Chapter 10 Make Christian Nations

The world's nations must all become Christian certainly after Jesus returns. Before that, the gospel must be preached as a testimony to all nations. The ways of making this happen are countless but a significant first step is the conversion of the USA back to its original intent as a Christian nation which can inspire and act internationally, converting other nations. Preach Gospel Before War One undeniable reason for converting the world to the best state of the art Christianity is security from crime, terrorism, and war. If all people were in the best state of the art denomination, no one would even want to start or participate in war except perhaps as a chaplain. The true church is even better. The opportunity exists to start a military service where gospel teams of three troops each are sent out, two to preach with one to protect. The teams would preach the gospel intensely in Spirit and Word like Jesus did, to convert the enemy into friends as a first step instead of instantly engaging in war. The apostles sent to preach should be top quality, attracting people who will wonder and even ask what makes them so different [Matthew Crouch]. The troop's expressions of God’s Spirit and love will convert many. Sending Gospel teams into every war in the world any time one rises up could help convert both sides in all existing conflicts, converting many nations. It could also help end activities of genocide and target countries where persecution of Christians exists. Some troops engage in gospel preaching activities already during free time. Making it official would help multiply success. Engage Diplomatic and Covert Operatives In the worldwide conversion to Jesus Christ, U.S. Ambassadors should be charged with engaging the nations to which they are assigned. Only national governments are rich enough to give Bibles to everyone on earth. While America's intelligence community is not supposed to be active on American soil, there are some breaks in that wall, especially since 9/11. The National Security Agency monitors all overseas phone conversations. Foreign governments are paid by America to run the Echelon system which can monitor the activities of US citizens from foreign countries and send those reports to the USA. The idea occurs to engage covert operatives in Gospel conversion too and where illegal ask other nations to have their operatives do it. Getting international cooperation on a worldwide Gospel effort of the type required for the true church pattern of Gospel memorization and spiritual exercises leading to a life like Jesus Christ lived would be an important step to raise the inner life of all the world's people. That would lead to spiritual peace which would eventually result in lasting political peace. The more that can be accomplished sooner the better, although we know this will work out fully after the last war at Armageddon and Jesus returns. Tie Foreign Aid to Gospel The economic incentives used against certain rogue nations like Iran and North Korea should be tied to their preaching of and conversion to the Gospel instead of simple heavy handed punishment of a nation's people when the leaders are at fault. That's one more way to help convert the nation into friends. It was distressing to learn the existence of people who live on a dollar or two a year. However, TV reports show some communities of people live just fine and happily without money and the material it can buy, but they would enjoy the love of God. Other tribes may have an evil bent such as cannibals which seriously need conversion. The spread of the Gospel does not require raising one's income to the American average. As a bride grows to be like her husband, the goal of the gospel is to engage everyone in the spiritual side of life, with constant prayer to become like Jesus Christ in every way He wants. Love those who Love Jesus Loving one's neighbor as one's self can include helping them raise their standard of living. Lots of effort has been made by top down funding organizations. The World Bank and many large foundations, tend to fund governments, which enriches the leaders and may (or may not) trickle down to average citizens. None of it has been linked to the Gospel, but the Gospel should be preached with every donation. Spiritual riches and material empowerment should come together instead of expecting that material provision will change people's hearts. The 9/11 attack demonstrated those with impure hearts can use America’s immense wealth and knowledge that came from faith and freedom to pursue truth, as weapons of war against the people of faith. So converting hearts and minds to the absolute perfection of Jesus Christ should always be a corequisite to gifts of and participation in lavish wealth. Overcoming False Philosophies A conversion of the USA to a nation of true Christians will impress many nations with the increased righteousness as prevalent perversions are overcome. Of course the war strategy will help convert some who need further persuasion. Saudi Arabia is a place to start directly addressing false religion. The Saudi's have a policy of paying their terrorists to go elsewhere to conduct their terrorism. The wording gives an appearance of national innocence but it is actually funding international terrorism. Unable to stop their own criminals in their own borders, they are paying them to bloody other nations in the world. Such fund transfers must be stopped. Likewise the flow of funds to build foreign religion centers in Christian nations should be impounded and otherwise ended. It is evident that Islam’s flaws include support of a dictator run government instead of tending toward true honest elections. People who want power might run for office instead of resorting to terror. Bring people to a library, sit them down with a Gospel and Koran side by side, and have them read from each – eventually they’ll see which is the truth of God and which is not. Also, having converted former terrorists speak can help those who have ears to hear. Overcoming Communism & Other Regimes Material existence is a temporary crutch until we get our spiritual lives right is an observation that can help Marxists improve their thinking. The blow to Communist USSR came when their economy failed in the face of America's ongoing defense developments. That failure even resulted in suicide for at least one Marxist teacher in Eugene. Communist China was smart enough to move their economy West before they encountered a similar failure. The strategies in this chapter can be applied to all nations regardless of politics. Most career politicians would rather lose their religion than their power. Eventually after enough people are empowered to pursue and live one with Jesus, they will drop their ties