Letter to Pastors


The Bible says you and your church are obsolete. Paul lied by calling his establishments churches, when in fact they are Revelation 17:5 harlots, prostitutes, or whores depending on translation. Jesus started His church in Isaiah 66:7-8 which says the man child is the children of Zion, which church He was building every time He called himself Son of Man.

Paul's positions of hierarchy including elder, pastor, deacon, or bishop are not part of church at all. Repent and start doing church Jesus' way or you will be left behind on earth after both raptures or ascensions to heaven, in Rev. 12:5 and Rev 19. And in between you will suffer the Great Tribulation starting with Rev. 16:18-19 unless you obey Rev. 18:4 now and follow Jesus only.

If you seriously want Jesus for you and your flock, replace all of Paul's additions to the Gospel with the Gospel itself. Instead of teaching Jesus is the man child, teach every believer is part of the man child if they obey Jesus. Instead of teaching the Rod of Iron is for Jesus only, teach them to practice praying, asking God to show them how to use it to cast down Satan out of things on earth so we can be ready to cast Satan out of Heaven in Rev. 12:5-12.

Cast out Satan from your midst by ending the positions and practices of elders since elders started as Godless Egyptian slave drivers over God's people Israel, which currently puts Satan in charge or your establishment. Presbyterian means elders so here's an example in Clatskanie. Sayer Strauch was their pastor but was kicked out after Dale Johnson complained to me of the pastor preaching the Gospel to his neighbors. That proves elders are ambassadors of Satan. Living downtown for 20 years only 3 groups ever preached their gospel to me JW's, Mormon's, and Beaver Creek Baptist. That proves all the rest are worse than dead since if they were dead they wouldn't take donations and mislead people.

So you can start following Jesus perfectly, I offer this website www.theManChild.org for you to read and obey. Improvements will be made occasionally as inspired, and I'm open for suggestions. If you like we may have a panel discussion with a group representing all local denominations.

Kirk Fraser