Fix Church And State

Jesus Christ, let all people hear: To fix church and state we need Jesus' church instead of Paul's which are not church by Rev. 17:5. Jesus started His church on the cross by joining Mary and John as family, which resulted in Acts 12. They engaged the Angel of the Lord to free Peter from prison by fervent prayer without positions of hierarchy.

This church must become the man child church in Rev. 12:5 defined in Isaiah 66:7-8 as the children of Zion which is a hill outside Jerusalem, higher indicating closer to God than government. with children indicating a community constantly praying to force government to do God's will like in Acts 12.

This true church must spread to all governments to get the best church and state preparing for Jesus' return. As they pray serious rod of iron prayers against Satan in government they gain power and eventually join as one man to pray Satan out of everything. As they are about to pray this prayer they ascend to Jesus' throne and begin the war in heaven to cast Satan down to earth. This is the pre-trib rapture of the church. Those left behind will teach this to all believers so they have a chance to ascend to the marriage feast of the Lamb as Jesus returns.

Rev. 11:8 identifies Jerusalem as Sodom and Egypt. This shows Jerusalem is a government of spiritual homos and elders or deadly slave drivers, like all human governments. That is why the manChild or children of Zion is needed to pray them into pursuing God instead of each other. It also guarantees Jesus' church will not backslide from serious prayer into social clubs because governments will always have things needing serious prayer.

Start Jesus' true churches in your homes like the Acts 12 church.