The Revelation Time Line

This Revelation Timeline is supportedby two avenues of Bible analysis. Only Jesus knows if it is correct so ask Him. Jesus said only God knows the day or hour but it does not say we can't know the year. One clear marker event will be the Rev. 8:8-12 asteroid which sinks 1/3 of the ships at sea. If it doesn't happen in 2020 then adjust the timeline accordingly. This timeline is not complete, read Revelation for details. Luke 21:8 He replied:"Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, "I am he," and, "The time is near." Do not follow them. Amen! Do not follow me, follow Jesus only.

This timeline was discovered starting with the Great Tribulation lasting 3.5 years and starting with the world wide earthquake in Reve.ation 16:18-19. From there it looks like Jesus returns in Rev. 19 after the marriage supper of the Lamb certainly before his millenial kingdom starts in Rev. 20. So from around the middle of chapter 16 to 19 covers the 3.5 years. Counting back 3.5 years gives the 7 chapters of Tribulation, 13-19 starting with the 7 nation Muslim Beast. So a pre-tribulation rapture must be in chapter 12 verses 5-12. Those 7 years corresponding to 7 chapters makes it reasonable to count backward to the start of Revelation, one year for each chapter. Then it was a matter of tying it to a specific year. The election of the Last Pope according to Cathoic prophecy in 2013 provided that year since the LAST Pope must be involved in the end time events. Confirmation was provided by the election of President Trump corresponding to the voice of the first Trumpet in Revelation 4. So we can prayerfully expect the other events to happen on schedule. But overcoming prayer is needed to correctly interpret the content of each event and to know the best response and take faithful action.

Jesus' prophecy of the fig tree (Israel) sprouting tender leaves and that geneartion not ending until all is fulfilled added to Moses' identification of the lifespan of a strong man as 80 allows us to calculate 1948 + 80 = 2028 as the end of that generation. Notice that corresponds to the Great Tribulation earthquake which causes all cities to fall. That is the second proof this timeline is accurate. Only Jesus can make all things work together so perfectly.

Year Chapter Event
2013 - 1 Start Jesus' taking of earth. Last Pope elected to fulfill bad prophecy.
2014 - 2 Church training to overcome spiritual death.
2015 - 3 Church training to release brotherly love and life.
2016 - 4 Mature living creatures appreciated. (Trump campaign tells what will be.)
2017 - 5 Seven spirits of God with power and sight into all the earth, (Trump inaugurated)
2018 - 6 Four horsemen White Christian, Red Communist, Black Muslim, Pale (Godless other nations) Death/hell.
2019 - 7 144,000 Israeli male virgins sealed.
2020 - 8 Asteroid hits - likely Atlantic Ocean, 1/3 of ships sink, nuclear fallout in water poisons many.
2021 - 9 Bottomless pit opened, 200M horsemen, 1/3 of men killed, yet no repentance.
2022 - 10 End time of God's plan is declared.
2023 - 11 Two witnesses for 3.5 years, earthquake, people glorify God seeing God's power working through people.
2024 - 12 Ascension or Rapture of Jesus' man child, rod of iron prayer believers who buy from Jesus, not pastors, Satan cast out of Heaven
2025 - 13 T1 7 nation Caliphate Beast, its Islam leader beast, Chinese false Jesus, image robot, Arab 666
2026 - 14 T2 Jesus' 144K virgins, warning to not worship beast, blood river to horse's bridals.
2027 - 15 T3 Seven plagues prepared.
2028 - 16 T4 Plagues applied, Armageddon, World Earthquake - all cities fall. Restored Israel is 80
2029 - 17 T5 Catholic many ministries whore and Protestant daughters (Rev. 17:5) targeted as prostitutes, not churches.
2030 - 18 T6 Jesus' people leave denominations, Vatican, then plagues applied, finishing the whores.
2031 - 19 T7 Prepared bride ascends as Jesus returns, enjoying marriage supper of the lamb, Jesus cuts tribulation short, ending beast & false prophet
2032 - 20a Satan cast into bottomless pit, Millennial Kingdom starts.