Everybody should realize when you aim high you are likely to reach a higher goal than if you aim low. Defining God as absolute perfection and Jesus Christ as absolute perfection in human form, we can aim for absolute perfection in ourselves, community, and world. We can be better than we are and should work toward it for ourselves, our children, and future generations. We must include both the logic of God and the spiritual reality of Godís love in our aims to get what we really need and want.
This book defines that which is right, correct, and true so people can pursue and achieve it. There is room for improvements and God inspired creative people should work to build better wherever possible. Liberals who deviate from Godís perfection thinking progress toward hell is a good thing must be ignored until their loneliness leads to their repentance.
We must teach appreciation for the absolute perfection of Jesus Christ, to which all philosophies falsely called religions, can never measure up. The appearance of other philosophies working just as well is outward show Ė made possible by the failure of Christian denominations to do what Jesus said. Denominations want to keep their income flowing. Real Jesus based Christianity runs by Spirit and prayer. It has been said, ďChristianity is the best religion that has never been tried.Ē When it is tried, believers will grow spiritually sufficiently to do all of Jesusí miracles, including ascending to God the Fatherís throne. This book will help you make it happen.
The root of all problems in America starts with Paul who disobeyed Jesus on money (Matthew 6:24, 10:8, 17:25-26 v. Romans 15:26-27) and positions (Matthew 23:8-10 v. Ephesians 4:11, 1 Timothy 3:1). Paul prostituted the church (Romans 15:26-27 plus Revelation 17:5). All denominations bait with Jesus for salvation then switch from Jesus to Paul on how to conduct church meetings. The first Congress overcame the switch with three hour prayer and Bible study meeting(s). Three hours indicates Congress was a free speech church greater than the sum of its memberís denominations. Congress must be restored to its function as a true church putting Jesus first before the nation's business. Then America will become a Christian nation testifying to all nations so the end of Satanís rule will come (Matthew 24:14).
The root of all solutions in America is Jesus Christ. Our vertical relationship with God is most important. Horizontal relationships don't last eternally. The economy requires decisions to be made expressing the love of Jesus to achieve the fruits of goodness toward all. The paradox between humility toward the creator's providence and the boldness to walk as He reveals our destiny is done away in His love. To love Him more, eat Jesus' spiritual flesh and drink His spiritual blood. Memorization of a Gospel is a good start.
A spiritual number line shows Jesus on the right, Satan on the left, and Paul in the middle. Jesus is the perfect Creator, the only begotten Son of God and Paul is an errant believer, commentator, and preacher. Too many follow the latter. Everyone should move as close as possible to Jesus, instead of following Paul, in every detail of our lives. This book details how to apply Jesus Christ in our understanding of history, our practices, and plans. One has to love Jesusí truth to obey it. Read this book with a prayerful heart desire to pursue and obey Jesus Christís absolutely perfect truth.

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