Americas Jesus Christ Church

The United States of America supports two kinds of Christian churches in its Constitution and First Amendment because America was founded to enable people to pursue Jesus Christ freely as they saw fit. But the founders recognized the problem with Paul's religions trying to take over governments in Europe so they wrote the first Amendment to keep them from gaining control over government yet allowed them to operate on American soil.

That leaves Jesus' true church which remained faithful to Jesus only, not being defiled by Paul's disbedient teachings including setting up elders, pastors, and other positions of carnal hierarchy over God's spiritual people, which carnal spiritual authority tended to want to take over government.

The U.S. Constitution in Article 7 has two dates. According to Ann Coulter, Constitutional Lawyers say the second date from the Declaration of Independence incorporates the text of the Declaration into the Constitution by reference as prior law. So the Supreme Court must consider the Declaration too when deciding if a case is Constitutional. The other date deserves equal treatment under the law so the Year of our Lord clause by the same method of Constitutional logic incorporates the text of the Bible into the Constitution by reference as prior law. Thus an honest Supreme Court must also consider the Bible when considering Constitutional issues. Yet by the First Amendment, Paul's establishments of religon are not to be considered. Therefore the Bible's New Pentateuch, the 5 books with most of Jesus' recorded words are the main part of the Bible to be considered, namely Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Revelation. Jesus perfect church which He defined in the Gospel and established on the cross by joining Mary and John, resulting in the home church in Acts 12 which engaged the angel of the Lord to free Peter and was undefiled by Paul is the church the founders retained as part of government. It makes sense to judge by comparing each case with Jesus' standard of absolute perfection. It also makes sense for the government to practice the highest form of church to pray and teach citizens to be perfect, expressing God as Jesus did instead of as the least in Jesus' kingdom or even less.

Paul's churches teach relying on God but Jesus' church teaches becoming gods by expressing Jesus' perfect fatih in everything believers do. All of America's government is required by the law of the U.S. Constitution to do this. That includes all schools. They must teach new citizens, by birth or immigration to be good citizens by teaching them to master a Gospel by memory, prayer, study, and practice. Otherwise they might grow up to be bad, without Jesus' law operating in their heart and require external legal processing.

The Constitution does not mention or support any non-Christian religon or world view. Seeking Jesus' spiritual truth will make everyone free of nonsense. Thus American freedom is not generic freedom which includes freedom to do crime, murder, theft, terrorism, or war but freedom to be perfect as Jesus the Creator is perfect by whatever path He leads you.

Can you imagine, what if America had practiced its true church since the founding in 1776, exporting the true Gospel along with its economy. The world would be a lot better than now. America's true church is the Acts 12 church which is superior to government and will grow into the Revelation 12 church, and bear its man child which goes to heaven to obey Jesus directly.