Cast Satan out of Paul's Kingdom

Contrast Jesus and Paul to see Christianity today is as Jesus said, as in the days of Noah where they worship God by saying grace when eating and drinking and prayer when marrying or giving in marriage but that's about all. The reason is Paul disobeyed Jesus by calling himself father (1 Cor 4:15-16) and became the least Christian of all (Mat 5:19). As least he is the author of confusion and corruption, writing the handbook of prostituted (Rev. 17:5) Christianity which was followed by Popes, Protestants, and practically every "church".

So instead of obeying Jesus' stages of spiritual growth from disciple (student) to apostle (Gospel preacher) to shepherd (churh feeder), overcomer (church fixer), and the Rev. 12 woman who produces the man child, those who follow Paul have been not growing better but worse the higher in Paul's hierarchy of positions they climb.

It is very interesting Jesus said in Mat. 23:8-10 call no man Rabbi, before calling no man father, as Israel's chief archaeologist said on TBN, Rabbi exactly equals Elder. Paul contrasting Jesus set up elders which started as godless Egyptian slave drivers over God's spiritual people Israel thus were ambassadors of Satan ruling Paul's self proclaimed "churches". And when they want more power, they run for higher office in their denomination or nation's government. In America 92.8% of Congress claims affiliation with one of Paul's "churches" making America ruled by Satan through his ambassodors.

One can pray and speak boldly to cast Satan out of these people and with spiritual eyes you might see the darkness leave, they are still entrenched in Paul's malfeasant thoughts, unable to percieve the superior fruit of Jesus' Spirit of Truth - they also need Jesus' divine reeducaiton by reciting, learning, analyzing, and applying Jesus' Gospel.

Everyone who follows Paul's teachings will be left behind on earth after Rev. 12:5 and those who live will be given a second chance after they suffer the Great Tribulation world wide earthquake which causes all cities to fall, and those who fail to obey Jesus the second time will be left behind again, as part of the population Jesus will rule on earth during the next 1000 years.

It is easy to go much deeper to contrast Paul with Jesus but it may not be worthwhile because Paul's believers create a spirit of prostitution that perpetuates sin so like punching a tar baby you get stuck, with no help in sight until you turn from looking at First Pope Paul's corruption to looking to Jesus and His absolute perfection. For those few who need it, here is more about Paul. Paul2

If only 10% of Paul's denominations do church Jesus' way, the whole world could be saved in less than 7 years by geometric multiplicaiton. A bishop said his denomination was less than 10% so he refused, not wanting to form a coalition with Paul's other daughters to save the world. So all believers in denominations must come out (Rev 18:4) to ascend to heaven.

A Christian President could have the military in 800 bases around the world convert people in all nations by waterboard salvation, which is a simpler form of baptizm that works without a tub or tank. But the world won't get converted fully for 1000 years.