A Rod of Iron Experience

My prayer to experience the rod of iron in Revelation 2:26-27 was not answered immediately, at first not at all. After persistantly praying, I was led to write this book. The reason was to get me fully engaged with all my mind, will, and strength in the desire to help fix Congress. After the process of writing, getting others to help suggest improvements, and paying a self publisher, I was led to phone members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus to try to sell it. Getting nothing but thier staff who were not interested, I quickly got angry and prayed to shake up Washingon DC. I could feel my spirit partly leave my body. God answered with the 2011 Virginia Earthquake, fulfilling the Rod of Iron requirements.

The earthquake was centered in the congressional district next to Rany Forbes, founder of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. It was felt all along the East Coast, from Florida to Canada. No one died and little was damaged. The main benefit was learning what the rod of iron means and putting me in touch with God's power. Revelation 12:5 requires the man child be about to use the rod of iron then it is taken up to God's throne. So all members of the man child will pray to experience the rod of iron for themselves, then when it is time we will be about to use it together and then ascend to Jesus' throne.

If you want to read a copy, all of it is here, there is no need to buy one.

Congressional Bible Study: The Definition Of Right

The Best Plan Ever Written For America's Future
Essential reading for the next Great Awakening

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Congressional Bible Study: The Definition Of Right
Part 1 - God's America
Chapter 1 Discovery and Founding 1492-1789 [Sample Chapter]
Chapter 2 American Exceptionalism 1789-1946[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 3 The Superpower Empire 1947-Present[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 4 Fellow Christians Take Over Congress![Sample Chapter]
Part 2 - Constitutional Church
Chapter 5 Establishment Clause[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 6 Prostituted Churches[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 7 Jesus' True Church[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 8 Overcoming Critics[Sample Chapter]
Part 3 - Congress, Preach To All
Chapter 9 Make America Christian[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 10 Make Christian Nations[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 11 Prepare for Revelation[Sample Chapter]
Chapter 12 Keep Faithful Forever[Sample Chapter]
Appendix: Pray Jesus' Words[Sample Prayers]

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