Casting Satan Down to Earth

First you must learn to cast Satan out of your whole being. Often your mind will become occupied by worthless thoughts from your world which you must decide to force out of you by turning to make Jesus' words operate in your mind instead. As in a computer, perfection in, perfection out.

That turning to Jesus by faith can benefit your dreams too. You may think dreams just happen but the more you watch junk TV the more junk dreams you have. So you must apply the faith you have to overcome the junk and replace it with Jesus' absolute perfection. Eventually you will gain control over the part of your brain that makes dreams and make it submit to your need for Jesus. Likewise for all parts of your being until you have nothing of Satan in you like Jesus.

Expand your prayers from your self to everyone in the world to help as much as possible to end their pre-occupation with Satan. Apply the same iron will used to clean the junk out of you to clean up the nations in cooperation with God. Negotiate the entire prayer with Him before you pray it. Then when you pray it will have the effects you wanted. If you let Satan suggest anything, your prayer will result in evil and some death.

We need to work applying the rod of iron to smash the things of Satan on earth and when we are all cooperating to do it together, we will ascend to God's throne in heaven, and smash Satan's own body and followers instigating the war in heaven which will cast Satan down to earth as lightning.

Jesus has been waiting for two millenia for His man child brothers to rise up to heaven and do this. Obey Him and make this happen!

One stronghold of Satan is the prostituted religions of Paul. They don't even know how corrupt they are yet insist on their way instead of turning completely to Jesus. This is a good target for practice prayers to cast Satan out of because if they are converted they will grow the man child before the Tribulation or later.

Once Satan is cast down to earth he will do many evil things for 8 years until Jesus has returned and casts him into the bottomless pit. As Revelation shows, that is not the final end of Satan, so people in the future will have the same need to cast Satan out of themselves and their world to let Jesus have full control of their hearts and everything.