Chapter 11 Prepare for Revelation

The predictions in the New Pentateuch (Gospels and Revelation) are going to happen no matter what we do. We can work on the faith needed to be on the right side of those events. We can cooperate and intercede with God to minimize the disasters and/or their effects as well as prepare in advance for those milestones of the future. Prepare For The Great Commission The first major event will be completing the great commission, when the Gospel is fully preached to all nations, then the end will come. We have discussed the necessary changes in government and church needed to best accomplish it. It is possible it will be accomplished with a comparatively small number of people as in the example of Gideon. But the genuine gospel must be preached which includes the true church that follows Jesus Christ; with actual Christian miracles that people around the world can experience for themselves. Wycliffe Bible Translators plan to complete versions for every population needing them by 2025. That will mean some gospel preaching to every nation. But only Jesus knows what he will count as the gospel having been preached to all nations before the end will come. A Bible translation requires pretty intense interaction with at least some native language speakers but Jesus might require His gospel to be preached in Spirit and power so that some who believe in every nation are healed from sickness, cleansed from leprosy, raised from the dead, and have demons cast out. That may not take any more time but it would take gospel preachers who are empowered by sufficient faith in God to accomplish it. Of course completion of the great commission will not necessarily include complete conversion of all people in every nation. There must be some half hearted Christians who buy from those who sell in denominations left to complete the prophecy of those left behind and there must be some evil people left to fulfill the Revelation prophecy of the beast, false prophet and Armageddon. But we can work to cooperate with God to minimize those numbers. What a glory it would be if there were only 5 foolish virgins and most everyone else was wise instead of the more likely 50% wise and 50% foolish. Once the true Gospel is preached as a testimony to all nations, the end can come. That means we can start watching and praying for the end-time milestones in Revelation 4:1-20:6. Prepare For Asteroid Disaster The mountain which is cast into the sea in Rev. 8:8-9 destroying a third of the ships appears to be an asteroid. NASA has a team watching the near earth asteroids to find any capable of causing that damage. One they're watching is called Apophis but they rank its probability of hitting earth as low. The problem is there are countless other asteroids outside their ability to see which could knock another asteroid into Earth's path at any time. There will be enough advanced warning on the impact for some nation to send up a nuclear missile to intercept it which will be a bad decision based on Rev. 8:10-11 causing nuclear fallout to come to earth and pollute many watersheds, causing many deaths. The asteroid impact, or perhaps a sympathetic earth distortion on the other side of the planet causing volcanic reactions will put enough ash or dust into the air to block the sun over a third of the earth. Based on the ash release by Mount Saint Helens it may not block the sun for long but due to the quantity of dust blocking sun over a third of the earth, if timed with farming cycles in the worst case it may last long enough to cause some crop delays or failures. It will certainly reduce aircraft transportation in a much larger affected area than the Iceland volcano. With a third of ships destroyed, lots of product shipments will be delayed. To sink a third of the ships means a major tsunami at least 100-500 ft high will also impact a coastline and possibly rivers, wiping out homes and businesses like in the Indonesia Tsunami but in a much larger area. How can governments, businesses, and individuals prepare for such a catastrophic event? First and always pray to Jesus for His guidance. Take each earth trauma separately in a triage, most important first. Since deaths are prophesied as a result of the nuclear fallout, cities must find ways to clean nuclear waste out of their water supplies. It is unlikely there will be an easy solution to protect watersheds beyond massive electrostatic discharge machines to attract and divert the dust. It will be necessary to apply water filtering sufficient to remove the deadly dust. Both municipal and private filtering should be made ready to last for generations to survive radioactive half-life figures. The impact zone may be known in advance, so the ships at sea can try to relocate away from the impact and the docks likely to receive Tsunami effect. The advice may come too late or be unheeded by many boat owners, or the destruction of the ships prophecied would fail. Pity those who live on boats in marinas, who do not have the money to move them. The destruction of ships will create secondary environmental disasters from cargo spills including oil and probably Liquefied Natural Gas. These of course will not be a high priority at the time. The Coast Guards of many nations will temporarily be unable to meet all the rescue demands. Property owners could start moving inland away from low lying waterfront areas. Those who wait for news locating the impact zone will quickly face a virtually closed sales market. Survival Centers An interesting strategy is to create distributed self-sufficient survival centers around coastal areas so people, whose homes are wiped out by the Revelation 8 Tsunami, or are poisoned by fallout, or leveled by the Revelation 16 earthquake yet survive will have places to go. Building them in advance will avoid the complete failure to handle the disaster after the event as was seen in New Orleans after Katrina. The size of these disasters will tax many nations beyond their ability to offer aid after the disasters so they should be deployed in advance. Some centers could be sized for many while individual families may build their own. They could be designed with assistance from NASA on their ideas for a moon dwelling which includes tanks of special algae and fish to provide food and waste recycling. Some attention to free electric power and wireless communication should be made since the grid infrastructure would probably be wiped out. The discussion of robot details in Chapter 2 should be considered. The advantage of building these around the globe is they could become a new standard of housing that will allow more people to survive losses of centralized