Jesus' Church

Jesus' church in the Gospel starts with a dozen students being trained intensely in Spirit and Truth by Jesus for 3 years, being sent to preach and practice the same thing for a quarter year, then a week of graduation so they multiply as sent around the planet instead of hanging around their shepherd.

The key points to remember are, the original church was taught and led by Jesus, it was short term so it could multiply geometrically to cover the earth in a few cycles, and it had stages of spiritual growth, disciple (student), apostle (gospel preacher), shepherd (church feeder), overcomer (church fixer), woman (whole church) and man child (Jesus' perfected children) who ascend to sit with Jesus on His throne and use the rod of iron instigating the war to cast Satan out of heaven.

Church activities must be led by Jesus in answer to prayers. A meeting might have an hour of people reciting Jesus' words and two hours of fellowship building on those words as inspired by the Spirit. As church is a house of prayer -- everyone should be praying always, whether speaking or listening. Sometimes calling on the name of the Lord helps to align your being to His. Praying seriously for each other can help turn you so strongly to Jesus that you feel you are in your inner spirit where the kingdom of God is and rod of iron prayers are quickly answered.

To keep your attention focussed on Jesus, we are asking everyone to make videos of themselves reading one or more Gospels or Jesus' words with related prayers. Jesus' words are in 5 books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Revelation -- the New Pentateuch. The files of Jesus' words with prayers are not required but can help you train for interacting with Jesus. Feel free to make your own prayers as Jesus inspires you.

Jesus' church prepares by doing the work of faith to qualify for ascending to God's throne. Growing through the stages given by Jesus is normal. The overcomers have seven stages of church errors to overcome.

1) Ephasus - Loss of Jesus as first love.
2) Smyrna - Death by persecution.
3) Pergamos - Bad genes, capable of evil.
4) Thyatira - Concerned with outer appearance.
5) Sardis - Toughing out church with little love.
6) Philadelphia - Brotherly love without multiplying.
7) Laodicea - New churches with converts who want their own way instead of Jesus' perfect way.

Note the rewards for overcoming the seven church errors: 1) Tree of life in paradise (where theif on cross went). 2) Not hurt of second death. 3) Hidden manna and stone with new name. 4) Rod of Iron power over nations and morning star. 5) White clothing, not blot name out of book of life, Jesus' confession before Father and angels. 6) Pillar in temple of God, go no more out, names of God and new Jerusalem. 7) Sit on Jesus' throne.

Seriously pray to be given all you are lacking in this list for only the top level overcomer is given to sit on Jesus' throne which is the destination of the Rev. 12:5 man child in heaven. Jesus is patiently and eagerly waiting for us to ascend to receive us there.

Also pray Jesus words and learn them so you will obey Jesus in every way possible.