Chapter 12 Keep Faithful Forever

This chapter is not a prophecy but the results of analyzing Bible prophecy and hanging compatible ideas on to the structure. Those who have a gift of prophecy multiplied into a talent may predict more than written here. Listen first to Jesus personally to learn His heart and walk in obedience to Him. Jesus Unleashed The rule of Jesus Christ after He returns will gradually increase as people voluntarily obey Him in more detail. Jesus may not insist people do right – he'll provide the perfect example and if people do not follow it, they'll suffer the consequences of their imperfection until they repent. This is based on His allowing the first apostles the freedom to minister their way which produced prostituted churches for 2000 years. So we must intentionally grow into fully obeying His absolute perfection allowing Jesus to be fully unleashed instead of being encumbered by any failure to obey Him. Of course with Jesus unleashed His rewards to those who love him will arise beyond all that we ask or think. To keep the nation and the world faithful, we should conduct repeated world gospel efforts every few years to make sure every child born has the opportunity to get reborn even if parents were aware of God but weren't faithful to pray and teach their children the Gospel to the point of salvation. Sometimes people are more open than at other times so it might take several attempts to get some living on the straight and narrow road that leads to life. Keep Getting People Saved People have quite a variety of how they get saved. One guy got saved reading the entire Bible left to right during Luke. Some got saved watching Billy Graham on TV. I got saved by simply believing what I was told by a Sunday School teacher. Others got saved reading gospel tracts. A study should be made to determine what constitutes actual salvation and what works best. Based on the description of people outside the New Jerusalem, it seems likely they are not saved. They may parallel the demons of whom it is written that they know Jesus is Lord but are not saved. They won't admit it and live it. After people get more serious about Christianity they might find a kind of halfsalvation where people will say Jesus is Lord but do not want to do what He says in terms of performing Jesus' miracles, yet expect Him to love them after they die. Conversion from that to full salvation would be useful. There are certain precursors that aid in salvation, such as a culture of adults being Christian who a child wants to be like, combined with hearing stories that support miracles might help when a person hears the Gospel. Encouraging kids to play with whatever spiritual senses they have might help them to pray. Any number of circumstances may help produce genuine active salvation as opposed to the pew potatoes common in denominations. Grow In New Directions The old system of people leaving farms to work in cities and building skyscrapers which came down during 9/11 and much further during Rev. 16:18-20 is obviously not a wise use of time and resources. Dense housing appears to either produce more psychological isolation or more aberrant behaviors as demonstrated in experiments with rat overcrowding. Although not a guaranteed correlation, more friendly, honest, and helpful people tend to grow with God on farms. It would definitely save lives to have distributed farm living instead of concentrated city dwelling when natural disasters come, for proof see New Orleans after Katrina. The money saved from being wasted on skyscraper infrastructure could be invested in inventing better off-grid energy sources, water recycling, and other tech to make modern living completely free. A Republican suggested making government free by setting up accounts where the civil servants get paid off the interest instead of taxes. Reducing the size of government would help make it free. While the space race produced some interesting technologies, science already knows there's no place like home - we can't live anywhere else in the solar system without extreme protection and support in those environments and do not have the travel technology to get to habitable planets outside our system within a human lifetime. Thus pursuing the transformation into new bodies described in the Bible which should include the ability to travel anywhere without a space ship would be a more useful goal than machine assisted space exploration. Having a self sufficient living situation that produces all a family needs to live plus a little more to pay any taxes until they are free, and otherwise contribute to the greater good would generate lots of time to work on benefiting everyone, even if what you do with your extra time is seriously pray for all mankind to grow closer to Jesus in every way. We can work toward greater freedom. There is potential for lots of new discoveries and inventions that can improve our standard of living but having worked on some, evidently many are a waste of time and resources. Listening to Jesus' still small voice within can guide us to better ideas and away from failures. Keep Perfecting Churches While church will probably be practiced around the world much more after Jesus returns, generations of new humans will have the same old problems described in Revelation 2-3 which they must overcome to perfect their relationship with Jesus. These can be viewed as stages of spiritual growth. A summary of the church's error is in parentheses. The church of Ephesus (effort without love for Jesus expresses Satan) The book of Ephesians mentions Jesus but does not include Jesus or His words in directions for spiritual warfare and a body divided by functions which practice caused them to leave their first love. They must return from this emotion error to loving Jesus in order to eat of the tree of life. The church of Smyrna (selfish my earning) Smyrna must be faithful unto death of their bodies to get a crown of life and not be hurt by the second death. Everyone's body dies but the overcomer’s reward goes to those who are faithful the whole time. Some persecutions do not end in complete physical death but may kill the soul life. The church of Pergamos (bad spiritual genes) Nicolaitane means above laity, implying the elders-clergy-laity system stumbles them. Any hierarchy among believers who are in reality equal [Matthew 23:8-10] should not exist. Jesus comes with his double edged sword to divide hierarchy beliefs from genuine believers thus purifying their conscience. Doing sin because someone in positional authority tells you to is not true Christianity. The church of Thyatira (your attire or garments) The demonic subculture of tolerance or compromise with evil to gain more following is condemned by the example of tolerating Jezebel. Attention to self glory is an intuition problem. Keeping Jesus' works by iron-willed prayer gives power over nations. The church of Sardis (Sardonic stiff