infrastructure. Prepare For Ascension; Rapture The asteroid will wake up many to get serious about pursuing Jesus Christ. The increased spiritual pursuit will result in the Spirit being poured out on all flesh. Some believers will grow so close to Jesus that they will be given the talent to participate in creating the miracle of ascension for everyone who will be raptured, like Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus. This increase in spiritual life will stimulate many angels in heaven too. Until the ascension in Rev. 12:5, a spiritual exercise which you can do either together with others or individually, publicly or privately, anywhere, anytime is to read the Gospel and pray it to Jesus. The better you get at loving God the better your chances of escaping the Great Tribulation by ascension or rapture. Here's an example of praying the Bible by Thomas M. Kelly: I pray that you will be able to share with people you know and anyone that has an ear to hear. Exercise the human spirit into the Spirit of the Lord Jesus to be one with God. Now I will pick an interesting scripture which will usher me and the reader into that Spirit. John 15:11-13 “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may remain in you and that your joy may be full. This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.” “These things have I spoken” Oh Lord Jesus you have spoken, you Lord are the speaking God the Word spoken, Lord you have spoken many things and are eternally speaking what you have spoken. “That my joy may remain in you” Lord Jesus, you are our joy. Remain in us Lord. You have spoken that your joy will remain, we are filled with these things that you have spoken that your joy may be expressed and remain in us “and that your joy may be full” Lord speak into us that you as our joy may be made full. Make our joy full Lord, so it might remain. We desire to have you speaking your joy into us. “This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you” Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus I can't keep you commandments, Lord Jesus, speak your self into me that I might have your spirit your very person to love others. Thank you Lord that you have loved me first that I may know how to love others. Your speaking Lord is your Spirit coming into my hearing ear. Speak these things, these many things, to my inner man, Lord Jesus, that I may know your surpassing love toward me. “Greater love has no one than this” Lord Greater love, you lord are the greater love. Lord give me this greater love, that I might love others as you have loved me. Let me speak with the things you have spoken, let the words you have spoken be spoken by me, that I may share in the joy of this greater love and be made full that this kind of greater love may remain for ever to be made full of the joy that you have given to me. “than to lay down his life for his friends” Lord Jesus that your speaking is causing me Lord, to lay down my life to receive your speaking is to me laying down my life. Oh Lord you laid down your life and took it up again and became the Life giving Spirit, and breathed yourself into those who would lay down their lives and receive your spoken and speaking word. Your word is truth and the light of men. Bring us Lord out of the darkness of death into the joy of Life that we might love each other as you have loved us. The first plan for dealing with the ascension or rapture is to join it - maximize the number of people who fully love God to participate in going to God's throne. This may include prayer for cooperation with faithful angels to get help in ascending to Jesus as they do. Secondary plans must be for the people who are left behind at the rapture. Unbelievably, there are some born again Christians who do not want to get raptured. Jesus calls the foolish virgins in the parable of ten virgins. They want to be loved by God when they die, but do not want participate with any of God's supernatural answers to prayer to work up to ascension. Then, there are the unsaved who because of disbelief in Jesus Christ, are not eligible for rapture. The end-time events will provide consequences to those who make poor choices. Prepare For War: Armageddon The beast is described in Rev. 13:1-3 and here's an interpretation. Like a leopard means an Arab Islamist [Prophecy Club], feet of a bear means he's given Russian military equipment, speaking as a lion means speaking English, and the dragon empowering means China. The false prophet has horns or power pretending to be like Jesus but speaks like a dragon or Chinese. Chinese sorcerers exist and have been documented on TV. Those who are left behind will have to prayerfully decide whether to come to the war to support Israel or stay home. The Bible is clear on what happens to those who go to attack Israel - a river of blood up to a horse's bridle. Between the ascension of the manchild in Isa. 66:7 and the war, only about 1/3 of Israel will be left at the end. Prepare For Jesus’ Return Jesus will return splitting the mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:4) saving the remnant of Israel who faithfully enter the cleft of the rock. Those who are alive would best live close to make it a short walk. For the left behind Christians who become faithful during the ripening heat and pressure of the Great Tribulation there may be additional opportunities for ascension or rapture based on the multiple ascensions of Enoch, Elijah, Jesus, the two witnesses in Revelation 11:12, the new man in Revelation 12:5 and the hint in Revelation 12:11. Individual ascension should always be possible to those who become sufficiently passionate in love and faith in Christ. Although Jesus Christ will be back and in control, there is a greater disaster awaiting those who refuse to obey Him. Prepare For No Infrastructure The greatest earthquake of all time is predicted in Revelation 16:17-21. This earthquake appears to level just about everything from cities to mountains. And then bad weather with large 100 lb. hail comes. The effects of baseball size hail dent a car all over so I suspect 100 lb. hail might make living in a car impossible as the roofs could be smashed down. Nations lose the infrastructure by which they produce and deliver goods and services. Decentralized infrastructure on a home by home basis would have the best chance. Some technologies for free electricity, beside solar and wind exist and should be explored. There are many more milestones in Revelation, with only a few detailed here. The first and best way to prepare is to personally love Jesus so much as to escape all the disasters.

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