Grow like Jesus Christ

Grow in prayer Jesus the Creator said pray always. Paul the least in Jesus Kingdom said pray unceasingly. So there is no wiggle room in Jesus' Kingdom, you must pray constantly. The quality of your prayers is important. Jesus said He will give you whatever you ask. So doing like Jesus did for our example, growing in healing people from easy to difficult healings all the way to raising the dead are stages you must grow through on your way to being perfect as Jesus is perfect.

Lessons may be learned from many believers one lady said it took a decade to grow spiritually from causing people to get worse to actually healing people An emergency medical technician was told by God he would heal but he prayed over 400 people in the ambulance and none of them got healed until he learned his meek prayers begging God for healing didn't work but when he changed to releasing the power of faith exercising authority that they be healed most were. Those who weren't needed emotional trauma healed first. So we must grow along whatever path the Creator has for us but it takes seriously pursuing His Truth, faith, and Holy Spirit, guided by the Father.

Another area to practice growing in is controlling cities. Jesus said He will give you to be over a number of cities. But you don't have to wait until you die to experience ruling cities by prayer. Like in the Old Testament where prophets were sepeerate from kings but sometimes God led prophetes to tell kings what to do, so it must be today in your cities.

Those are just two talents to grow toward Jesus in. There may be a dozen or more. Jesus often spoke responding to what was on people's heart. Preaching the Gospel you might sense you are speaking exactly what a handful of people standing there need to hear. Your intuition may be broadcasting your thoughts so someone near or far can respond to them even though you haven't said a word. Growing in intuition may help you know what is on God's heat too.

Jesus mastered walking on water so well he could reach down and save Peter when he started to sink. Feeding others instantly created food is a skill that is much needed in poverty, famines and other natural disasters. Ask Jesus for faith to make good things happen as often as necessary.