Cast Satan out of Paul's Kingdom 2

In about 2000 years since Jesus ascended, has anyone of Paul's followers ascended to heaven? That should tell everyone all they need to know about why they should follow Jesus instead of Paul. Do you love freedom? Jesus supports freedom and equal status under His leadership but Paul supports slavery and obedience to godless government. That should tell all who love freedom what they need to know. Jesus never killed anyone but Peter and Paul did. That should tell you who to trust. Elders are all spiritually Satan like their Godless slave driving forefathers in Egypt. That means Satan controls all of Paul's denominations. Wouldn't following Jesus who never set up elders be best? Yet today it is hard to find Christians who purely follow Jesus as described in His Gospel, which is required for the man child and rapture. Believers must obey Revelation 18:4 and come out of denominations to build the man child and be worthy to ascend to heaven alive. Here is a more complete analysis of Paul's ministry and its effects for you to avoid in the man child.

The errors of Paul are hard to discover in a culture where they are normal, but they directly affect the whole world leading people astray from Jesus' perfection. Christian media ignored a press release on the need to start the man child for pre-tribulation ascension showing if they support Jesus at all it is to a degree a reasonable teacher would flunk. A simple proposal to require American schools to teach the Gospel was refused by Christian lawyers who say they represent Christians on the Supreme Court. So few Americans supported it as a petition to the White House one could extrapolate similarity to God saying he has reserved 7,000 who haven't bowed the knee to Baal. America has fallen since it was founded for freedom to pursue Jesus as stated in the Constitution's Article 7 which incorporates the text of the Gospel into the Constitution by reference, excluding Paul's kingdom as stated in the First Amendment.

Many claim Paul's words are the word of God and they are because much evil in Revelation would have no explanation if not for Paul's epistles. And as Paul wrote, the word of God is good for correction, reproof, and instruction in rightly dividing the word of Truth. But it is vital that people learn to pursue Jesus' perfect Truth and learn not to be misled by Paul's malfeasance with God's word to fulfill Jesus' command that we be wise as serpents yet harmless as doves. Others disagree with Paul, but here is the truth clearly told in the Bible, not using Bible speculation such as Paul may have been the rich young ruler which Jesus encountered. There are enough supported facts.

Paul's status as the worst Christian ever comes from his own words in Ephesians where he says he is less than the least of all saints. That is supported by Jesus in Matthew 5:19 making Paul the least in Jesus' Kingdom because of his disobedience on Matthew 23:8-10. When you contrast Jesus' stages of spiritual growth with Paul's positions of hierarchy, it appears Paul was building a very different kind of life than Jesus was, a kind of life that deserves to be left behind. Jesus' stages of spiritual growth lead to heaven but Paul's positions of hierarchy lead to death and use death threats as their power – thankfully now the Inquisitions are over but social death in terms of excommunication is common treatment for anyone who wants to pursue Jesus more than the hierarchy is doing.

Paul's teachings create many competing divisions within and outside his denominations. Those who dismiss the organizational contradictions divide over Jesus' miracles. Do you want a healing ministry or deliverance ministry instead of do you want all of Jesus the Creator's perfection? Correcting believers in division is difficult since the divided stop meeting with those who don't choose their division. Thank Jesus for revealing His man child which makes all believers equal as sons of man. ?

Christians have treated Paul in many ways both in the Bible and ever since. Some view Paul as a more recent revelation of God's will than Jesus, thus more important to pay attention to. Some view Paul as an anti-Christ trying to corrupt and destroy Jesus' church from the beginning. Some say Paul was correctly expressing the Father's will but his epistles were only messages to the cities and peoples named, not to all mankind like Jesus' words. When pursuing Jesus to build the man child, leaning about Paul is not necessary but to help Jesus' people stay turned purely to Him and build on His perfect relationship with the Father – instead of bringing in traditional errors and to motivate coming out of the simulated churches to practice real four Gospel Christianity as commanded in Revelation 18:4 and needed to ascend to heaven.

