Get Rapture Ready Now

You need a lot of obedience to Jesus Christ, and a lot of casting Satan out of everything. Lord Jesus cast Satan out of my heart, soul, spirit, body, everything. Growing in prayer so things happen is the first step. People pray prayers that don't work because they are poor poor begging prayers instead of prayers of true faith. What we need is prayers God gives us to believe in. What do you really believe - if you don't believe prayers for yourself, what about prayers for the government? Pray for Donald Trump's work to restore America and pray to defeat the Deep State that works to defeat Trump and all that is good for America. Pray for Jesus and His true church and pray to defeat the deep church that works to keep you unprepared for the rapture.

As you grow in overcoming Satan by faith, your power to ascend to heaven will grow. Eventually when we all pray together as one man to cast Satan out of everything, we will acend to Jesus throne as we are about to pray and then start the war to cast Satan out of heaven, starting the 7 year Tribulation.

Mark Taylor said his prayer group prayed which caused Hillary to fall and lose her shoe. With serious rod of iron prayers more would have happened, the modern Jezebel might have been treated like the old testament Jezebel if Jesus approved. So get a lot more serious by asking Jesus with all your heart soul, mind, and strength for something you really believe in.

When I prayed asking God for an experience of the Rod of Iron, God led me to write a book to fix Washington DC first. That was to engage all my heart, soul, mind, and strength in praying for Washington. Then when I tried to sell the book, I contacted members of the Congressional prayer caucus but only got their receptionist staff and got no interest, so I got angery praying to shake up Washington DC. When I prayed, I could feel my spirit move half way out of my body - my whole being was involved. Jesus answed with the 2011 Virginia Earthquake, which hurt no one but was felt from Florida to Canada. God may not want you to pray that exact prayer again but I share it to show the serious nature of the prayers we must pray, always cooperating and pre-praying our prayers with Him. That shows what powerful prayers we must learn to pray to get the faith to ascend to the moon and be born as the man-child to ascend to heaven in 2024. Will you have prayed that seriously before then? It will take that serious rod of iron prayer to overcome gravity to ascend - obeying Jesus all the way from now until then.

Start praying with little things until you build the faith for greater things. If you have kids that leave a mess somewhere, try praying for Jesus to help them or if necessary make them pick it up. It may take a while to get the hang of praying instead of ordering people to do things. Some things could take a year or more, some things will get done instantly, all depending on your serious prayer relationship with Jesus and His true Holy Spirit. You may even exceed my exmple prayer. Whatever works, you must grow seriously until you are truly ready to ascend and do Jesus' will in heaven.

You will be helped to be more serious by the events of Revelation 8 in a couple years. You will get much more serious when you see the two witnesses in Israel with power to cause miracles while speaking.