Care To Pray?

A young man with battery trouble was outside the library in Clatskanie and asked me for a jump. He got a little more than a jump. I asked if he was a Christian and he said no. He was raised in a church but left. I asked do you pray? He said no. I said answered prayer is one of the primary ways we know God is real. We can disagree on words but answered prayers soon accumulate and then you know God is real. He said he never thought of that before.

I told him one of my best experiences of prayer was on the rod of iron in Rev. 2:26:27 which describes power to rule nations a lot of people think is for Jesus only. I prayed to experience the rod of iron and wasn't given an answer right away but was led to write a book to fix Congress, which is right here in the library. It took about 2 years to finish then I tried to sell it to members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

All I could get is their staff or aides and none of them were interested so I got frustrated and angry enough to pray to shake up Washington DC. God answered with the Virginia Earthquake in 2011. It was centered in the district right next to Randy Forbes who founded the Congressional Prayer Caucus showing it was not his fault but the problem was right next to him. It was reported to have been felt from Florida to Canada but I didn't know it then.

Afterward I looked up the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation which Randy Forbes also started seeing it was on the coast I said something will have to come up the coast to get them. A week later there was a hurricane which came up the coast. The young man was amazed. I said this kind of thing happens and I'm trying to start a group where it happens often but I guess I haven't succeeded because people don't care. Then I remembered how I saw most of Clatskanie expressed no care when I was talking about Jesus on a Clatskanie forum on Facebook.

The young man also appeared to have dropped out of church because he didn't care enough to pray so he had no experience of God to keep him interested. Do you?

Kirk Fraser Clatskanie