Jesus' Superior Intelligence

Jesus' superior intelligence is revealed by comparing His words to others. The Bible has over 1000 pages so it is impossible to cover all of it in one meeting, even if the meeting is extended to the natural 3 hours of interactive fellowship. So it is essential to pick and choose what parts of the Bible one wants to cover. Some denominations have a year cycle giving thanks around Thanksgiving and other holiday themes.

Others ignore the holidays and cover topics randomly chosen or topics they are inspired with today, or sequentially book by book, sometimes verse by verse. I have never heard of people seriously ask God what He wants covered even though there is a hint in Esther that going in with whatever pleases the King is wise.

The topics Jesus chose were of course always what pleased the Father. Even between two people who emphasized what the Father inspired in the Old Testament, Jesus always comes up best. So it is a brilliant idea to follow what He said and teach what He said instead of anyone else. When you master all of Jesus' words, then you will have a superior foundation from which to see what is truth and what is just a poor remix of God's words in a way He did not approve of.

Likewise when it comes to practicing God's miracles it is necessary to pray to do what Jesus did with Jesus' perfection instead of simply praying for a healing which without Jesus may backfire into a damage rather than a healing. Attending some healing prayer meetings I was amazed the purveyors refused to pray for me to be perfect as Jesus is perfect, even after I reminded them of the infirm man let down from the roof. They would pray for people to get healed, but somehow thought of leaving Jesus out and letting the sick try to contact Jesus on their own.

In another meeting I noticed the people wanted me to choose between several miracle ministries to pursue which included the one they were interested in, deliverance instead of being open to pursue all that Jesus is and all His miracles. That meant while they correctly divided the word of truth to side with Jesus, they wanted to divide his body of miracles and only pursue a few, which of course made the result less perfect.

Kirk Fraser