obedience) Jesus brings the seven spirits to enliven the seven parts of these burned out, bored, dead people infusing life and love into their angel, intuition, conscience, mind, emotion, will, and body so they can fellowship. The church of Philadelphia (brotherly love) The love of the body in proper fellowship as a result of their mind constantly set on the Spirit must eventually be overcome by preaching to the nations. The church of Laodiceans (laity do as I see) The people in new church meetings can tend to drag the graduated overcomers of brotherly love down to their level. The overcomers who know the Bible tend to think they know all God is, not aware of their shortage of real spiritual talents such as walking on water. To overcome this stage, one must raise the people who do as they see up to doing as Jesus sees. Keeping one's will strictly serving Jesus and bringing others up to His level instead of lowering yourself to what others want is rewarded putting you on the throne with Jesus. Practical Relationship With Jesus Parts of the Old Testament like Zechariah 14:17 has details on what will be required when Jesus is physically present on earth. This will include going to visit Him or the rain will stop where you live making it harder to grow crops and eat. Rain is an allegory of the river of water of spiritual life which flows out from Jesus. When He was crucified, out of his flesh came blood and water. Blood is salty so without the fresh water of Jesus’ instant spiritual life, peace, and revelations to your being, you might become a pillar of salt – a person who stands firm on existing knowledge but isn’t open to new. You need His water to stay fresh and living. For additional details, read and pray over the Old Testament or ask Him. Keep Trying For Ascension It will remain a more honorable pursuit in life to not die but ascend like Enoch and Elijah, or do both like Jesus. So throughout the millennial kingdom seeking the absolute perfection of Jesus Christ should be everyone's most serious goal, especially since He will be here to ask for help in becoming more like Him. Keep growing more spiritual talents. Experience the five talents in Matthew 10:7-8 1) speaking the kingdom is near, 2) healing people, 3) cleansing lepers, 4) raising people from the dead, and 5) casting out demons. There are more talents to pursue Jesus for and gain by trading. For example, you may have inspired someone else to say or do something related to what you are praying - you can multiply and intensify that to inspire someone with the entire Gospel. Keep improving your prayers. Pray Jesus I love you, please give me more of your love to return to you. Give me the same relationship with the Holy Spirit that you have so I can do all you really want me to do. Open all my mind, soul, heart and strength to you so there are no doubts, sins, or darkness hindering my prayers. Make me absolute perfection in human form as you are. Let all who are willing be so to in order to be members of your body and bride. Teach us all you have learned in the time you've been ascended to heaven and more. Help my whole will express only your will. Give me all your thoughts so I can think them as you do. Jesus you have given us some of your talents of perfection and power, please make us worthy of all you have to give. Give us new bodies that are able to survive all kinds of damage and deadly environments from the vacuum of space to supernovas to black holes and anything else we might need. Lead us in doing everything you did which you want us to do to enjoy your divine life to the fullest. Overcome the sins of churches and the sins in ourselves. Find a way to crucify everything not of you in us who are fully willing and lead us in the behavior that most pleases you. Help us read your words both spiritually and in the Bible according to your best understanding with you as the top standard of absolute perfection we should all ask for your help to transform us into. Help us live by you and your Father's words as you live by the Father's words. Satan Returns A serious problem will arise some time in the next 1000 years which allows Satan to be released from the bottomless pit and resume tempting man to do evil. Although the Bible says he'll not be released for 1000 years one study of Jewish texts claims the failure to keep faithful that leads to his release could start as little as 500 years after the great Tribulation. This failure can result from a lot of people subtly choosing to disobey Jesus or fail to pray always to seriously seek His absolute truth and spiritual life. The sin may first appear in people's inner life before it corrupts their physical behavior. It is written Satan was corrupted by the multitude of his merchandise so people will tend to ignore the still small voice of God in their inner life when they are too busy working so it takes their attention outside of His true will. While the prophecy must happen, work to minimize the number of people who return to Satan's influence by teaching the truth and interceding for them in prayer. The evil influences of Satan can be very subtle such as the spirit in which parents conceive their children, baptizing them into a life of evil instead of a life of God's true goodness. It is very difficult to turn a child that was conceived in evil into a good child as he grows up, even if they attend church. The technique of constant prayer with spanking until the child is black or blue repeatedly enough to accomplish a change in behavior might be considered abusive and avoided. But it is probably better than allowing a child to remain a devil or doer of evil. Benjamin Franklin had to jail a son who turned loyal to England and traitor to America [Glen Beck]. The deceived will in a final rebellion fight a war against God's people camped around Jerusalem Israel but fire from heaven will devour them. And the devil will be cast into the lake of fire with the beast and false prophet for their eternal torment. Then the dead will be resurrected and judged according to their works. There is more than these highlights in Revelation, be sure to read it all. New Jerusalem Jesus will create a new heaven and new earth which will be home to the New Jerusalem which comes down out of heaven. Then Jesus will enter it as His bride. An implication is that's what the manchild has been building in heaven for 1000 years, transforming dead denominational believers which died throughout history into equality with those who were raptured so all will be worthy to live with Jesus as His bride with Jesus as their supply of light and life through the tree of life and river of life. There will still be people outside the New Jerusalem. These are the dogs, drug abusers, fornicators, murderers idolaters, and those who love and make a lie. The love of God is still poured out to them as the Spirit and bride say, Come!

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