Fake Churches Must Fall

Pastors, elders, and other religious leadership positions have a short future that ends in the end-times. There is no pre-trib rapture for Paul's denominations. The reason for the end-times based on Revelation starting with the LAST Pope is to end the many competing dark hearted religions and produce Jesus' true church which teaches people to be transformed by Spirit and Prayer to express Jesus in light and truth as gods, instead of simply relying on God. So no matter how much Pastors claim they will be in the rapture of the church, it is not true because the tribulation is in Rev. 13-19 so the pre-trib rapture is in Rev. 12:5 and Paul's establishements are not part of the man-child, they will be left behind to endure the Tribulation and the world wide earthquake in Rev. 16:18-19 where all cities will fall, breaking their infrastructure making it hard to get food, water, and other utilites for 3.5 years, a great tribulation indeed where no city or nation can come to the aid of another until they repair their own infrastructure.

The denominations survive the earthquake since they are mentioned in Rev. 17:5, all the thousands of Paul's establishments are included by reference as daughters of Roman Catholicism. Some disclaim relationship with Babylon the Great, but every alleged church that has elders is directly linked to Paul who instituted them and other positions not found in Jesus' Gospel. The key verse showing they all fall is Rev. 18:4 where Jesus calls His true believers out of them to not partake of her sins, and receive not her plagues. That prophecies the distruction of all of Paul's religons either by attrition as people leave to obey Jesus or by plagues which is related to Egypt like elders showing their godless works. These plagues may be physical or spiritual or both.

Another proof is the Wise Virgin test. In the parable, the foolish without enough oil are told to go to those who sell. The ones who sell are pastors, selling their spirits for donated money. The foolish return too late and their spirit is not recognized by Jesus so they are not allowed in heaven. Notice the ones who sell are not among the virgins so pastors and their peers are not in the group with a chance to go to heaven. If anyone wants to go with Jesus you'd better buy your spiritual oil from Him.

Why? Bible colleges don't teach pastors to teach the pure truth, they teach an overview designed to make you come to them for more and pay them instead of doing precisely what Jesus wants.

There you have it, the termination of all the world's competing denominations to produce Jesus' one true church, which will be taken up to the marriage feast of the Lamb just before Jesus returns to save Israel and reign as King.