to political histories and pursue Jesus’ enlightenment. The Bible prophecies that a group of particularly stubborn nations will be annihilated in an invasion of Israel at Armageddon. It will be much wiser for nations to turn their hearts and minds to Jesus and obey Him before then. The Church Multiplying Itself In Love Repeating Jesus' church example to his disciples is necessary in every nation. The true church will continue from its start in any nation to multiply and eventually include all or most of the people there. Some nations, like Nigeria, have been converted to 40% of the population by crusades combining gifted denomination oriented apostles, and distributing Bibles or New Testaments to those who become interested. Preaching the true church should convert many more. The depth of conversion in a Jesus type 3.5 year intense training in Spirit and Word would help multiply the conversion of the population to a greater extent. Although the math for multiplying a church by 12x12 to the whole earth can work in 35 years, it could work faster while still giving everyone equal time by starting more church meetings early in the mathematical progression. If a large denomination converted all its members to preach the true church, the conversion of the world could happen in perhaps 17.5 years or half the time. If the Catholics with their estimated 1.1 Billion believers all became preachers of the true church, the world could be saved in only 3.5 years. Stopping Anti-Gospel Movements It is possible anti-Gospel movements will arise that may even appear to be of God but results in unsaved people killing each other and going to hell as regularly happens in the Muslim religion. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ must replace any false gospel in every forum. People will have to evaluate the fruit and if a preacher is preaching like Hitler or Mohammed did, the preacher must be replaced by people who bear the fruit of Jesus Christ's good gospel and miracles. Individual Stars The best individual international successes I have heard of have been people to whom God has spoken to in their youth. Not everyone is given that experience. For everyone to participate, they must all share whatever talents they have to gain more. As everyone grows closer to God, He will enable them to hear Him. Tourists & Students Several people have traveled around the world preaching the gospel. Some have planted many denominational churches. The primary purposes of tourism are to see new sights and to share the wealth. Tourists should work to share their spiritual wealth not just their material wealth. So tourists should preach the gospel wherever they go. They may not be able to stay 3.5 years to fully start a church with 12 but with adequate work a small meeting might blossom into a true church after the tourist's vacation is over. Internet can provides cheap follow-up text, audio, and video communication with believers in most nations these days. In nations where the Gospel is not allowed, it might be reasonable to talk with your guide and it is always possible to preach to everyone by silent prayer. Students who go to another country for a year of college or foreign exchange have more time to spend preaching the Gospel and meeting with converts to plant a church. Prayer Prayer is very important in preaching the Gospel. Depending on the faith of people praying and the faith of people receiving the spiritual blessing of those prayers, it can help people who are open, turn to Jesus Christ directly without anyone physically preaching. Prayer to support others can also help turn an unsuccessful gospel preacher into a successful gospel preacher. Prayer could actually turn the whole world to Jesus by itself with enough pure hearted faith. But to be practical we must use the spiritual gifts of God integrated with the material to produce His absolute perfection in our lives. It is good to pray as you are led for all mankind to be saved and come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ with specific prayers for nations and people. We can pray for all people. When I started praying for groups of people I first prayed for all the people in my city, then progressed to county, state, nation, continent and the whole world. Now I pray directly for everyone. I suggest everyone do this too. Make all creation hear you via prayer. Peace does not mean inaction, it can mean actively praying and by prayer preaching the gospel to bring God's peace which passes understanding into every home, heart and mind. Some might appeal to the law to stop you from preaching to them by voice or tract but there is no law that can stop preaching by silent prayer. Some people can hear what you are thinking or tune in to different areas of your being making it important that in every place in your existence you turn to Jesus. In some foreign countries the people live such a simple life that they are poor in spirit as Jesus spoke of. They are so spiritually open that simple prayer for them to be healed works. But it takes God's perfect talent to make everything work together for good. I once prayed silently for a classmate to rise from his wheelchair and he did but then, after I doubted what I should pray for him to do next, he fell to the ground. Spiritual life may take time to develop correctly. A common experience is "woman's intuition" where someone speaks what you're thinking. However this isn't always a Christian experience as demonstrated by the woman with the spirit of divination who followed Peter saying he was a servant of God. She was exposed as having a false spirit which was removed. Even in this age some businessmen are not above using such women for making business decisions including employment decisions. I experienced this in Washington Mutual. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish human intuition from demonic or divine. One can only pray for God's Truth. I have noticed many times hearing a person speaking what appeared to be what I was thinking. When I change my mind to think about Jesus they do not switch topics to Jesus. Such people are in need of more Christ to cast out their demons and be saved. But those who do turn to Jesus could be genuine Christians. Pray Rod Of Iron The rod of iron given as a gift to overcomers in Rev. 2:26-27 implies ruling nations by prayer. That further implies we should be praying for all people to turn their hearts and minds to Jesus. It is our responsibility to pray to topple governments that persecute Christians. Thus it is also our responsibility to pray to create the best physical reality, social environment, and spiritual atmosphere for everyone to turn their hearts and minds to Jesus Christ and stay tuned in to Him.

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