The Man Child is
the Definition of Right

When I first read Revelation after it was suggested by readers of The Late Great Planet Earth at the end of my first quarter at OSU, I could read the words but I couldn't understand most of the imagery due to the failure of CHS to teach at that level. But I did learn the man child is the best, most important thing in Revelation that we can participate in. After nearly 45 years in the wilderness so to speak, I am finally starting to enter the good land. Some say the problem is others have different beliefs. I can now prove all other beliefs are wrong. Just like in math, if I say 1 + 1 = 2 and you say it is 3, you are wrong, no matter what and to ask me to respect your wrong belief is worse than intentionally ignorant, it is insulting the truth and me by asking me to let you lie to me in any and all business transactions. There is a consistent standard of truth in math. Likewise in the Bible if you hear a well known pastor on TBN say “the rapture of the church is in Revelation 4” and you read it and see nothing like a rapture compared to Revelation 12:5 then you know the pastor is wrong. So it doesn't matter what establishment you are in, Baptists, to Buddhists, Masons to Muslims, if you believe your organization is in any way as good as the man child, you are plain wrong. Have you ever thought God would invite you to heaven after you die to practice the same kinds of divisive anti-human things you did on earth so there would be competing fiefdoms in heaven all trying to displace Jesus like Satan attempted? I don't think so. In fact, every believer has to obey Revelation 18:4 either voluntarily or at death. If they don't believe they have another future in store as the man child ascends to heaven, and sits with Jesus on His throne instigating the war in heaven to cast Satan and his followers down to earth in Revelation 12:5-12. It is said Paul points to Jesus so when he points to Jesus, turn to Jesus and learn from His Gospel. Don't skip pointers to Jesus and take material intended for one city to support any religion less than the man child. Kirk Fraser Clatskanie