Birthing the Manchild = Rapture

The man child is the one true church which ascends to God's throne while all others are left behind. To ascend to heaven while alive we know from Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus it requires walking with God to the extent of interacting with angels. It makes sense working with angels will help prepare us for living where they live. We must always take care to worship God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ but not worship angels, yet not shut of communication with the angels sent by Jesus. Satan is a fallen angel so we must be aware of the difference and keep him and his minions out.

One way to get into contact with angels is to pray rod of iron prayers. If you learn a better way let us all know. I remember thinking as a child I was in contact with angels after our family got home from a Pauline "church" on Sudays but I wasn't sure and shut off the whole experience.

Rod of Iron prayers on news stories can result in God's action and answers through angels. For one example, I was told by my grandpa to respect Ronald Reagan so I did and found that respect tuned me in to his life more than those I didn't respect. So the night before he was shot I was told by an angel that he would be shot the next day. Being untrained in spiritual things I didn't know I should pray to interceed for him then and even passed on calling the FBI. But the next day after the news came, I prayed.

I saw the news having a feeding frenzy with daily coverage of one woman. Eventually I got tired of it and prayed. An angel said she would die tonight. The news of her death came the next day and that was it.

So I don't have a very clear relationship with angels but these few experiences might help you start walking with angels and God himself.

Jesus said you will see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man. So as members of the Man Child, you should expect this to happen to you even though the Gospels don't tell us more about Jesus interacting with angels.

Revelation tells us when we are about to use the Rod of Iron, we ascend to God's throne. So we will all be in our spirits asking Jesus for something important to clean up on earth and as we are contacting Him to use the rod of iron, we will go up to his throne. It is likely we will experience a spiritual foretaste of Islam's Beast in Rev. 12:3 and that may be what we are about to use the rod of iron against.

Study of the Revelation Timeline shows the pre-tribulation ascension or rapture will occur during 2024 so get ready -- or get left behind and suffer the world wide earthquake in Revelation 16:18-19 which will motivate many more to get ready starting with Revelation 18:4 to ascend to the marriage feast as Jesus returns.

When I was traveling to a church camp I remember praying the man child is aborning. But it didn't happen there. God led me to see the vision but over the years led me through what seemed to be the best denomination that was not the man child to teach me the difference between Paul's churches which point to Jesus and the real church which lives Jesus.

We will be ascending to Jesus' throne and He is there eagerly waiting to receive us and assign us our first duty in heaven, to instigate the war to cast Satan out of heaven. Can you imagine how Jesus has been patiently waiting for some believers to grow spiritually enough to ascend and cast Satan out of heaven? Jesus was shown this as the result of His earthly ministry in Luke 10:18 “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

We need to practice rod of iron prayer individually and in church meetings so when we all are about to do it together, we will have the power of all our rods joined as one. That is what defeats Satan in heaven, so let's practice praying to smash Satan out of everything we notice evil in, the things of Satan in ourselves and our world.

Every person can bless you or slime you with the things in their hearts conveyed through their spirits so it is a spiritual garment that can be washed in the blood of the Lamb or it can carry you into some of the worst torment keeping you from sleep at night.

As an example, one day I visited a homeless Christian and at lunch he brought up some evil topics including growing marijuana and I mentioned the verse where the root word for pharmacy is translated sorcery. But I wasn't strong enough in condemning it. He kept talking about it even after I said, if we both won't grow it then why are you talking about it? I let it go and we enjoyed a trip to the beach. After I returned home I noticed his dirt had defiled me. I tried to brush it off but it kept attacking into the night. Eventually I prayed to go in spirit back to that lunch and condemn him right at the point of his conversation of sin. Only then did I have peace to sleep. I count that as a small experience with the rod of iron even though it did not impact nations, it overcame distance and time. When Satan gains any victory in the war in heaven, we can instantly go back and beat him at every victory. No wonder he will lose!

Scrubbing your garments in the blood of the Lamb is simply obeying Jesus' instructions on prayer, to engage your whole being, heart, mind, soul, and strength always cooperating with Jesus praying Jesus' words as He leads instead of doing miracles and other works that He doesn't approve of. So pre-pray every prayer - ask Jesus if He wants you to pray it before you do. Then you may need to test the Spirits as John advised to make certain you are hearing Jesus and not some false spirit.

False spirits can lead you astray. Your own people might be praying for something less than God's absolute perfection and generate a spirit that leads you into their enjoyment or demands instead of the man child. In one example I entered a business and was surprised they had a spiritual atmosphere of Thanksgiving. Not evil but not the man child.

The problem is even when you pray for Jesus' true church, if you are in the whore spirits that support the Revelation17:5 denominations, you will start another whore instead of Jesus' 4 Gospel church. So it doesn't matter if you have left institutional churches for home meetings, you will eventually fall into the same error you left if you don't carefully obey Jesus' commands by His true Holy Spirit.

The overcoming man child prevails, ascends to God's throne, and with Jesus instigates the war casting Satan out of heaven like lightning, fulfilling Jesus' first earthly ministry.