Rapture Quest

The holiest quest for truth in the Bible is to learn how the three who ascended to God while still alive did it for the purpose of following their spiritual footsteps, not just the footsteps of the flock as Solomon advises. You don't want to just die and be buried like your ancestors do you?

The three who made it to heaven alive are Enoch who walked with God and was translated, Elijah who rode up on a chariot of fire, and Jesus who ascended after he resurrected from death. The one thing they had in common is being conversant with angels. The books of Enoch not found in the Bible tell of his experience. The book of Elijah tells his experience. Jesus' Gospels mention angels, “You will see angels ascending and descending on the son of man.” Also, one might say Moses and Elijah were in their angelic form when they appeared on the mount of transfiguration. After Jesus was tempted forty days in the wilderness by the fallen angel Satan, good angels ministered to him. Finally after Jesus arose from the dead and when He ascended, angels told people who were there what had happened.

Obviously if we want to go to heaven, getting to know the people who live there already would be a great step. But we must take care to spend time with the best angels including Jesus himself. Until Rev. 12:5-12 Satan and his followers will be in heaven and you don't want to make friends with them. Likewise many dead Christians are there, probably including your ancestors if you were raised in a Christian home. So what is the difference between walking with a true angel of God and ancestor worship some practice? One must always keep in mind we are to worship Jesus only, angels are just fellow servants of God sent to help you as explained in Revelation.

How does one tell the difference between a spiritual life and imagination? Well that is done through prayer. When you want something seriously enough that God answers not simply in your mind or feelings but in physical reality, that is spiritual. The asking can be done in many ways, with or without a ritual. But be careful, you may get what you ask for so ask wisely. One further step is to get strengthened with power into the inner man.

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Kirk Fraser