Jesus Died To Save You From His Followers

The old saying Christ died to save you from sin can now be applied at a higher level. Jesus sent Paul to define the least in Jesus' Kingdom, just like He chose Judas to betray Him. The problem with both of these apostles is their whoring after other gods. Judas was whoring after money and Paul was whoring after the power of hierarchy. Both disobeyed Jesus the God of absolute perfection.

The truth is Jesus revealed his church centuries earlier through Isaiah 66:7-8 which defines the man child as the children of Zion. Jesus often called himself the Son of Man indicating He is the founding member of the Man Child. So the Man Child must obey Jesus, not necessarily any of His followers, especially not the least most disobedient, sinful followers.

Paul's Epistles form a handbook of prostitution bearing fruit in Rev. 17:5 which the faithful must leave in Rev. 18:4. That proves Paul lied by calling his establishments church. According to a Jesuit, the only reason the Ephesians made it into being called a church by John in Revelation 2 is John spent a long time with them, rehabilitating them from Paul's disobedient teachings but even then they were the least of the seven, having lost their first love.

The Bible does not detail the man child or children of Zion except in Jesus' Gospel. We know by geography Zion is a mountain outside Jerusalem so it is a high location in type close to God yet near the capitol if Israel. Thus the children of Zion rule Israel spiritually. What is decided and done by government was prayed earlier by the children of Zion. The Rod of Iron comes in when the nations become disobedient to the heavenly vision. The nations are smashed in answer to serious prayer to cast Satan out of them.

Paul's establishments are all worldly, needing Satan to be cast out of them. Are you willing to join the true church that obeys Jesus only? Don't be fooled by groups claiming to go back to the first century church or start again with Acts, for in Acts the first apostles made historic mistakes like instituting elders, which started in Genesis as Egyptian thus Godless or Satanic slave drivers. Believe all the way back to Jesus' own Gospel and cast out Satan by serious rod of iron prayer to become members of the man child.

Kirk Fraser