The KJ2000 version puts both Jesus' words and God's words from the Old Testament in red, which obscures Jesus' words in Paul's epistles but makes clear the problem is Paul's remix of God's words from the Old Testament is far less perfect than Jesus' quotes from the Old Testament. Paul's vision expressed in his choices is way less perfect than Jesus' vision and way.

In my search for truth, I was raised in one of Paul's denominations learning to believe in Jesus and led to another to learn how to study the Bible. A Chinese teacher taught study in great detail as he had been required to study English in detail to understand it. The level of precision we learned exceeds typical understanding so much it is sometimes sad to watch preachers with an international platform make mistakes giving an impression they never read Revelation. There is no rapture of the church in Revelation 4 and even allowing for allegorical Bible interpretation, that concept falls when compared to the clear ascension in Revelation 12:5. One such mistake was interpreting Paul's as the greatest Gospel. If you read Paul's Gospel it simply says Jesus died and rose again, which is true but far less helpful than the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Yet the teacher built a very logical construct leading to his conclusion. So after years of studying Paul in such depth, and after leaving the simulated church, I was led to ask God about Revelation 17:5 and how all those churches fell into prostitution. God led me to backtrack from there to its founder, the writer of Romans, Paul.

So I prayed and considered where did Paul go wrong? It soon came to mind Paul disobeyed Jesus in Matthew 23:8-10 by setting up positions of hierarchy. Eventually the Chief Archaeologist in Israel appeared on TBN who said Rabbi exactly equals Elder. So Paul's teaching to set up elders in every city violates Jesus' command in verse 8. God gave me a flash of revelation showing many of Paul's errors but it was so quick, I couldn't remember them all. After much study I observed Paul directly broke Matthew 23:9 by evidence of 1 Corinthians 4:15-16 where he calls himself father of the church and robs 10,000 instructors in Christ from following Jesus to following Paul. That was a prostitution of a church. Since father equals pope in Italian, it also makes Paul the first Pope recorded in the Bible. Some people understand Paul was the first Pope by the preponderance of evidence of his writings and their result throughout history. Yet it seems strange that Catholics hide that fact, calling Peter the first Pope to this day on the Vatican website even though precisely reading Peter there is no indication he broke Jesus' command to call no man father.

Why does Revelation 17 call them whores, harlots, or prostitutes, depending on translation? The job of a whore is to sell love for money. Each one sells their diverse ministries instead of Jesus' perfect ministry the Gospel. So they have many voices, fulfilling the original description of the tower of Babel where people attempted to build a way to God out of their own works and God divided their languages.

Christianity today is a mess - if you were God the Father, would you invite people of competing denominations who teach ministries other than Jesus' Gospel and people more loyal to them than Jesus to heaven to practice their divided loyalties like they do on earth? One person reading that said he saw the fire of God. But it is interesting to contrast the problem of Babylon or Catholicism and her Protestant daughters with the problem of the church of Laodiceans which are new converts each trying to lead the church according to their own lukewarm opinions. The big difference is it is a church loyal to Jesus first – Babylon and her daughters are not churches but prostitutes loyal to Paul, Pastors, and themselves first. Throughout history the works of Babylon the Great and her many daughters have been instructed by Paul's handbook of prostitution.

Why is it so hard to figure out Paul's ministry is the worst possible in Jesus' Kingdom after seeing Paul's own self evaluation in Ephesians as less than the least of all saints and Jesus' lawful judgment of Paul as least in Matthew 5:19 because of disobeying Jesus on setting up positions of hierarchy and calling himself father? And that Jesus was talking about Paul when saying of John the Baptist, the least in the Kingdom is greater than he? Obviously Paul was greater than John the Baptist and is the one the Bible identifies as least in Jesus' Kingdom.

Consider the history of respect - God respected Israel early on except when judging Jews. That degenerated that into expecting God's judgment all the time and mentioning God's respect stopped - which degenerated to hate for God expressed in killing him in human form, Jesus. Then came the worst of Jesus' followers, First Pope Paul's worst of all remix of old Jewish views of God into what has become the world religion degenerating further into abominations Islam and Communism.

