capital letters instead of the more readable lower case because he did not want God being printed in lower case. Light bulbs and related inventions express God's light allegorically. The worst concepts for invention tend to be poor imitations of existing inventions, addressing optional wants instead of vital needs, or ideas the inventor does not have the resources to complete. Better inventions must serve the main market of individuals. As Jesus said, those who want to be great should serve the most - Luke 22:26-27. Spreading Western Economy Textile mills were among the inventions imported from Europe into the colonies. As inventions grew, especially the automobile, supporting inventions such as the oil industry and road construction grew. Electric lights replaced gas lamps making staying up at night safer and more accessible, adding more shifts to work. All these inventions were exported, and some were imported like the water closet or toilet. As inventions grew the value of money expanded enabling the purchase of more diverse goods and services. On an international scale, some trade worked normally. There was a need to set up trade relationships with countries that had nearly nothing of equal worth to exchange. On some products, customs tariffs or trade taxes were applied and on other products removed to create a free trade atmosphere supported by institutions which loaned money, so other nations could buy our products. They often could not make repayment due to the fact they produced nothing of equal value and some had problems feeding their own people. The exceptional American economy absorbed all this and more. Unfortunately, America's exceptional inventions were exported without exporting the keys to our culture, which start with the Bible and the faith that develops by reading and hearing it. Occasional revivals and crusades were a drop in the bucket of need. Some nations misapplied the Bible. For example, South Africa which taught the Bible in public schools to indifferent students born of masters in a culture of slavery, where tribes were taxed so their sons were forced to work in diamond mines. Inheritance: Kids v. Foundations Rich children, who do not work for a living, rarely contribute to society. They live as aristocrats, high-end consumers. Families in this group such as the John D. Rockefellers served as a lesson to newer rich Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They decided to limit their children to $10 million according to media reports. This would provide plenty of money to live on its interest but not enough for aristocracy, forcing their kids to struggle to make more by work as their parents had. What happens to the rest of the money? Lessons can be learned from foundations whose boards get populated by liberals who have no interest in funding invention development, the core of the economy, but in acting like branches of the federal government funding institutions instead of individuals in the case of the Ford Foundation investing in international welfare and in the Murdock Charitable Trust funding school buildings. Howard Hughs' money was abducted by the government to fund medical research. There is no guarantee that any foundation will always fund, as its founder wished, because subsequent generations of directors will not be people who started a business from scratch. Those who can will be out doing it. The example of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation confirms no foundation should outlive its entrepreneurial founders. The Gates intend theirs to end at the end of their lives and have signed several wealthy families to a similar commitment. Currently they invent and distribute new vaccines and other objects needed to raise the standard of living for the world’s poorest. Some historians think Rockefeller would have done better handing his kids the Standard Oil business with its fortune than to create a foundation. Perhaps government should end foundations. Faith v. Bureaucracy Many government bureaucracies have been instituted with the purpose of creating jobs. Most of these in practice seem useless (like CETA which existed in the 1970’s). Some claim to increase jobs by business loans. How can one justify getting a loan unless one is 100% certain of getting an income enough to pay it back? Trading risk of losing future freedom from the burden of debt for a speculative loan isn’t a good bet. How can a grant be successfully applied for when the applicant does not have the knack? Why bother writing and extending a business plan when no angel investors are going to read it? The real scoop to start a business is related to the founder's vision, faith, and persistence, not "objective" requirements such as education or age. The examples of Bill Gates who became the world’s richest man without a college degree and Col. Sanders who started Kentucky Fried Chicken after age 65 should obsolete much useless education, human resources departments and employment qualification criteria. Equal Retirement For All Are all men created equal as the Declaration of Independence says? People are conceived equally by the sperm and egg method. They grow unequal in measures such as health and wealth due to differences in personal decisions, environment, and genetics. The founders had in mind the equality supported in the Bible. Matthew 23:8-10 means NO POSITIONS among believers -- and all Americans were expected to become Christians freely after seeing the Light. In America, the power resides with the people equally, not with any positional authority. To avoid the problems of democracy, the founders chose a system where representatives of the people are elected to take care of mutual concerns. Certainly not required for salvation, a measure of the quality of life a nation provides can be the higher standard of living it affords every believing citizen regardless of the higher lifestyles some earn or inherit. Believers are equal under the leadership of Jesus Christ in many ways. Matthew 23:8-10 indicates we are equal in status because there are no positions of hierarchy in His body. Matthew 20:1-16 indicates we receive an equal reward no matter how long we worked for Him. People are created equal according to the Declaration of Independence which makes them equal under the Constitution thus under the laws of the USA. The Pilgrims were given an equal amount of land to work. It is our responsibility to use whatever we have, working to pursue and please God and gain more talents as well as survive and thrive. As we are equals, business should adopt a bottom up representative government instead of top down hierarchical government or democratic committee government. What if all federal government and businesses were reorganized according to this founder’s principle? A possible application is a library which instead of having a head librarian and subordinates, they were all given the same job including meeting with the board for the same pay. It would certainly make all the employees more interchangeable. They may choose to trade off some chores including choosing a representative to meet with the board when nothing requiring them all is on the agenda. If they found their representative did not communicate adequately, they could select another or all show up. What if people were more conscious of their equal status? There would be no need for management or unions. People would cooperate to do the right thing. Corporate culture improved as standards changed from generic alcoholic employees needing enforcers and unions to specialized educated employees who either love their work or leave. How much more it could improve with Christian citizens who all were empowered to do as God leads? It is useful to think about the economy outside the box. There are the retired and those who work to support them in any society (including those where $5 a year would be a significant raise) regardless if the workers are considered employees, slaves, or family. A mechanical way to give everyone a floor of equal retirement, increased survivability during natural disasters, and extra freedom to pursue Jesus’ spiritual perfection is within reach. Robots can be programmed to practice and teach better values than a floor of money which can fund aristocratic laziness, drugs, and debauchery. What would people work on if everyone were given an equal floor of retirement where no work was required? Anything they choose from the chores robots would do for them to advancing the state of the art in some field but preferably spiritual growth to do the miracles Jesus did and greater works, which He promised, are possible. People should do the latter anyway regardless of what they work on to survive. Complete economic freedom would enable more work on Jesus’ most important talents. With free will, some may not choose God’s best but some would. Does God want men to work by the sweat of their brow or does He allow it until man becomes like Jesus able to feed thousands from a lunch? In the Holy of Holies no sweat was allowed or the priest would be struck dead. No human work, no hand of man, only divine workers are wanted. The human result depends on what humans choose. If people were all living equally as retired, in theory you wouldn’t be able to hire anyone so money would become worthless so economic slavery and prostitution selling one’s life for money would end and you would see people for what they really are individually. People could atrophy, choose a museum lifestyle, advance the state of the art in a field, or live by faith as Jesus did, eventually ascending to God’s throne. Imagine what life could be like if a majority of people were actually living in obedience to Jesus. We could be doing His miracles daily. We would have no need for material work – we would have miracle transportation like Jesus’ walking on water or like Philip in Acts, eat by miracle like Jesus’ feedings of the thousands, instant healing from all sicknesses including death, and more. Whatever it takes we should try to accomplish such a society and ascend to God’s throne when it is time to fulfill Revelation 12:5. If you can grow that spiritual without a robot based retirement, it would be best.

