Jesus' 1000 year Reign

Only the Spirit of Prophecy can speak about what Jesus will do but we know He will uphold His Gospel so the best path for people in the future is to follow the path that produced the man child. Jesus will support free will over controlling people like robots, which Satan does as much as he can as does his minions in Paul's hierarcy ministries So you need to actively pursue Jesus' truth to be free of Paul's errors without losing faith.

Many great things will happen during Jesus' reign. The lion will lay down with the lamb, a child will play on the hole of an asp, and other things only God's spirit expressed through man can do. Perhaps wise inventors will seek and obtain Jesus' help to inveent things that either do His miracles directly or assist people to learn the faith to do them perfectly.

I was damaged by a healing prayer which bypassed my big medical problems but healed a blister on a finger without a trace then caused more blisters to arise on the opposite foot, one under a toe nail which remained disfigured for years. Later I heard on TV of a woman healter who made people worse for 10 years before learning the faith to do it right. Obviously Jesus can supply a method that would lead to perfect faith from the start.

Likewise, a woman I helped to move expressed some doubts about Jesus then the Spirit led me to see another whose love was so imperfect she spoke like a demon, even though she looked healthy. The lesson was only God can supply a perfect mate. Hopefully that will happen more frequently, reducing divorce and abortion toward zero.

A major discovery apparently not known to science at this time is parents reproduce what they love at the moment of conception. This is easier to see in large families with 5 children or more. My observation began living with a family who argued loud and long asking me to walk around the block so they could finish. About 9 months later, a girl was born who grew into a very loud and argumentative voice at school and home. I started noticing this pattern in other families where the kids represented a spiritual-psycho-genetic snapshot of where their parents were at the time, as their relationship matured then soured. Another family with many kids was influenced by visits from a neighbor kid who had eyes pointing different directions to produce a girl with that problem. I hope everyone learns to love God's absolute perfection and reproduce accordingly.

Learning to feed one's self and family by miracle like Jesus fed thousands would be the best way for everyone to live, which would overcome lots of economic problems including wage slavery. Everyone learning to do all Jesus did in the Gospel would make a superior future indeed.