Paul Makes Church Fake

If you are in a church where Paul is preached or practiced, get out now. Start your own home prayer meeting, grab some people to pray for Jesus Christ, constantly seeking His Truth praying for everything in life that is good and against everything of Satan. The one true church which Jesus started on the cross is in Acts 12, before Paul. Real Christianity is praying always, serious prayers like they prayed to engage the Angel of the Lord to free Peter from prison. Government always does things that need serious prayer which will keep your home church in Spirit instead of backsliding into a social club where prayer is the least important meeting.

Paul made his churches into Revelation 17:5 whores by adding government to church and teaching them to submit to the worldís government instead of controlling government by prayer. By submitting to government, church lost its authority given by God and inherited the sins of government including abortion which murders over half a million babies each year, making Paulís churches false religions like BAAL that performed human sacrifices. It corrupts individuals who look to church leaders and ministries instead of God, and their spirits so they are misled when they pray. Most spend their lives doing religion but never developing a personal relationship with Jesus. Many rise up to become wolves. You can tell a wolf pack by their attacks on people pursuing Godís truth. Paul funded his corrupt churches by making it a duty to donate. Jesus said children of the bride chamber are free.

Paul was saved by Jesus and sent to preach the Gospel but his own corruption is recorded in Acts. When he had questions, he inquired of apostles (life) and elders (death) progressing down to inquiring of elders (death) only, leading to his writing Romans. For the truth notice in Genesis elders started as Godless Egyptian slave drivers ruling over Godís spiritual (God headed) people with their carnal (meat head) authority using the threat of death. Now that threat is limited to firing or excommunication but Satanís spirit and intent of death is still there. So Paulís management hierarchies are pyramids of death. Lecture format meetings reduce the ability of others to pray, speak, and grow toward Jesus.

Paul was the single worst Christian ever as the first Pope who invented the corrupt churches that are now called Catholic. Although they claim Peter was their first, the Bible itself records Paul in I Cor 4:15-16 as the only one to call himself father of a church in criminal violation of Jesusí command in Matthew 23:9 and we see he also violated Jesus intent in 23:8-10 earning Paul the judgment of Matthew 5:19 which he acknowledged calling himself less than the least of all saints. So the only reason one could use Paul as an example is to show the worst people who think they are unworthy of God that they can do much better in Godís kingdom than Paul did, so they should believe and turn to Jesus to live the best life possible. So try to memorize Jesusí Gospel so you can always pray, study, and do what He did, praying continuously to cast Satan out of everything and follow Jesus perfectly.

The true church can exist without positions other than the functions Jesus gave. Modern management studies show business can operate best where everyone is equal under one boss. Government should also be able to operate with far less positions needing checks and balances. Now there are so many the gate keepers can only correct a fraction of the misdeeds, making churches that pray to make government do Jesusí will absolutely needed. Letís get started and pray government under Godís control. Like the old testament pattern of prophets taking care of their relationship with God and occasionally telling Kings what to do, only better with all citizens praying and growing like Jesus.