Robot Details

If you need mechanical help, robot software can be written in several stages. Manual actuator control provides power steering then tele-operation. Automatic control repeats macro motions, either designed or manually recorded. Visual control can select canned motions based on video sensor detected situations. Intelligent control varies responses beyond the canned library. Most life-sustaining human chores do not require intelligence beyond small adjustments to comply with natural randomness of object placement relative to the robot. In Japan human death by robot occurs in various malfunctions so much more care is required for robots than for regular software. Advanced tasks that require a simulation of a human brain would be less secure if unsuccessful and might create robot rights if too successful, so if attempted it should be located separately from robot hardware [Isaac Azimov]. Since the human brain has access to God, it is not feasible to simulate a human completely. To make a simulation, collect descriptions of human thought whether based on a quantized system, a comparison of human skills with chimp skills, and human baby learning observations to build a list of functions. Then program the functions. Although there are a lot of frauds and failures in the free energy field, there are a few ideas with potential to produce enough electricity to run a household which could be engineered to make the robots outlast grid power outages. It would be intriguing to write software to detect signs of Jesus based on the occurrence of certain coincidences as well as working with the Bible, the most advanced text known, to comprehend it. For example, translate English to English to convert the 4 Gospels into each other or derive this book’s appendix then the whole book from the Bible. Because these tasks would require some of the most advanced truth-thinking known, they may lead to greater understanding and advancements in the state of the art eventually enabling better computer tasks. Artificial Intelligence combined with robots can do all work a family needs and more - say there are two robots, one does the farming to produce food and the indoor robot prepares meals, educating, doctoring, and entertaining cradle to Ph.D. and the robots could repair each other independently of the economy. This can be worked toward, but we must be careful that it not become an: “image of the beast” Rev. 13:14-15 ”And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” “abomination of desolation” Matt. 24:15 “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)”

Do not allow any robot in the rebuilt Temple in Israel. A complex device or a video player with a dead man switch could fit the prophecy. It would be idolatry to worship a machine. Humans express God much better than machines.

Pursuing God Spiritually

Once our material needs are taken care of it should in theory be easier to pursue spiritual growth toward God in prayer. Sometimes we may need to struggle with God. Jacob wrestled with God to get a blessing. It is useful to experience the difference between a spiritual feeling and other feelings. Mastering these can help us get closer to Jesus Christ. Some pray in tears, some entertain with jokes, but Jesus gave the secret, LOVE HIM with all your heart soul mind and strength & pray always.

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