City Engineer's Letter

David True,

Three ideas to expand your role as City Engineer:

1) Engineer the city spiritually. As you may know, the spiritual institutions in Clatskanie are obsolete and hinder spiritual growth toward Jesus Christ's absolute perfection. The best vision of His church is called the man child in Revelation 12:5 and Isaiah 66:7-8, which would obey the 4 Gospels without Paul's Revelation 17:5 harlotry. This would include meetings with Jesus' stages of spiritual growth and without Paul's positions of hierarchy, focused on obeying Jesus, not merely pointing to Jesus.

2) Develop human wireless. As you may know, people have some ability to complete other's sentences, speak aloud what others are thinking, and more advanced things like plan out who you will meet the next day by interacting in the human wireless network the night before. I had a very strong experience of participating in the decision to re-hire you that way. I suggest this part of human nature be explored and developed to hopefully improve life in Clatskanie by broadcasting more perfection than criminal, derelict, and other problem people currently participate in. As an engineer you have skills that might make this discovery and development possible.

3) Prepare the city for the Revelation Timeline. Based on the Catholic Prophecy of the Popes, the end times started with the election of the Last Pope in 2013, proceeding one chapter per year until Satan is thrown into the bottomless pit. That should see the 4 horsemen fulfilled in the Mideast next year. In Trump's 4th year the disasters in Revelation 8 may bring a cloud of radioactive fallout covering 1/3 of the earth poisoning fresh water supplies so covering the municipal watershed should be done if not already. In 2028 the world wide earthquake in Revelation 16:18-19 will cause all cities to fall which will mean extensive infrastructure repairs without the ability to get any supplies from any other city in the world. Beefing up the farmer's market and other preparation activities to enable people to live through the aftermath years is advisable.

Love Jesus First,
Kirk Fraser