Paul's remix is responsible for creating the problems that will force 2/3 of Israel to die, the remaining 1/3 to give up on the military and turn to God as one nation which is when Jesus will return to save them, lest no flesh be saved, and Paul is responsible for supporting slavery and godless (i.e. Satanic) governments. Paul's competitive ministry persecutions drove people to create America and build the military industrial complex currently idolized by Israel - instead of simply turning to God as one nation out of love.

America was founded by Christians, for Christians seeking freedom to pursue Jesus as they saw fit because of persecution in Europe. Thus it was founded by Protestants, not Catholics. Eventually Catholics came to corrupt America and still do to this day. Email from Catholic lawyer Michael Wynhausen stated, “While I agree with the historical fact that our nation was founded on Christian principles, by making a statement that suggests we are a Christian party will only serve to alienate not only many non-republican conservatives and independents who may be inclined to join our ranks but also many non-Christian republicans.” They would rather America cater to godless liberals than stand for America's original faith. I suspect a study of history would uncover much more undermining of America. Now America's persecutors in Europe have become accepted in its highest offices, transferring its spiritual authority from Jesus to Paul.

All of First Pope Paul's denominations will be left behind and suffer plagues. Those who start obeying the Gospel but backslide to Paul the least Christian of all, are unworthy of the promise in Rev. 3:10 to escape the time of tribulation. I experienced a kind of plague quite different from the physical plagues in Egypt – spiritual plagues from people whose prayers don't go all the way up to Jesus. Not sure if those are the kind implied in Revelation 18:4 or both.

Everyone has a choice on what to program themselves with. You can fill yourself with the best truth there is or garbage. The philosophy of absolute perfection is greater than perfection of any field. God the Father is absolute perfection and Jesus is absolute perfection in human form. Those who seek, discover, and apply His perfection grow more perfect and those who don't remain imperfect by default. Jesus' Gospel is the very best truth.

Blessed Bible readers have recognized the importance of loving Jesus first as the church in Ephesus which Paul started was commanded in Revelation 2:4 by Jesus being against them for having left their first love. That is why they focus on the words sometimes printed in red which Jesus spoke. Beyond that few realize that in the vast dimensions of the kingdom of God, Paul defines the bottom, below which is Satan's kingdom., .Paul identified himself as least of all saints in Ephesians 3:8 so he agreed that First Pope Paul is the worst Christian ever supported by Jesus in Matthew 5:19, Luke 7:28

Paul's effect on history and modern life is astounding. Had Jesus' apostles followed Jesus' perfect example, all the world would have been saved, perhaps before Revelation was written. By following Paul's example, Christianity has been on life support, half dead for 2000 years and still the world has not been fully enlightened by believing in Jesus. All the sins of Catholicism, its daughters born during the great reformation and since plus all its abominations such as Communism and Islam all can be laid at Paul's feet.

The falling away Paul saw as the result of his ministry already happened as Christians fell away from Jesus' perfect Gospel to Paul's disobedient ministry yet few recognize Paul was so bad, because they never studied the Bible prayerfully enough to get led into all the truth. So for those poor confused souls, here is a start at showing who Paul really was by comparing him with Jesus, the standard of absolute perfect truth. But Paul cannot be scrapped from the Bible since his work created the evils that must be corrected by the Great Tribulation. So Paul stands as the least Christian ever because he was saved by Jesus after killing Jewish Christians thinking he was doing God a service. The difference between Paul's inclusion in the Kingdom and the exclusion of Paul's evil progeny the Islamic Beast and False Prophet is they will kill Jews to serve themselves claiming to be higher than God, not thinking they are doing God a service. So always serve God even if you don't know any better.

Who do you believe? Paul said in Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; But consider what Jesus said in Luke 5:32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. So righteous people they are not sinners in Jesus' view, only in Paul's view. I believe Jesus. ?

Who do you believe? Paul said in Romans 2:11 For there is no respect of persons with God. But see Exodus 2:25 And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had respect unto them. God had great respect for Jesus, except when it was time for judgment, then Jesus died. Then Jesus was given resurrection life. Earn respect by believing Jesus.

Who do you believe? Paul's way binds all with heavy grievous burdens of sin, Romans 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one. Jesus said in Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. It is easy to become righteous and respected Jesus' way. So let's obey Jesus.

In Luke 14:26 Jesus said, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." Certainly Paul is one of the brethren you must hate in order to love Jesus as He commands. How deeply have you hated Paul today? Let's try to make it all the way to the point of giving up on Paul so you can love Jesus completely.

We know Paul is the father or First Pope of the Roman Catholics and all daughter denominations indicated in Rev. 17:5 because he called himself father (papa or Pope) in (1 Corinthians 4:15) showing he had the same attitude for all churches he started. Unfortunately that false faith generates a spirit of prostitution that supports imitation churches.

Paul taught the Romans to disobey Jesus in Matthew 23:8-10, Luke 22:25-26 by setting up elders, pastors, and other positions including the so-called 5 fold ministry plus making it a duty to donate material goods for spiritual goods in Romans 15:27 which prostituted the believers throughout history causing them to serve money which belongs to Ceasar instead of things like a pure heart which belong to God, making Paul responsible for all Catholic corruption, Muslims, Communists, wars, slavery, hierarchy, homosexuality, and more abominations including the modern Occupy movement for social justice. Paul's example of disobeying Jesus led ever further away from truth.

Pastors follow Paul who invented their position instead of following Jesus and by their disobedience, teaching doctrines they like for the purpose of keeping people loyal to them instead of to Jesus, they created competing denominations born of their mother Babylon in Rev. 17:5. Paul's competing whores have hindered the Gospel so the church which could spread around the earth by geometric progression in 10 cycles or 33 years, has never spread to all the earth in over 2000 years. True Jesus led churches such as those in Rev. 2-3 that didn't die by attrition were consumed by Catholicism as Paul foresaw predicting a great falling away 2 Thessalonians 2:3 - which he caused, Paul like Judas was a son of perdition.

Paul said, What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? 1 Corinthians 6:16a but Paul created the harlots! If you are in one of the harlots you are not in the body of Christ but in the body of a harlot. And let's say you are more advanced than the average pew potato so you preach the gospel, getting people saved by Jesus then drag them to your harlot they are your children in the harlot. You must fight like a child kicking and leaving the womb to be born out of the body of the lost sheep into Jesus' body, new man, true church, Jesus' child which will ascend to God's throne in Revelation 12:5 while the children of the whores are left behind in Revelation 12:6.

Every Revelation 17:5 whore is a false church, a fraud which shouldn't be allowed to use church in their denomination's name due to false advertising laws. They are social clubs, Catholics not Catholic church. They don't say "Let's follow Paul" but they do in practice. They have made church into a business with them as permanent leaders instead of training everyone to be leaders and graduating them to do the same thing every 3.26 years like Jesus did. The result is permanently immature followers of themselves, instead of people truly following Jesus. The divided loyalties to different pastors makes their system incapable of saving everyone on earth.

Let's understand Paul's word, "follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). Literally that means follow the man Paul, not Jesus Christ at all, but follow Paul only 50% as Paul followed Jesus only 50% with one leg in Jesus Kingdom as least (Matthew 5:19) and one leg in Satan's kingdom as less than the least of all saints (Ephesians 3:8). Thus Paul is the definition of the moderate or middle ground between Satan on the left and Jesus on the right, which is why all who follow Paul to this day are by definition in Satan's kingdom and act like modern Pharisees, not real people like Jesus Christ. As such Paul is the bottom dimension of the vast dimensions of God, the worst Christian in all history, showing everyone in Satan's kingdom they can do better for God than Paul. But after they realize that, they should pursue Jesus faithfully.

Now let's look at Paul's word, "For me to live is Christ" (Philippians 1:21). Of course, for any believer to live is Christ. That does nothing to explain HOW one lives Christ, as in well done my good and faithful servant or poorly as in less than the least of all saints which logically means not a saint. Paul sowed corruption by detailing various sins in Romans 1:18-32 which bore fruit in the corrupt Popes and their billions of followers as they opened their hearts to be programmed by Paul's sinful words instead of Jesus' absolute perfection.

Paul teaches against the apostle-centered error but promotes himself into that very same error. Paul taught against following other apostles except him, much like the greedy sheep sealers in pulpits today who want people to follow them or their organization, using Jesus for the bait of initial salvation and not the rest of their church life. Paul followed Jesus half way.

Paul's twisted self-centered intention is repeated in other of his statements. On oneness in 1 Corinthians 1:12 I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ - he should have clearly said they all should be of Christ. He was into self glorification but his glorification of Jesus was so tiny in all his writings, the bulk of the New Testament, he only quoted Jesus the Creator in 3 verses.

Do not discard Paul's writings but view them from the perspective of Jesus, that they are the definition of the bottom of the Kingdom - that which is half way between Satan and Jesus. The lessons remain but your perspective needs to change from being totally saturated with Paul's corruption to being fully pure hearted so you can see God. To promote Paul is exactly like Jesus spoke of those who were garnishing the tombs of the prophets who their ancestors killed. Likewise any ministry promoting any other ministry than Jesus' own ministry is doing that.

So if you elevate Paul into a peer of Jesus, do it well. Eventually you'll realize Paul's errors are not to be swept under the rug but should be taken as seriously as the rest. Then it becomes clear Paul is telling the truth when he said he's less than the least of all saints and his preaching in Ephesians where he wrote that produced believers who lost their first love in Rev. 2 and his preaching to the Romans produced even worse as Rev. 17:5 describes, making Paul God's definition of the worst Christian in all history, the measure of the bottom of God's Kingdom, whose works are fit only for destruction.

The original church Jesus practiced in the Gospel produces God ordained believers who follow only Jesus, not each other, with a goal of raising the enlightenment of all people on earth. enabling full love and faith at Jesus' level. This will be the church in the millennial kingdom. So even if you are left behind, you cannot escape converting to the true church. Repent now!

Read Rev. 17-18 for some light of truth. Jesus would not destroy the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) if it was actually the true church. The RCC is the church of Paul, the least Christian of all, who prostituted it in Romans by making it a duty to serve material goods for spiritual goods. The many daughters born during the Great Reformation and since are not protestant as they might believe but are just different varieties of Catholicism because they teach Paul's teachings, the words of the first Pope. Catholics lie claiming Peter was the first Pope. If the church was built on Peter, the great harlot was built on Paul. Convert everyone to the true church led by Jesus and there will be no evil, only God's love in the world.

Genesis to Revelation Bible proof Elders are of Satan

The first mention of elder in Genesis is one brother is elder than another - age is biological not spiritual. The second mention of elders in Genesis, the first mention as a position, is the elders of Egypt who were not of Israel and not saved so they were definitely Satanic leaders of the nation of slave drivers relative to Israel.

Elders are Satanic slave drivers! Satan's carnal ambassadors ruling over God's spiritual people from the beginning. In Numbers God took of Moses' spirit and put it on them so they prophesied once but never again. The outward fading spirit of Moses evidently did not give them inner life to pursue God.

Later on we see elders in Ezekiel. God tells the prophet He will not be inquired of by them. So eldership should have died out then but continued arising. Jesus never authorized or approved of elders in His church. Jesus directly forbade elders in Matthew 23:8 since Rabbi exactly equals elder.

Least Christian ever Paul put elders in his Rev. 17:5 whores to obey Paul by teaching their own ministries instead of Jesus' pure Gospel, so they will be left behind and suffer the Great Tribulation. In Revelation the 24 elders must throw down their crowns when they see people who lived the Gospel come as living creatures.

Finally in Revelation 19:4 we see the last of elders as they must become equal with all saints under Jesus to participate in the marriage feast of the Lamb. Elders are Satan's servants ruling over God's spiritual people, both Jew and Christian. Pastor is another of First Pope Paul's positions that destroy the equality of the believers under Jesus.